5 Cheapest Wholesale Clothing Suppliers In the Philippines

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Modern society wants fashionable and trendy looks. This has led to the growth of the clothing industry. Clothing stores all over the globe are making huge profits, and Philippines is no exception.

The Philippines has a large customer base that is a regular buyer of clothing and accessories. You can find the best selection of accessories and clothes in the country at very affordable prices. There are many wholesale clothing distributors in the Philippines. But these are only a few of the best that you can purchase from.

This guide will assist you in finding the cheapest clothing suppliers in Philippines if you’re just starting out with wholesale business.

Cheapest Wholesale Clothes Sellers in Philippines

We will first source Philippine clothes suppliers if we want to make money in the Philippine clothing market. We know that the Philippine clothes industry is not as developed as the rest of the world, but the government has taken steps to improve it by introducing and investing in some companies.

The clothing industry in Philippines has been growing rapidly. Although it can be difficult to compete with the fashionable market in the Philippines, these 7 wholesale clothes suppliers are affordable and ship quickly.

1. Mall Icons

Mall Icons is a modern online clothing wholesaler and retailer in the Philippines. They offer an enormous selection of clothing in many categories that can be worn for different occasions and seasons. All of the clothing is available at affordable prices that make it easy to purchase and delightful. Mall Icons is a great website to shop for fashionable and innovative clothes.

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2. Lazada

Lazada, an online selling and shopping platform, is based in Southeast Asia. This portal offers customers from many countries more than 3,000 brands, with 155,000 sellers. The site offers a wide range of clothing for men and women, with over 5 million products. You can buy clothes wholesale here as the majority of the items are from China.

3. Kily.ph

Kily.ph is a Philippine-based online wholesale shop that offers a wide range of apparels and clothes. At affordable prices, you can find all types of clothing for men, women, children, and babies. Kily.ph, a wholesale online shop in the Philippines, offers huge discounts on bulk orders.

4. Viajero Wholesale

Viajero, a top wholesale clothing supplier in the Philippines, was established in 2011. There are many collections for children, men and women. All clothes are checked individually for quality. They have over 30 years of business experience and can provide a satisfactory selection for the modern era. Apart from readymade clothes, you can also order custom-made clothing. They promise to provide the best options for customers, so there is no need to be concerned about quality or payments.

5. Yurry Wholesale Center

Yurry, a reliable wholesale clothing supplier in the Philippines, is committed to offering the best customer service. They provide fast shipping, prompt assistance, and a quality collection. Yurry makes shopping easy and affordable. Shop at Yurry to get the latest products.

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6. Ebazaar

Ebazaar is a reliable distributor of clothing for wholesale trade. Ebazaar offers high quality clothing for men and women, and they are very affordable. The buyers make maximum profit when they sell more to their customers due to the competitive rates. Look stunning for any occasion with fashionable, trendy clothes.

7. Zalora

Zalora is a supplier for fashionable and cool clothing in the Philippines. It also sells stunning Korean jewellery and accessories. Zalora provides fast shipping and efficient operations in remote areas of the country. Start an online business to sell fashionable clothes at low prices to millions of people.

You can also wholesale from China

The Philippine market is lucrative and glamorous, there’s no doubt about that. Chinabrands are available for those times when you can’t wait for a product.

It was established in 2007 and now has over 200 countries. They offer the best quality clothes at the lowest prices. Its dropshipping service, and association with more than 5000 Chinese manufacturers make this website very popular.

Chinabrands allows you to purchase wholesale clothing from the Philippines without having to worry about tax and delays. While Philippine wholesalers are known for selling high quality products, Chinabrands has been a very popular website that deals in dropshipping business. You can dropship products directly to buyers’ locations because they have large inventories.

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They have worldwide warehouses that allow them to ship products quickly depending on where the buyer is located. They have some of the most reliable courier partners in the world to improve efficiency.

Chinabrands offers incredible bulk discounts on clothes, and you can sell the clothes locally to make maximum profit.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find wholesale clothes for my first boutique in the Philippines?

There are many wholesale clothing suppliers in the Philippines that you can purchase to sell at your boutique. Here’s a list of:

* Mall Icons

* Lynns Fashion Store

* Click Here to Buy

* Viajero Wholesale

* Kily Philippines

2. How can I start a dropship clothing business in the Philippines?

Dropshipping in the Philippines is easy, even though it might seem difficult. You first need to choose the business that interests you and then follow these steps.

* Find a profitable business that can bring in a good deal of revenue.

* Locate the wholesaler or supplier from whom products can be purchased for dropshipping

* Make your website or select a trusted social platform

Chinabrands is a great choice if you’re looking for reliable suppliers. You can shop for clothing in bulk or dropship to resell. They also sell health, beauty, and sports items. More than ten thousand suppliers have been included in the list.

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3. Do you know of any dropshipping suppliers for the Philippines?

Dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines offer high quality clothing at affordable prices. You can check out Chinabrands and Aliexpress as well as Dhgate and Banggood. Get the products that you need. China is the world’s factory, and it is the best place to get wholesale products for Philippines.

Dropshipping has many advantages, but you don’t have to stockpile and worry about the sales. China offers a variety of dropshipping sites, so you can buy clothes, shoes, gadgets and accessories.

4. Shopify allows me to set up an online store for wholesale clothes in the Philippines.

Shopify is available. Shopify is the best platform to start your own online shop. It offers many widgets and features. To create your Shopify.com store, simply think about the clothes you wish to sell.

Dropshipping allows you to make a website, then dropship products from wholesale clothing suppliers. This will allow you to sell local at profit prices.

Dropshipping eliminates the hassle of shipping logistics as the products are delivered directly at the customer’s doorstep.


All the details about wholesale clothing in Philippines have been shared. This will give you a competitive edge for your clothing business. Although the Philippines market is very exciting, it doesn’t have many online wholesalers. You need reliable wholesalers that offer fast shipping and affordable products. China offers many options for wholesale supply. They offer products in different categories and on a global scale.