15 Best Wholesale Flip Flops and Sandals Suppliers

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for the best wholesale sandals or flip flops suppliers around the globe.

This article will provide you with the best wholesale sandals distributors from China, USA, India, and other countries.

Why Bulk Wholesale Bulk Flip Flops Are Important

For the past couple of years, flip-flops have experienced a tremendous growth. The market is expected to continue growing in the coming years. GIR (Global Info Research) has estimated that flip-flop sales will grow at a 5.3% annual rate over the next five years. According to this study, the global market will grow from USD 9,150 million in 2017 to USD $11,800 millions by 2024. This is an excellent business with many potential.

Top Wholesale Flip Flops/ Sandals Suppliers in China, UK, US And India


This website sells high quality wholesale sandals made by certified Chinese flip-flop manufacturers. This site sells high-quality flipflop products at amazing prices.

Made-in China is an e-commerce platform that focuses on supplying high-quality Chinese products. The platform is a leading e-commerce platform that bridges the gap between Chinese suppliers and buyers from other parts of the world. This platform has a unique feature: they offer their information in 11 languages, so that buyers looking for flip-flops from China can understand it no matter where they are located.


China-maolishoes offers fashionable wholesale sandals for various occasions, such as going to the beach. This manufacturer has 22 years of experience in making and exporting flip-flops. The flip flops are made from durable materials that are also anti-dumping. The buyer can customize the logos to suit their needs.


Flip-flop-Manufacturers sells classic and great-looking sandals. This is the place to go if you are looking for customized flip flops. Flip flops can be customized to suit the buyer’s needs at reasonable prices.

The factory covers 10,000 square feet and has approximately 250 employees. It was founded in 2004 by a Chinese wholesale flip-flop manufacturer. The company makes about 20 million pairs per year of flip flops and sells them to the international market.


Global Sources offers high-quality flipflops at wholesale prices. The company was established 48 years ago and has vast experience serving both suppliers and buyers online and off. Its primary purpose is to facilitate bulk sales of sandals between Asia and the rest of the world.

This website offers integrated marketing solutions to help you build your brand and increase sales.


E-sources, a manufacturer of flip flops, sells bulk sandals. They offer high-quality, trendy footwear at incredible prices. This site has all the suppliers, trade leads, drop-shippers and trade leads that are verified.

They are there to satisfy the buyer’s needs for reliable, available products and the most recent offers. Wholesale suppliers are available to buyers free of charge to provide quotes and comparisons.


World-of-hosiery only works with the top wholesale suppliers to ensure the highest quality standards. This is the right place to go if you’re looking for wholesale gladiator sandals of high quality at low prices.

They stock a variety of footwear, including flip flops. You can find a wide range of sandals and shoes in stylish and durable designs. World-of-hosiery offers excellent service and large stock back up.


David Heasman founded The-wholesaler in 1999. In 2002, sue Nayler joined the company. The company’s primary goal is to verify a list of wholesalers before publishing them on their website. Their content is rigorously vetted. This is what sets them apart from other directories. Buyers can be sure they are dealing with legitimate traders.


Europages is a well-known supplier and manufacturer in the footwear industry. They have amazing flip flops and sandals as well as crocs. They produce 600 pairs of footwear every day. The company has been in business for more than 30 years. During this time, they have helped buyers to find sellers on Europe’s market.


Wholesalecentral is the leading directory for wholesalers. It helps thousands of buyers locate pre-screened wholesalers and drop-shippers. Exporters, distributors, distributors, manufacturers, and exporters. To shop at Wholesalecentral, you don’t need to register. Flip flops for men and women are available on the platform. They have strong, thin soles and colorful straps.


Aisman sells wholesale sandals in bulk. They have many years of experience, which has allowed them to grow. This is the right place to look if you’re looking for sandals for women, men, and beach, such as flip flops or leather sandals.

The company boasts a staggering 15 years of experience in flip flop production and wholesale. The company is able to control the research, make samples and produce large quantities of flip flops at a fair price. They can usually finish production in 2-3 weeks once an order has been placed.


Buy-wholesale-footwear is a supplier of men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes. There are more than 5000 styles to choose from, including plush slippers and wholesale gladiator sandals. They also have bulk flip flops and aqua socks.

This is a leading platform for niche suppliers with wholesale prices that are very affordable online. They offer a variety of styles, from simple shoe styles to fashionable and fashion-forward designs. You can shop wholesale footwear by listing qualified distributors or manufacturers.


