5 Wholesale Suppliers for Self Defense Personal Security

Self-defense is an integral part of the world. It will remain so, regardless of whether or not we like it. As many people would believe, it is not a function of the living standard in a particular area. The self-defense industry is not an exception in a modern world where technology has permeated every aspect of our lives.

You will find many sophisticated self-defense products available on the market today, and they are affordable too. More people realize the importance of self-defense. Many businesses are now selling wholesale self-defense products online and drop shipping.

Why Wholesale Self-Defense and Personal Security Products?

Today, self-defense is more than just knowing a few martial arts. You must now have a personal safety product. Martial arts still have a lot to offer in terms of helping people defend themselves and giving them confidence. According to IBIS the U.S. martial arts industry has seen a 4.2 percent increase in growth from 2013 to 2018.

Because of the rapid growth of the industry, wholesaling self defense products is one of the most attractive business ideas. Statista shows that 43 percent of American households own a firearm. We are now focusing on personal security products that are less dangerous, even though the verdict is still out on whether or not a firearm should be owned. These statistics will give you an indication of the opinions people have about self-defense.

What types of self-defense products should I sell?

It is important to choose lucrative product categories if you are looking to wholesale self-defense products dropship. Let’s take a look at some of these product types.

Personal alarm

Personal alarms are small electronic devices that make siren-like sound when activated. Its purpose is to draw attention to what is happening around it. Because people want to be able to use them easily, personal alarms are a common product that wholesale business owners have started to sell.

Self defense security torch

The self-defense torch is another product that business owners can choose to wholesale. The torch is equipped with a bright light that can be used to stun an attacker. We all know how crucial those few seconds are.

Tactical Pens

Tactical pen are more powerful personal security tools. Although the pen appears like any other pen, it can be used to inflict injury on an attacker. They are affordable, efficient, and easy to use, so they are popular.

Monkey Fist

A monkey’s fist can be used to tie a knot that can also be used as a slingshot. The tied knot is shaped like a fist, as the name suggests. The tied end can be used to make the item. Although it is easy to minimize the effectiveness of this tool, it does the job well and makes it an excellent choice for wholesale self-defense products.


Knives can also serve as personal protection. The knives used here may be slightly different to your regular kitchen knives. Self-defense knives are usually easy to carry and use. They are also quite effective.

Survival whistle

It’s easy to forget the importance of a survival knife. Many people are surprised at the utility of these little items. You can use a survival whistle to signal for help in all situations. You can quickly alert others about any situation by simply blowing the whistle.

Self defense stick

Self-defense sticks are simple and very effective. You can use the stick to strike any attacker. The stick can be carried in your purse, pocket, or holster.

Hidden Camera

Hidden cameras can be used around your property. Hidden cameras can be used to monitor activity around your property and take the necessary security precautions. Hidden cameras are one of the most popular products that you’ll find at self-defense wholesale distributors.

Top Self-Defense Wholesalers to Launch Your Business

Dropshipping is a popular business today. Let’s take a look at the top places to buy wholesale self-defense products.


TBOTECH offers dropshipping services that sell wholesale self-defense products. Because they are experts in dropshipping self defense products, this gives them an advantage over their competitors.

Everyone understands the importance of home and personal protection. TBOTECH is a dropshipping company that specializes in this area. This platform allows you to purchase stun guns and hidden cameras as well as Tasers and other products. To get TBOTECH’s services, you only need to open an account.

This platform’s most important selling point is its fast delivery service. Your orders will be shipped within two days. You can also get standard shipping free of charge if you order $50 or more.


Alibaba, which is a dropshipping company that operates in many companies around the globe, is the oldest and most trusted. Alibaba dropships a variety of self-defense products, including personal alarms and pepper sprays as well as flashlights.

Alibaba’s pay later service is one of their greatest benefits. This allows you to pay later and make your purchase. Alibaba is a great option for self-defense wholesale dropship china as they have the ability and capacity to service the large country.

Wholesalecentral is a dropshipping platform which dropships products in niches such as books, eyewear and pet supplies. Wholesalecentral operates in many countries around the globe, so your customers don’t need to worry about getting their self-defense items on time.

Wholesalecentral’s steals and wholesale deals are the best benefits. You can find daily deals posted here so that you are able to check out the deals that interest your on a daily basis. Wholesalecentral offers dropshipping services at a fraction of the cost and reliable delivery.


GlobalSources is another top-of the-line dropshipping platform you can trust to sell wholesale self-defense items. GlobalSources is a trusted dropshipping platform that will ensure your customers are satisfied with the self-defense products they order. You can find items like tactical flashlights and personal alarms, tactical pen, self-defense knuckles and stun guns.

GlobalSources has a presence in 141 countries, including China. This makes it easy to buy wholesale self-defense products china. The company organizes 8 different sourcing events each year in Hong Kong.

Safety Technology

Safety technology is an American Dropshipping Company. They specialize in dropshipping safety-related products. You will have easy access to more than 400 popular wholesale self-defense products such as stun guns and pepper spray.

Safety Technology offers website design services for its clients, which is one of their most important advantages. Safety Technology can also help with website design and development if your company doesn’t have one.

How to Find the Best Self-Defense Products to Sell

You can’t just start selling self-defense products without planning. Before you decide to sell wholesale personal security products, here are some things you should know.

Does it have to be legal?

Before you begin any business, this is a question you must ask yourself. Because of the sensitive nature of the subject, this is especially important for self-defense. You may not be allowed to carry certain items in one place, while others are. What items are allowed in your state? These items are legal in your state. What laws govern their sale? These are the questions you will need to answer before you can start.

Does it make it easy to use?

A good self-defense product should be easy to use. It is often more difficult for someone to think together when they are under threat. This is what it means. This means that personal security items that require too much thought and time to use are unlikely to be practical.

Is it portable?

The easiest personal security products to conceal are the best. These items should be kept hidden until they are required. This is an advantage that these items offer that you should not compromise on.

What are the Best Self-Defense Products for Women?

Easy to use, portable, and effective are the best qualities of self-defense products designed for women. These three characteristics are the foundation of any self-defense product. There should not be compromises. These are some examples of personal security products for women.

* Tasers.

* Pepper spray

* Personal alarm.

* The Survival Whistle.

* Security flashlights

* Self defense tools

What is the lowest price to sell self-defense products online?

Dropshipping is a great way to sell products online at a low cost. Dropshipping doesn’t require inventory to be kept in warehouses. This product can be promoted on your website or social media. Once you have received an order, you source the product directly from suppliers so that you can ship it to your customers. This is a risk-free business.

You can find hundreds of self-defense products online at various prices. You can sell tactical pens online at a fraction of the cost. These products are not only affordable, but they are highly sought after. They sell quickly.


Dropshipping is often associated with fashion accessories and tech gadgets. People don’t realize the potential for self-defense, even in countries with liberal laws. It is important to choose a reliable dropshipping company if you plan to wholesale self defense items. You can make or break your business by the company you choose and the products you sell. So think hard before you make these important business decisions.