4 Best Wholesale Portable Power Bank Suppliers

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This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding wholesale portable power banks, including some of the most well-known suppliers.

Globally, power banks worth more than $8.2 Billion were sold in 2017. This product is expected to be in the market for $25.16 billion by 2022. The demand for this product is growing rapidly. The growing market for mobile devices is a major driver of demand for the product.

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Tips for Wholesale Portable Power Banks

i. Capacity of the power bank

When purchasing power banks, the first thing you should consider is their power capability. This is the only way to know how often your device will need to be charged and how frequently you can recharge it.

ii. Power output

The power output indicates the speed at which your device will be charged by the power bank. A power output of 1A is sufficient if you intend to charge your phone with your power bank. If you’re dealing with a tablet, you should consider 2A to ensure optimal charging.

iii. Safety

Electricals are dangerous. Safety is essential. It is important to ensure that your device conforms with industry standards.

iv. The number of USB ports

This is a simple one to choose. Multiple ports allow you to charge multiple devices at once. A power bank that has only one port is fine if you are using it with just one device. We recommend that you choose a power bank with one port if you are looking for something small and easy to carry around. Think about it.

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v. Power input

The power input tells you how quickly your battery can be charged. You might prefer a larger input capacity if you travel frequently.

Top Wholesale Portable Power Bank Suppliers


DHgate.com will always exceed your expectations. It is the best place to shop for any product that you can think of. This supplier is the best for power banks. It offers a seamless shopping experience. They source their products directly from factories, which means they can get them at a low price.

They will offer you the best pricing and shift the savings to your benefit. They are aware of the quality of their products. They don’t want their reputation, which they have earned over the years, to be ruined in broad daylight. You can be sure to find the right design for you with their 6328 portable power banks.

The minimum order they require varies by brand. Some may be as low as 10 pieces. You can get incredible discounts on their products. The deal is even more attractive if you buy in bulk. You save more when buying more products.


L10trading.com is a leader in the supply and distribution of wholesale power banks. They are a company that sells hi-tech accessories. They will find the right product for you. They only supply the highest quality products at the right price.

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There is no way to go home without one of the many products they offer. Your order will be shipped faster. It takes 3-5 business days for your product to arrive at your doorstep. Because they have been in this industry for a long time, they are familiar with what works best for their customers. You will receive products that exceed your expectations in quality, design and price.


Made-in-china.com has been voted the number one supplier of power banks. Their website has a huge list of 18,808 products available for shipping. This is your one-stop shop for all things power bank. It is impossible to not find the brand you want.

This company is able to offer this vast collection because they have several companies that have a history of only dealing with the best products. There are more than 1000 companies available. Each supplier has a different set of products, making it easy to find the portable power bank you need.

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Alibaba.com has a record number of portable power banks. This is the largest ever collection of portable power banks by any single company. This company is a B2B directory that brings together reliable suppliers. They have a lot of experience in e-commerce so they are familiar with what you need. They know how to deliver the quality that you require. They also offer the best pricing for their products.

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Every supplier listed on this platform is first screened and then they are published. This ensures that quality is guaranteed. They double-check the products that you have ordered before shipping to make sure they are correct. They will also cover the return fees for any packages that they send to you if they do ship incorrect products. We are certain you will enjoy the services Alibaba.com offers. We have known them for years and trust their integrity.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, (HKTDC).

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, (HKTDC) is another great destination for portable power banks. Since 1966 when it was founded, the company has always been open to fulfilling their customers’ requests. The company now has 50 offices in China.

This destination is well-known for its quality products and affordable pricing. HKTDC has you covered for portable power banks. There are over 2000 options to choose from so you can be sure to find what you need. We strive to provide competitive pricing.

Wholesale pricing is available so that you can make more money to grow your business. You can pay online with them, and you won’t lose your money. You shouldn’t be concerned about sharing your personal information with them. They are only using it to send a product to them and to reach out to you for incredible offers and discounts as they become available.

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Banggood.com is a great resource for power banks. Apart from offering a wide range of products, the site also allows you to choose the payment option that suits you best. They take every step to make sure that customers are satisfied.

You will also notice the high quality of their products. The quality of their products is always in line with the cost. This will make your customer want more. The shipping system is also a delight. Your products are packaged exactly as you order them and shipped immediately. Your package will be delivered quickly and you will get it within a few days.

Where can I buy wholesale Portable Power Banks in the USA?

The one supplier we know their credibility in the supply of power banks in the US is the Crov; https://www.crov.com/search?keyword=Portable+power+bank. They are driven to offer the best products for their customers.

This company offers the best quality and prices. There are also sales representatives who can respond immediately to any questions.

Is there any Indian wholesale Portable Power Bank suppliers?

Indiamart.com; https://dir.indiamart.com/impcat/power-bank.html?biz=30 commands the world of e-commerce in India. It is still the most popular destination for power banks within India. They will be your favorite place to work. They provide everything, from the quality to the pricing.

Indiamart.com allows you to access multiple products from various suppliers. This is the best place to shop if you are looking for a variety of products to offer your customers.

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Canada: Where can I buy wholesale Portable Power Banks?

For your wholesale portable power banks supplies in Canada, we recommend you consider Myron.ca; https://www.myron.ca/search?text=portable+power+banks. There is a large selection so you will always find what your looking for. They have a great price and the best quality in what they offer.


These are the top wholesale Portable Power Bank Suppliers in the world. You’re paying for the product, so you deserve the best. We all know quality is the key to your business. Your years of reputation will be ruined if you make compromises. You should be mindful of the supplier from which you source your products. We recommend the ones that are best for you.