How to Start Dropshipping Business Online for Free? – 4 Steps Tutorial

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No Money To Start Your Online Store? Attempt These Four Options Now

Have you known about Justin Wong? He’s the person who made $12,000 inside a month of setting up his online business store, So Esthetic. At a certain point in time, he was working all day to subsidize his examinations. However, it wasn’t sufficient. He attempted a lot of lucrative alternatives until he hit the bonanza with web based business.

Obviously, he began his internet business store with zero speculation. You may be thinking this is an irregular case. In any case, imagine a scenario in which I disclosed to you that you also can begin an online store with zero venture. Does that arouse your curiosity?

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Try not to stress, it is anything but a contrivance to get you to understand this. Rather, I’m going to share some attempted and tried procedures for beginning an online store with zero capital speculation. I’ve seen a considerable lot of my companions and associates use them effectively to begin a side-hustle. Also, some of them even proceeded to stop their business to concentrate more on their effective web based business stores.

So let’s hop right into these four options you can try to start an online store with zero investment, will we?

Try Dropshipping

On the off chance that you haven’t heard about this before, let me break it down for you. Dropshipping is a model used by numerous e-commerce businesses where you don’t handle the products yourself. Instead, you get them from a third-party vendor and have it shipped directly to the customer.

The advantages? You don’t need to keep any inventory with you, so you can eliminate the cost of securing and storing these products. Also, you need not stress over shipping either. In fact, returning to the person we were talking about earlier, Justin, he started his venture with dropshipping. You can gaze upward dropshipping marketplaces like AliExpress or Dropship Direct to get started with your online store.

Use A Ready-To-Use Platform

When it comes to setting up an online store, there are essentially two different ways you can go about it. The first is to set up a self-hosted store. Definitely not an option in case you’re hoping to start a business with zero investment. The other option, and the one I recommend, is to host your store on a ready-to-use e-commerce platform.

Platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce or Etsy permit you to set up an online store utilizing their built-in designs and templates. So you don’t need to stress over purchasing a space and procuring a website designer to create an outwardly appealing store. These sites permit you to customize your store as indicated by your needs and manage your payments and shipping easily. You don’t even need to know an expression of computer programming to set up your store utilizing them. What’s more, these sites have standard content that you can use on your “About Us” or “Terms and Conditions” pages.

You should simply create an account on any of these platforms and set up your store. There is typically a monthly fee that you need to pay them. However, it isn’t an exorbitant amount, and some of these sites even offer free trials that you’ll pay them a certain percentage as an affiliate fee for every sale that comes through.

Influence Micro-Influencers On Instagram

We are certain you should have an Instagram account in your name. Obviously, regardless of whether you’re dynamic or not is an alternate inquiry inside and out. Regardless of whether you’re latent on Instagram, you can use small scale influencers to advance your items. What’s more, you can work with them without paying for their posts.

Set up a partner program with your miniaturized scale influencers — nothing excessively detailed and nothing that requires any mind boggling devices or systems. Essentially send them a message with a rebate or coupon code. Also, let them realize that you’ll pay them a specific rate as a member charge for each deal that comes through. Influencer recommendations can directly acquire sales. There are numerous studies to prove that, and I’ve seen multiple real-life examples too. What’s more, most smaller scale influencers believe that Instagram is the most effective at engaging their followers.

You can use tools like Iconosquare or BuzzSumo to identify the smaller scale influencers who might be relevant. And afterward send them your message with the discount code. In fact, this is the strategy that helped Justin make $12,000 from his e-commerce store in the first month. The best part is that these platforms offer free trials so you can get started without an investment.

Pick Products That Are In Demand

To make your online store truly successful, sell products that people want to purchase. Some easy methods for discovering what products are in demand:

1. Look into best-selling items on Amazon or eBay.

2. Check out Google Trends and see how those products are faring.

Make sure that these products are in stock on your dropshipping databases and have free delivery. Additionally, ensure that you are picking products that are inexpensive, as this will give your customers a reason to purchase. Be sure to choose suppliers who have great ratings when sourcing products. We are certainly not saying that these tips will help you become the next Amazon. But that was never your intention in any case, right? This is basically an easy, ease (actually no cost) way to deal with setting up a side-hustle. Something to get the ball rolling. Furthermore, the steps I’ve mentioned above will help you set up an online store in the blink of an eye by any means.

Would you be able to think of some other manners by which you can start an online store with zero investment? Let us know in the comments section.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

So, by now, you already know what drop-shipping is, if you’re not, then here you can learn more about it. The next question that is most commonly asked is “how much money do you need to start dropshipping?”Well, the good news is we’re here to tell you how to start a non-cash dropshipping company. Well, that’s right, today you can start. Intrigued? For more detail please read on.

What you need to start a dropshipping business with no money

So, while to start your own business you don’t need a mountain of money, you do need to make an investment. Time. Time. If, actually, you could sit there and do nothing, and then start making money, then everybody will do it. If everybody did it, no one would make money because the market would be too saturated. That brings us to the second required item. One niche. You want your deal to be special, you need something that makes you stand out from anyone else; you need to give customers a justification for purchasing your product, rather than the product of Maureen-from-down-the-road.

