3 Top Reasons You will Fail in Shopify Dropshipping

We researched and found out top 3 reasons for failing in dropship business.

1. Not becoming a curious learner.

  • If something fails, think about the potential reasons why it failed.
  • Look at what top stores are doing, look at their FB ads. How does your ads compare ? How does your site compare ?
  • Join as many dropshipping FB groups as possible, learn from others and help others in groups.

Look deeper in to your FB metrics:

  • Launching failed ad sets ? --> Look at demographics breakdown, see who purchased.
  • High CPM’s or no one clicking your ads ? --> Look at watch time % on your ad sets.
  • Test everything --> test duping, increasing budgets, different ad accounts. FB is random.

2. Copying someone else’s video ad creative and product page WITHOUT change anything.

  • Could be done 6+ months to 1 year ago --> FB is smart now and know when you copy and will penalize you with higher CPM.
  • Take the time to learn how to overlay and cut together videos.

3. Not being comfortable spending money and LOSING.

  • Never start any business if you are in financial stress.
  • Don’t quit your day job and go ‘all in’ when you now nothing. You need free cash flow to invest and learn in FB ads.

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