15 Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Wholesale from China

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Are you feeling the same? You have finally launched a business. Now you are on your way to success. But there is one thing that will always be in your mind: the fear of failing. Perhaps you are unsure about the cost of importing goods from overseas, or if it is worth the risk.

China has been the epitome wholesale business for many years. It was no surprise that it eventually surpassed all the other world eCommerce giants. How does sourcing goods from China work? This seems to be the most important question.

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This article will highlight the top 30 things you should do when sourcing goods in China. It will help you achieve your business goals and avoid any potential obstacles. These are the top things you should do when buying wholesale goods from China.

Here are the Top Things to Do When You Buy Wholesale From China

1. Request product samples

If you are unsure about the product’s quality, it is worth asking for some samples. To verify the quality of your products, you might contact your supplier in advance to request product samples.

Although it may be more expensive, you will save more time and money than buying the entire product. You can get a good idea of what the products will look like and how your partnership will work by ordering between 5-10 samples.

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2. Identify Different Suppliers

Customers love the freedom to choose from many options. If you are looking for wholesale products at a discount price, it is worth identifying multiple suppliers of the same product. It is easier to find the best products for your needs by having many options and being able to interact with multiple suppliers.

3. All Products Should Be Inspected

Before your products leave the country, verify that they are authentic. This applies to all business transactions, even those with suppliers you’ve worked with in the past. You don’t want to be disappointed by a product or order that isn’t up to your standards.

4. Establish a good relationship with your supplier

Good communication is the glue that holds a business relationship together. A strong relationship is essential for success. It will be easier to build a solid rapport. Recall that the best business relationships in China are built on the desire to have perfect relationships. This is your key weapon to success in this highly competitive market.

5. Negotiate Fairly

While it is important to bargain fairly with your supplier, a deal that seems too good to pass must be negotiated. You might be getting too much for your money. Scammers are not uncommon, but there are legitimate Chinese wholesale websites. These individuals might find a way of recouping their profits by purchasing cheaper materials.

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6. Get the specifications and specific materials used

A novice business owner has many challenges. One of these is understanding the product specifications. Even if you have a lot of industry experience, it is not a good idea to be considered a novice in the field.

It is important to be familiar with the specifications and materials before you order your products. This will eliminate any doubts. Knowing the details of the product will ensure that your best interests are served, without leaving your supplier wondering about the unidentified product details.

7. If possible, include a Mandarin-speaking native in your team

Although it is not necessary to have a Mandarin-speaking native speaker in your team, it is a good idea. It’s for a very good reason. Often, production details are lost in translation. You know what the result will be. This could mean that the transaction takes longer or cost you more than you anticipated.

8. Keep an eye out for the latest exchange rates

You can save more money by updating your knowledge about the current exchange rates. Why? It allows you to choose between RMB or USD as the most economical option. This can help you save a lot of money on every order, which you could then use to fund other worthwhile ventures.

9. Are all written contracts signed and stamped?

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You should have all purchase agreements and written contracts from China signed by the legal business owners if you want to wholesale. This will give you an advantage in the event of a dispute and confirm the credibility of your supplier.

10. Are all fees listed?

You are dealing with a financial transaction. Even the smallest mistake could have far more severe consequences than you expected. You want your business to succeed so make sure you have all fees listed and cleared before placing your order. This includes shipping costs, duties, and any other charges.

11. The Company Seal is Important

China online shopping is a great place to shop for company seals. Why? It confirms that the document is legal. This is necessary if you want to create obligatory contracts in China and make your ventures in China successful.

12. Embrace Cultural Differences

The Chinese speak louder and may seem hostile. This information should be gathered in advance to ensure everything is under control. It all comes down to your willingness and ability to accept cultural differences.

13. Prioritize Product Quality

It can be tempting to prioritize the product’s price over quality when purchasing wholesale goods from China. Although this can be argued, it is not the best choice. When buying wholesale products from China, it’s better to focus on the product quality. This is crucial to your reputation and long-term success.