This website sells mostly branded shoes and other customized footwear. You don’t need a license to buy this website. Also, your first order will get you a 10% discount. Your order will be shipped quickly. There are no minimum orders.

Viatrading has a reputation for supplying small and large products to buyers at affordable prices.


The bonus fact about go-for-world-business as compared to other marketplaces is that you are able to see how many leads you could get on a certain product that you need. You only need to sign up to the Gold membership. Lucky buyers and sellers can also win gifts from the website.


Indiamart offers stylish footwear to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Their goal is to offer a wide range of slippers, flip flops and sandals at affordable prices. The platform is a leader in the Indian online entrepreneurial market with a 60% market share. It focuses on small and medium-sized businesses.

Indiamart allows buyers to connect with sellers from all over the globe at any given time. Suppliers have unlimited buyer inquiries, a better brand reputation, and enhanced visibility.

Hktdc Sourcing

More than 130,000 suppliers are available to sell products and connect with buyers on the hktdc market. Buyers can be confident in sourcing products from suppliers that all information has been authenticated and certificates have been verified.

Buyers can request quotations from suppliers, which they will provide without any additional steps. There are many suppliers on the marketplace, including those who specialize in electronics and apparel & clothes.

This company has over 50 years of experience in online sourcing.


Trade-in-India, which was established in 1996, is a platform that allows Indian business community to market themselves and compete in global markets. The company has grown to be a provider of comprehensive business solutions for both the international and local communities.

They provide a range of online services to facilitate trade between buyers and sellers, ensuring that transactions run smoothly and efficiently.

Where can I buy wholesale flip flops for wedding guests?

Flip-flops allow wedding guests to take off their heels after a long day. They will be able to enjoy the reception and the party afterwards. Flip flops are available in many styles, colors, and sizes for wedding guests. Visit:

i. Alibaba

You can find more than 2,500 flip-flop products on this platform that could be used by your guests at wedding. They are affordable and come in beautiful boxes.

ii. Etsy

Shop Etsy for a great selection of wholesale flip-flops to gift your guests. You can choose from a variety of flops to match your wedding theme. You can personalize them by adding the name of your guest and the date.

Which are the Best Flip-Flop Suppliers in Australia?

These two Australian suppliers do an excellent job of supplying flip-flops wholesale at great prices.

i. Fliprock

This website offers some of the most comfortable sandals in the world with excellent arch support. This website is the best place to go if you’re looking for recovery shoes. These shoes have padded flip-flops which improve balance and stability. They are also very stable, making them ideal for walking on uneven or slippery surfaces.

ii. Fitflop

You will find sandals to suit the Australian lifestyle. After your order is processed, your sandals will be shipped internationally and all over Australia.

What Are The Top Flip Flops Wholesale Suppliers In Canada?

These are some of the top wholesalers for flipflops in Canada:


dHgate sells some amazing wholesale flip flops in their Canadian online shop. Canadian buyers can order the flip flops and slippers online and get them delivered straight to their doorstep.

b. Eroswholesale

This marketplace sells bulk flip flops, sandals at a discount price. They ship worldwide, but their primary clients are located in Canada.

South Africa: Where to Buy Bulk Flip Flops

These are the best websites to buy flip flops bulk in South Africa.

i. mrprice

South Africans can shop for flip flops, sandals and slippers at Mr. Price, a top clothing brand. The buyer will have a wonderful shopping experience when they shop online through their website. You can find great footwear at affordable prices.

ii. Gumtree

Gumtree will deliver your custom rubber flip flops quickly.

Where to Buy Cheap Flip Flops in The Philippines

These are the best places to get cheap wholesale in the Philippines:

i. Shopee

These flip flops are made to fit. They are usually available in plain colors like brown, white and black, but you can also get multicolored flip-flops. You can buy them in sets of 5,6,7 and 7,7,7,8.

ii. Havaianasa

Havaianasa offers over 300 styles of flipflops and sandals that are suitable for all ages and genders. Find top brands here that are well worth the money.

More to you

Wholesale sandals are a great way to increase efficiency in your distribution chain. You can have better control over the price, transactions, storage, and handling of bulk flip flops. Bulk buying and selling creates better supply-demand interaction.

Make sure you are importing and selling comfortable, long-lasting flip flops. They should also be easy to wear. To enrich your category, you can read more about wholesale clothes.