20 Best Battery Bulk Wholesale Suppliers in US and China

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You have found the best place to find reliable wholesale suppliers of high-quality battery products at affordable prices.

Many businesses around the globe source their products from highly-rated suppliers. It is not always easy to order from these suppliers. For first-timers, the whole process can seem complicated and costly.

We have listed the best-respected battery suppliers worldwide where you can order batteries to your business. These suppliers can help reduce delivery costs and avoid delays.

Best Rated, Reliable, and Affordable Battery Suppliers From The U.S.A

1. Goals

Aim, a battery company based in Nevada, is one of the most respected in the world. It was founded in 2001 and has been a leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries. They are known for making high-quality solar batteries. They can be used in solar inverters and are maintenance-free. They are affordable and you can purchase bulk batteries.

2. Sun-Xtender

The company is located in California and is a strong American firm since its incorporation in 1987. It is a manufacturer of deep-cycle AGM batteries, which are suitable for grid-tied systems. These thicker grids are unique in the industry because they are made of a tin-lead and calcium alloy and have grain refiners. This ensures its corrosion resistance and exceptional float life.

3. BBI

This company is a supplier of batteries. It was founded in Chicago in 1950. They have been producing high-quality lead-acid batteries in America since then. They are cost-effective and require little maintenance.

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4. U.S Battery

This company is located in California and is another leader in the battery industry. They sell AGM batteries, powerful, flooded lead-acid battery packs, and batteries for golf cars. They produce a variety of models with different ranges. Their solar batteries have output capacities ranging from 35AH to 1250Ah.

China’s Best Rated, Reliable, and Cheapest Battery Suppliers

5. Shenzhen BAK Technology

This is a well-known and internationally recognized Chinese battery supplier. They produce and export many types of rechargeable batteries. They are most well-known for producing Li-polymer and LiFePo4 batteries. BAKTH is their brand for high-quality mobile battery batteries.

The company was established in 1997. It has grown to be one of the most important and largest Chinese battery distributors over the past two decades. The factory has more than 3,000 employees and covers approximately 60,000 square metres.

The most popular categories of NiMH batteries are NiCd batteries, NiCd batteries packs, Lithium ion batteries and Lithium ion battery pack.

6. Dongguan Perfect Amperex Technology

The wholesale battery company is located in Guangdong China. It is both a manufacturer and distributor of different types of batteries. It was founded in 2010 and has enjoyed a positive reputation among its clients. Their high-quality lithium-ion polymer batteries are their most well-known product.

The factory is approximately 8,000 square metres in size and employs more than 500 people. They produce approximately 2 million batteries per month, so you can be sure to get the right battery for your business every time you place an order.

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Lithium-ion, Li-polymer mobile phones batteries, Lithium Polymer battery, PDA batteries and camera batteries are some of the most popular types.

8. Shandong Goldencell Electronic Technology Company Limited

This company is a division of Heter Electronics Group, which was founded in 2003. They produce and export many types of rechargeable batteries, including lithium batteries.

Six subsidiaries are part of Heter Electronics Group. These subsidiaries all produce and export electronic products.

Shandong Goldcell Electronics Technology limited offers Lithium-ion, automobile batteries and supercapacitors as well as power batteries and lithium polymer battery products.

They have been ISO 9001: 2008 certified, along with other certifications such as UL or RoHS. Guangdong is the location of the company’s head office and headquarters.

9. Shenzhen Easter Battery Company Limited

The company was founded in 1997 as both a manufacturer and distributor of various types of batteries. They are based in Guangdong and started out manufacturing alkaline and carbon battery. However, they now manufacture NiMH, NiCD, and lithium batteries.

Six manufacturing plants cover more than 200 000 square meters. There are separate factories for different types of battery. These factories are located in Shenzhen and Xingfeng.

Shenzhen Easter Battery Company Limited has been ISO 9001 certified and is compliant with EU standards.

There are several battery types available: Lithium-ion, LiFePO4 and LiMno2 batteries.

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There are more than 750 employees with 18 production lines. You can be sure to get the batteries you need for your business every month as they produce over 20 million pieces each month.

10. China Aviation Lithium Battery

The company is located in Hainan (Mainland China) and is known for their high-quality lithium batteries. They export and manufacture lithium batteries all over the globe.

This state-owned company was founded in 2007. This company was among the top three exporters and top 10 global manufacturers and exporters for lithium batteries in 2014.

There are several battery types available: LiFe Po4 and Pouch batteries; prismatic batteries; NiCoMn batteries; CAM series batteries; batteries for electric cars.

They can produce one million batteries per year. This ensures that you can get stock at all times for your business.

India’s Best Rated, Reliable, and Affordable Battery Suppliers

11. Luminous Power Technologies

The company was founded in 1988 and has been a leading exporter and manufacturer of batteries in India. They produce batteries for commercial and home use. They also distribute power back and industrial batteries.

It is unquestionably a leading Indian battery manufacturer. The company has strong global presence, with more than 28 offices and 3200 channel partners. This company offers great deals if you are looking to buy batteries for your business in India.

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12. Okaya Power pvt. Limited

This company is now one of the top battery companies in India. It boasts a network of over 50, 000 dealers and more than 1500 dealers around the globe. It is India’s fastest-growing battery distributor and manufacturer.

It is located in Himachal Pradesh and deals in providing a wide variety of power solutions. They are very competitive in price and you can make a reasonable profit margin if you partner with them after you wholesale batteries for your business.

13. Southern Batteries

They sell flat plates, lead-acid and traction batteries as well as other types of batteries. It was founded in 1980 in Bengaluru. It is an ISO-certified company and specializes in providing power solutions for the railway, automotive, and solar industries. The company is known for being one of the most reliable and trusted battery companies in India.