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14. Learn about Chinese Holidays

You may face delays in order processing and production when purchasing wholesale products at low prices for resale. This holds true across many industries. The delay in communication may be due to the many Chinese holidays. To alleviate these concerns, it is helpful to be aware of the Chinese holidays within a calendar year.

15. Face-to-Face Communication

It is possible to communicate face-to-face with your supplier. One-on-one communications are a great way to build business relationships. You can share more than you could via email or WeChat.

Do not import from China: How to Buy Wholesale

Here are the top 15 things you must do to be successful in a highly competitive world.

16. Do not ignore the certification requirements

Many people overlook the importance of product certification requirements for China online shopping. When you import products from China, you will be responsible to ensure consumer safety and compliance with product certification.

17. Don’t Encourage Poor Communication

For any business to succeed, it is vital that they communicate well. It is not a good idea to deal with suppliers who are late in communicating.

18. PayPal is not a good option.

If you don’t have to use PayPal for business transactions, do not. PayPal is a sign that you are a novice and many Chinese suppliers don’t like it. Bank Wire is the most widely accepted method of payment in China. If you work with reliable suppliers, it should solve all your problems.

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19. Don’t Create Lengthy Emails

For your success, it is important to communicate clearly with Chinese businesspeople. It is not a good idea to write long emails. Instead, communicate clearly and concisely. Ensure that you include all the details about the products in your communication.

20. Forget the Western Mindset

China is not Europe. It is not the same as Europe. You will have an unforgettable experience in conducting business transactions in China if you take the time to learn about Chinese business practices.

21. You should inspect your order before you make the payment

You should never make the final payment until you have reviewed it. Before you make the final payment, ensure that it meets all your expectations.

22. Do not work with unreliable suppliers

You will be able to tell when you are dealing with reliable suppliers by having more experience. If your supplier is not reliable, you should immediately end the partnership.

23. Do not forget to resolve all your concerns in due time

It is important to resolve all issues before placing an order. This is essential, and you may face worse consequences than what you can imagine.

24. Do not be ignorant of the industry

It is quite normal to identify yourself as a small startup or company. However, being uninformed or lacking knowledge about your products could cause you more harm than good. To get the best price for your product and industry, you may need to learn more about it.

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25. Do not be afraid to ask questions

As each step of the production process unfolds, it is important to ask questions. This will help you stay informed and ensure that you get the best products possible.

26. Do not make terrible assumptions

A supplier’s Alibaba Gold account does not make them trustworthy. Before contacting them, verify their reputation by visiting their website. You can make an informed buying decision by reviewing past customer reviews.

27. Do not enter the market without contacting a representative

You will not be able to succeed if you don’t have the manager’s Skype ID or WeChat number. It is easiest to communicate with Chinese sellers via WeChat. Before you start the actual business transaction, it would be a good idea to factor in these details.

28. Do not make a series of rookie mistakes

It would be foolish to deal with suppliers who only want to send prices via email or messenger. Instead, a reliable supplier will provide detailed quotes that include product specifications and other terms.

29. Do not judge a factory based on its size

Big factories are often associated with high production. For Chinese wholesale websites, however, it is important to not underestimate the power and potential of small businesses. China doesn’t require a large factory to ensure quality products.

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30. Do not fail to verify the details of your seller

Contradictory information about a company should be alarming. If you’re buying wholesale products from China, don’t deal with a supplier whose invoice and website names aren’t compatible. This could have devastating consequences.

Are you feeling the same? You have finally launched a business. Now you are on your way to success. But there is one thing that will always be in your mind: the fear of failing. Perhaps you are unsure about the cost of importing goods from overseas, or if it is worth it.

Fear is normal and you are not the only one. There’s a solution! There is a solution.

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The bottom line

China will play a crucial role in any economic revolution that is coming in the near future. It is obvious that you want to buy wholesale products from China. However, it doesn’t need to be difficult if these key tips are available to you. These tips should help you make informed sales decisions to ensure your success in your business ventures, and financial stability over the long-term.