Top Coffee Suppliers Every Small Business Needs

Coffee suppliers provide businesses with an invaluable service by providing roasted beans and equipment necessary for creating great cups of coffee in the office. Furthermore, these suppliers also offer various blends and flavors tailored specifically to individual employees in your workplace.

With their business, they support local and global causes. Their goal is to offer unforgettable coffee and tea experiences while developing partnerships with farmers for a more sustainable supply chain.


When choosing a coffee supplier for your business, always prioritize quality over quantity. Your suppliers should provide high-grade beans in multiple roasting varieties; be able to grind for various brewing techniques; provide organic and decaf options as well. Furthermore, consider investing in a supplier with reusable cups which reduce waste while saving you money!

Finding a coffee supplier with an established track record of providing high-quality products and customer service can be challenging. When researching potential coffee suppliers, make sure they can demonstrate a history of providing superior services as well as customer testimonials on their website. It may also help to read up on any written material like blog posts and sales copy that could give an indication of their brand values and history.

Selecting an effective name and logo for your coffee business is essential to its success. A great name must be memorable, reflecting its identity while being consistent with any messages you wish to communicate to customers. When selecting names and logos for your coffee business, always bear in mind its target market; for example if your shop specializes in selling gourmet coffee then choosing something more creative or luxurious-sounding could help set it apart from others in its field.

Your coffee company should put its focus on giving back to its local community as part of building its reputation and attracting new customers. You can do this through sponsorship of local events or charitable donations; joining local chambers of commerce or business associations also offers opportunities for networking among businesses in your region and gaining new clients.

Establishing a separate bank account for your business is another essential step to safeguarding against potential tax penalties or legal issues, such as co-mingling personal and business funds that could lead to tax penalties or legal complications. You could also form a non-profit organization or LLC as another way to limit liability.

Kavnia Coffee

Kavnia Coffee, founded by Olivia vonNieda and using their patent-pending brewing system to highlight the flavors of specialty coffee beans, boasts three times stronger cold brew than traditional cold brew and can be ready in just 15 seconds to serve! Based in Illinois and committed to increasing female-owned/nonbinary owned companies when possible.

VonNieda has combined her engineering and business skills to produce cold drip coffee, now found at high-end coffee shops around the country. When first starting her venture, finding investors and mentorship proved challenging; however, resource like mHub and The Hatchery proved essential and ultimately allowed her to pitch for funding.

As a startup, it’s crucial that you understand your market thoroughly. Doing so will allow you to identify which products to sell and whether a unique product line would help set you apart from competitors. Also, keep your initial product catalog small; adding more can always come later on.

Dropshipping coffee products for your business can save both money and time by eliminating the need to purchase whole beans or maintain inventory. However, it’s essential that you conduct thorough research into reputable yet cost-effective suppliers so as to not end up with low-quality goods.

As a new small business owner, it is crucial that you are aware of your tax obligations. No matter if your sales occur online or in-person, make sure you know how much in taxes are due every month and year to avoid unanticipated fees that could derail your plans. There are various apps and software tools that can assist with keeping track of payments, expenses, and tax liabilities.

The Coffee Collective

The Coffee Collective is one of Denmark’s acclaimed specialty roasters, boasting an outstanding B Impact score indicating they’ve made significant strides toward creating positive impacts for employees, communities, and the environment.

The company’s mission is centered on creating strong ties to farmers and treating them fairly, which is why they invest so heavily in Direct Trade model: purchasing their green beans directly from farmers so as to reduce as many steps in supply chains as possible and reward hardworking farmers with fair wages for their hard work.

Due to their strong relationship with farmers, The Coffee Collective can ensure they source only premium quality beans for their stores. Their goal is to always offer affordable coffee of superior quality; in fact, they even have an entire team dedicated solely to this task!

Established in 2007 with a passion for roasting high-quality coffee, the company quickly expanded. Now comprising eight coffee bars and a roastery in Copenhagen as well as wholesale partnerships and an international web shop – plus they were known as one of the first companies to introduce Scandinavian-style coffee into Denmark!

At The Coffee Collective coffee bars, customers are welcomed with warm hospitality by an expert staff. Owners Klaus Thomsen, Peter Dupont and Casper Engel Rasmussen are real coffee enthusiasts with numerous awards to their credit; their goal is to explore all that coffee offers us so as to foster community connections through coffee drinking.

As their company expands, they’ve set their sights on new projects to widen their reach. From beer collaborations and draft coffee – which allows them to offer more products simultaneously – to offering a reusable cup exchange program and sharing more about its impact on the environment by signing The Pledge, a standard code of transparency for green coffee purchasing – these projects aim to broaden their presence.

Higher Grounds Trading Co.

Higher Grounds Trading Co. is located in Traverse City, Michigan and offers roast coffee, packaged beans, coffee bar service and online sales. As a certified B Corp (a framework that measures company purpose against profit), Higher Grounds believes quality coffee production requires taking an approach focused on human needs in order to remain sustainable over time.

Higher Grounds’s foundation lies with their partners: farmers. Co-founder Chris Treter visited Maya Vinic producer cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico during a post-graduate internship and became intimately familiar with its members’ daily realities, from poverty to lack of clean water access – an experience which laid the groundwork for Higher Grounds.

After their beans have left our warehouse, their commitment to their farming partners doesn’t end there. They do this through ownership of an importing cooperative, paying above market and fair trade minimum prices and supporting nonprofit partners’ work – in addition to supporting community development initiatives and sustainability projects.

By creating reciprocal relationships with farmers and sourcing coffees from remote regions around the globe, they aim to make an impactful difference in those whose labor goes into producing their coffee.

As an example, five dollars from every bag of their coffee sold is donated to Focus: HOPE – an innovative human and civil rights program dedicated to finding practical solutions to hunger, economic disparity, inadequate education and racial division in Detroit.