All right, so I got my ideas and some free time. How do I start dropshipping?

Okay, so you want to get started with your dropshipping business, you have some brilliant ideas, that’s yours and yours alone, and you feel like you’re going to have the edge to come out on top. And what do you really need to do to move it to the next level? How can you shift it up to the actual working business model from a brilliant idea?

Step 1 – Create a store

Nice, you need a shop. How would people buy stuff from you, if you don’t give them a shop? Sounds very self-explaining huh? Well, there are platforms you can use to start a dropshipping company, with no investment in money at all. Three of eBay’s big players are Amazon, and Shopify. Unfortunately, none of these solutions are completely-completely-and-for-proof. You can get started on any one of them for free though. They all act slightly differently.

Some of Your Options

  • eBay – pay a fee when you sell an item, you’ll be able to list the item and a percentage of what it’s selling to you. This is conditional upon such circumstances. Using regular auction listing, for example. This is nice if you want your old lawnmower to move, but less so if you want to start a company. There are other choices for setting prices and other features, but eBay also costs to use unless it runs a free listing event
  • Amazon – pay a charge for each item sold, plus some extra fees too. This is perfect if you clear your DVD shelf, as above, but less so when you’re trying to sell huge volumes. Amazon has created a premium account for anyone who sell more than 35 items a month, where you pay a monthly subscription fee and the per-item-sold charge is eradicated.
  • Shop – pay a monthly fee depending on what functionality you want to use and how large your e-commerce empire is. You have plenty of options with a simple plan which starts at $29USD (yep, the price shows in dollars even on the UK site) as well as a lite plan and more detailed plans.

Our Collection

But, don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten this guide is here to concentrate on how to start a no-money drop shipping company. We will be opting for Shopify as they give a free trial of 14 days. In comparison to many free trials, Shopify lets you sign up without adding information about your card. That’s right, Marketing newsletters are the only thing you agree to when you sign up for the free trial. No secret “if you forget to cancel we’ll charge you and it’ll be a nice surprise” we’ve all come to hate.

Here you can create a Shopify account. Refer to this blog post for a complete step-by – step guide on how to set up your shop.

Step Two – Find a supplier

This is where we come in, Ahem. We offer dropshipping on each of our more than 450 items. From apparel and fabrics to homeware and furniture, we have a vast array of items that you can customize, design and sell through a third-party e-commerce platform (the shop you found and set up in step one).

We’re not going to charge you any fees to set up a drop-shipper account-secret or not. No free trial, just full free-ride. Only click on the image below, fill out the form and check your email address. Signup is that easy.

If you’ve set up your account, it will need to be linked to your Shopify account. Full info about how to do that can be seen here.

Step Three – Invest Your Time

This is the part where the hard work starts. Anything. If you’re going to start your own dropshipping company with no capital or something else, we’d like to think it’s because you love to design things. By that logic, this part is not actually going to be hard work, it is going to be you doing your hobby somewhere else than you usually do, to make a living doing what you enjoy. Anyway, whatever you call this part, it’s the bit you need to spend your time and set up your range of goods.

This is very simple to do as specifically for this reason we have designed a tailor made user gui. You can upload your designs to your chosen product inside this application. You can add, delete, rotate, reposition your designs and add effects. You can add text, delete it, and what’s more, you can see any shift in real-time. Our preview of the design helps you to see exactly what your product will look like when finished – whether it’s a tea towel or a tea dress.

Step Four – Market

Investing a little bit of time here. You need to get your goods on the market. It’s all well and good to have them, but you’re kind of dependent on customers just ‘falling’ into your store without some sort of marketing. There are a few ways you can do this, but again this is a ‘how to get started dropshipping for free’ guide, so we’re going to skip all of the paid ads. (For those who are not explicitly looking to start a money-free dropshipping company, take a look at PPC. That’s paid advertisement, which you can do through Google, Facebook, Instagram etc., and it will target explicitly your intended audience.)

Social networking is a formidable weapon. You may have seen the storey about the guy from the little Petersfield bookstore recently, who tweeted about the fact that no one had ever been in, maybe the first time ever. This was retweeted by the sci-fi author Neil Gaiman and the little shop was overwhelmed with orders. A warm-hearted tale but still a true example of social media’s influence and why it should be welcomed. But, though with Neil Gaiman we aren’t all internet buddies, we can leverage the power of digital-word-of – mouth and use this to get your name out there.

It is as plain as this

Setting up your own Shopify store and linking it to Contrado really is really easy. If you still have some questions, please check this video tutorial to see how exactly it is done.

Congratulations, this is how you start a Dropshipping Business with no capital

There you have it. You have an action strategy. This is how you start a no-money dropshipping venture, how you earn a living from your hobby. If you want to try to get started for yourself, then why not click below.

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