15+ Best and Free Shopify Product Image Zoom APPS

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With so many products on the market, it can be hard to differentiate your business from the rest. One way to do this is by using high-quality product images. But what if you don’t have the time or money to hire a professional photographer?

What is Product Image Zoom?

Product image zoom is an app that allows users to enlarge a product image for a better view. The app has a variety of features, such as zooming in and out, changing the magnification, and rotating the image. Product image zoom can be useful for online shoppers who want to see more detail about a product before making a purchase.

How to Enable Product Image Zoom on Your Shopify Store

If you’re looking to increase the size of images that show up in your Shopify store, you can do so by enabling product image zoom on your account. Product image zoom allows shoppers to view larger images of products while browsing your store, and it’s a great way to build an online presence for your business. Here’s how to enable product image zoom on your Shopify store:

1. First, open up the Shopify admin area and navigate to Store Settings > Products. Scroll down until you see the Image Size option and click on the toggle switch next to it to turn it on.

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2. Next, you’ll need to set a maximum image size for shoppers to use. This size will be based on how large your images are currently being displayed in the shop, so make sure that the slider is set at 100% before clicking save.

3. Finally, make sure that the Enable Zoom for All Images field is checked and click save to finish up. Now all images in your shop will be zoomed in automatically!

Benefits of Using Product Image Zoom

Product image zoom can provide a number of benefits for your Shopify store. Here are just a few:

1. Increased Visibility: With product image zoom, you can make your products more visible on the web and in search engines. This will improve your sales and visibility overall.

2. Increased Sales: Product image zoom can help increase sales by making your products easier to find and compare. It also allows you to create more detailed product descriptions that shoppers will find more useful.

3. Improved Customer Experience: Product image zoom can also improve customer experience by making it easier for them to find the products they’re looking for and compare prices.

4. Increased Efficiency: Product image zoom can help save time by allowing you to upload multiple images for each product, instead of having to upload each one individually. This is especially helpful if you have a large number of products in your shop.

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Best Shopify Product Image Zoom APPS

There are many amazing Shopify product image zoom apps available on the market. Below are our top picks for the best Shopify product image zoom apps.

1. Product Zoom by Shopify: Product Zoom is a powerful and easy-to-use Shopify product image zoom app that lets you zoom in on any product in your shop’s catalog. You can also use it to find specific products, browse products by category, or view your product images side-by-side. Product Zoom is free to use and requires no installation.

2. Image Zoom by BigCommerce: Image Zoom is an award-winning Shopify product image zoom app that makes it easy to see more detail in your product images. With Image Zoom, you can enlarge any product thumbnail or full-size image to see more details (including pricing information, SKUs, and more), all without having to leave your shop’s admin area. Image Zoom is free to use and takes just a few seconds to set up.

GO Product Page Gallery + Zoom

Zoom is a Shopify APP that allows you to enlarge and zoom in on images on your product pages. This can be helpful if you want to show more detail on an image or if you’re trying to compare different versions of an image.

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Zoom is a free app and it’s available on the Shopify App Store.

Magic Zoom Plus

Product Zoom APPS is a Shopify APP that helps you to zoom in on your images to make them more visible and to improve your product photos.

Magic Zoom Plus is a Shopify APP that allows you to zoom in on your images so that they are more visible and easier to understand. You can also use Magic Zoom Plus to improve your product photos. Magic Zoom Plus is available as a Shopify APP and it is free to use.

Widgetic (Image Zoom)

Widgetic is an easy to use Shopify APP that allows you to zoom in on your product images for a better view. With Widgetic, you can zoom in up to 2x without losing quality! This is great for displaying larger product images on your shop’s main page or product pages.

To use Widgetic, simply select your product image and click the “Zoom In” button. You can keep zooming until you’re satisfied with the view. To return to the original size, simply click the “Zoom Out” button.

Widgetic is free to use and available on the Shopify App Store.

Variant Image Automator

If you’re looking for an app to help you zoom in on your product images, Variant Image Automator is the perfect solution for you! This app lets you easily zoom in on your images to get a better view of them, making it easier for you to create high-quality products. Plus, it’s compatible with Shopify so you can use it with ease.

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Variant Image Wizard + Swatch

If you’re looking to zoom in on a product image for your Shopify store, then you’ll want to check out Variant Image Wizard. This app provides you with the ability to zoom in on your images from a range of different angles, as well as to add text and other elements to your images.

Swatch is another great app that can be used to zoom in on product images. This app provides users with the ability to view products at different angles and sizes, as well as to add text and other elements to product images. Both apps offer great features that can help you create more effective and appealing product images for your Shopify store.

Variant Images Gallery & Zoom

If you’re wondering how to make your Shopify products look their very best, then you need to check out the Variant Images Gallery app. This app makes it easy to add high-quality images to your products, so customers can see exactly what they’re buying. Plus, it’s free to use!

To get started, just click the “add image” button on any product page. You’ll then be able to browse through our collection of premium images and select the perfect one for your product. Once you’ve selected your image, simply copy and paste it into the “image source” field on your product page. That’s all there is to it!

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We hope this app helps you improve the quality of your Shopify products and attracts more customers!

Zoom Magnifier

Zoom Magnifier is a Shopify APP that allows you to magnify images in your shop’s product pages. This app is perfect for when you need to show larger versions of images on your product pages, or for customers who have difficulty reading small print. Zoom Magnifier is free to use, and it requires no installation. Simply upload the images you want to magnify, and Zoom Magnifier will do the rest.

Product Image Zoom Gowebbaby

Product Image Zoom is a Shopify APP that helps to zoom in on products in your shop’s storefront. You can use it to see more detail about a product, or to compare different versions of a product.

Product Image Zoom is fast and easy to use, and it can be helpful when you’re trying to make a decision about which product to buy.

Cool Image Magnifier • Zoom

Zoom is a Shopify APP that automatically magnifies your images on Shopify. You can use it to zoom in on products while you’re browsing, or to get a better view of large files. Zoom also includes tools for cropping and resizing images.

Zoom is available as a free app, or you can upgrade to the premium version for $9 per month. The premium version includes more features, such as image annotation and password protection.

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If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your product photos, Zoom is worth considering.

Variant Title King

King is a Shopify APP that allows you to zoom in on your product images on your shopify website. This is helpful if you want to add more detail to an image or if you are using an large product image and want to make it smaller so that it will fit better on your page.

This app is easy to use and can be accessed from the Shopify admin area. After you have installed the app, go to Settings and enter your shop’s URL into the App URL field. Next, enter the width of the image you wish to zoom in on in the Width field and the height of the image in the Height field. Click on the Zoom In button and enjoy your new, zoomed-in product image!


Sometimes, we find ourselves looking for a way to magnify an image of a product on our Shopify website. Thankfully, there are many free and paid APPS that can help us do just that! Whether we’re looking for a simple zoom feature or something more complex, these apps can help us get the job done quickly and easily. Which one will you try first?