This is India’s largest battery wholesaler. They have batteries in every part of the globe. They produce batteries with capacities ranging from 2.5 Ah to 20500 Ah. Their production capabilities allow them to contribute to both small and large industries.

14. Exide Industries

Their prices are affordable and their customer service team is always available for any questions. This company can provide batteries for your business at a reasonable price.

15. Amara Raja Batteries

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This company is one of the few that makes and distributes lead-acid battery. Amaron is the brand name for its batteries. They are distributed worldwide, including in the Middle East, Africa and America.

Best Rated, Reliable, and Cheapest Battery Suppliers From The United Kingdom

16. Accutronics Limited

This company is a leader in independent battery manufacturing. They are experts in the development and manufacturing of smart batteries. They integrate seamlessly with OEM devices through their custom batteries and manufacturing services.

They are smart and designed to meet the needs of professional devices. They are the exclusive distributor of a variety of smart, inspired energy standards batteries and related accessories.

They offer a range of services including batteries industrial, batteries commercial, batteries custom, batteries battery lithium, batteries industrial and batteries lithium ion.

17. Power Quick

They distribute batteries from top brands like Duracell, GP and JCB. They provide fast delivery on all stock items.

Register and log in to their site to work with them. Logging in will allow you to view their wholesale battery prices.

South Africa’s Best Rated, Reliable, and Cheapest Battery Suppliers

19. First National Battery

This is South Africa’s largest distributor of lead-acid batteries. They produce over 2 million batteries per year. They produce more than 2 million batteries per year. Their battery products are used in over 40 countries.

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This company produces automotive batteries which are first-choice for original equipment manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan and Mercedes Benz.

They are affordable and will give you good profits.

20. Just Batteries Company

Businesses across Africa can get customized energy solutions from just batteries. They have access to all major chemical systems and products that can be exported around the globe.

They represent many of the most popular battery brands in Africa and, together with their highly-skilled engineering team, they provide high-quality solutions for their clients.

21. Dixon Batteries

This company is an automotive battery manufacturer. It is headquartered in Vereeniging (South Africa). They are able to recycle old batteries and reduce the environmental impact of lead-acid battery production. They are ISO 9001 certified, which is a major advantage for businesses looking to outsource batteries.

They are experts in the manufacture of maintenance-free and automotive batteries as well as other types of batteries.

Canada’s Best Rated, Reliable, and Cheapest Battery Suppliers

22. Surrette Battery

It is one of the largest distributors of lead-acid. This company was founded in North America in 1935 and moved to Canada in 1959. This company is the country’s last independent battery distributor. They are ISO 9001 certified and manufacture a wide range of different types of batteries for various applications, including marine, railroad, motive, and renewable power.

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They ship their batteries all over the globe and are regarded as the best in the market. There are several battery types available: custom batteries and lead acid batteries; marine batteries, custom batteries; emergency back-up batteries; batteries-RV, renewable energy system batteries; and military batteries.

They have a great reputation for their affordable prices, which attracts customers all over the globe. This company is the right choice if you are looking to buy wholesale batteries from Canada for your business online or offline.

23. Canadian Energy

This company is Canada’s source of renewable and stored energy. This company is your best choice for renewable energy. They deal with many types of batteries and have over 20 branches in Canada to ensure that their customers get the best battery range and technical support.

There are three types of batteries: lead acid batteries, industrial battery, batteries for recreational vehicles, and batteries that can be used to generate renewable energy.

24. All Power Battery

This company produces high-quality sealed lead acid and gel batteries for telecom and medical.

There are many types of batteries available, including deep cycle, emergency back-up batteries and gel batteries. They also include batteries for electric vehicles, medical equipment, seal lead acid batteries as well as AGM sealed lead acids batteries, marine batteries and solar batteries.

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How do I find the best distributors for wholesale batteries near me?

Participate in trade shows. Trade shows are a great way to meet multiple distributors that can supply batteries for your business. You can meet with battery distributors from all over the globe at trade shows.

Where can I buy wholesale car batteries?

Johnson Controls is the best place to wholesale car batteries for you business. Johnson Controls has over 100 years of experience in delivering high-quality battery products to all corners of the globe. They are currently the largest car battery distributor in the world. They account for 33% of the industry’s total annual output. They provide a variety of lead-acid, lithium-ion and other batteries for passenger, commercial, and recreational vehicles.

Where can I buy wholesale watch batteries?

Are you having trouble finding the right supplier to supply your watch batteries business? Don’t worry. Micro-battery is the right solution. They make high-quality watches batteries at affordable prices. They offer a wide range of new watch batteries, including some of the best made silver oxide batteries like Energizer, Renata and Maxel.

Where can I buy wholesale solar batteries?

Power Sonic is a company that wholesales solar batteries to businesses. The company is a long-standing expert in solar batteries and has many years of experience. These include GEL (SLA), AGM (AGM), and VLA. The company is ISO certified and continues to be a leader in the solar batteries industry.

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Where can I buy wholesale phone batteries?

My Cool Cell can supply high-quality phones batteries wholesale. Their prices are affordable and they specialize in different types of phone batteries. They are a team of professionals with many years of experience and have been able to become one the most prominent phone battery distributors in the country.

Which Wholesale Battery Supplier is Your Favorite?

The technology behind battery technology is constantly evolving. You need to stay on top of the latest developments in order to be able compete in this industry. These battery wholesale distributors were carefully chosen to help you meet the needs of your customers. Consider one or two of these distributors and make them permanent partners in your battery business.

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