6 Best Wholesale Suppliers for Abaya and Islamic Clothing

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Abaya is an Islamic traditional and protective piece of clothing that must be worn under Islamic attire. This is a mandatory part of Islamic women’s clothing that protects their modesty, according to the Quran. This attire is loved by all Muslim women and has been worn with dignity. Abayas come in many different patterns and fabrics to suit various occasions.

This guide will provide you with more information on wholesale abaya, Islamic clothing and the availability of it in different countries.

Top Abaya/Muslim Clothing Wholesale Suppliers All Over the World

Islamic clothing is fashionable and adheres to the religion code in an authentic and open manner. The following 8 websites are the most popular for Islamic clothing. Their clothing is popular in all countries, with the Middle East being the largest hub for major Islamic populations.

1) Shiddat:

Shiddat, India’s most Islamic-centric online shop, is the best. Their collection includes beautiful Islamic clothing, accessories, and religious books. The website offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to shop. This website allows you to connect with small and medium-sized vendors who sell Abayas and Hijabs, Burqas and Niqabs as well as other Islamic apparels.

If you’re looking for modern designs for abayas that are suitable for independent and young women, then shop here. On their website, you will find a variety of Abayas, including the cardigan style abaya and flared abaya.

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* Shipping and Price:

Orders above INR 1000 will be processed within 6-7 business days. Shipping is free for all orders. Orders above INR 300 qualify for cash on delivery.

3) Made-in-China:

Made-in China is China’s largest platform for business-to-business. It has been in business since 1998. They have a large number of suppliers and top-quality Chinese products on their website. This platform is multi-departmental and features around 27 categories as well as 3,600 sub-categories. It’s open to everyone.

Here you can find affordable wholesale Islamic clothing. You can search by region to avoid a large number of products. You can view the details of the supplier and similar products from the same supplier by going to the supplier list.

* Shipping and Price:

Shipping charges can vary from one supplier to another and from one country to the next. Before placing an order, you should verify the shipping and delivery charges from the supplier.

4) Feiza Collection:

Feiza Collection is an online store located in Istanbul. Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey. The collection was created to appeal to every Muslim woman. It reflects her body type, as well as the desire to be stylish but comfortable in traditional clothing. They offer worldwide distribution and all products are made in Turkey.

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* Shipping and Price:

Your order will be processed within 1-2 days and shipped within 3-5 days. There is no free shipping. You can return your order within 15 days of purchase. The money will be refunded in 10 days.

5) Inayah:

Inayah has created a niche in the UK’s online marketing industry. This website was launched in 2012. This website offers a tutorial section on how to wear Hijabs. This store has the largest selection of Hijabs, Abayas and other Islamic apparels.

* Shipping and Price:

Orders above PS75 qualify for free shipping. Standard shipping costs in the UK are PS3.99 and PS4.99. Orders within Europe are charged at EUR14.99 for standard delivery. For free shipping, you must order EUR150. Next-day delivery is available if you place your order before 3 p.m. UK Time.

6) Islamic Shop

The Islamic Shop, an Indian ecommerce platform, is based on the principle and belief of the term “Halal” in Islam. This platform is for both small-scale and big-scale sellers. This platform offers quality products at affordable prices and is multi-departmental. You can request delivery on a particular date by ordering at least 48 hours in advance and mentioning the date. The order will take 6-7 days to process. This website is a good place to start if you are thinking of purchasing wholesale Muslim clothing.

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* Shipping and Price:

The website offers free shipping to Chennai for orders over INR 500. For free shipping to other states, the minimum order must be INR 5,000. For 500 grams, the shipping costs are INR 50 and for every 500g it will cost INR 50.

7) Gulf Islamic Store

The Gulf Islamic Store (GIS), Dubai’s first wholesale store selling all possible Islamic clothing in bulk, is also the largest. This platform is available to sellers, entrepreneurs, startups, buyers, suppliers and distributors as well as retailers. You can shop here for clothes at the lowest factory prices in the Middle East.

GIS offers a wide range of Dubai-inspired outfits including Jilbab, abayas, Kaftans and Jilbab as well as casual dresses, Hijabs, accessories, and other attires related to Islamic clothing. They can take custom orders and have a brand line that reflects the Islamic traditions of the Gulf.

* Shipping and Price:

Orders placed within 5-7 days will be processed. Select items are eligible for free shipping

8) Abaya World:

Abaya World is a British fashion company that has been around since 2012. There are many styles available, including casual, everyday wear, festive wear and abayas. You can also find accessories on this website that you can buy with bulk orders of outfits.

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* Shipping and Price:

If your order exceeds PS65, you can get free shipping Standard delivery charges are PS3.99 if your order is less than PS65. Orders will be delivered to your door between 8 AM and 8 PM. You may need to pay a delivery charge of PS7.95 for next-day delivery requests. Place your order before 11 AM.

Q: Where can I buy wholesale Islamic clothing in Turkey?

Nearly 99% of Turks follow Islam. In Turkey, Islamic clothing is certain to have an advantage on the market. If you’re looking to buy and sell bulk, take a look at these websites: Feiza Collection, GOO Moda.

Q: Where can I buy wholesale abaya in Dubai

Dubai is home to a large number of Muslims. It is also known for its shopping scene. There are many places you can shop online, including Gulf Islamic Store, Emirates Dressing and SOUQ.

Q: Where can I buy wholesale Muslim clothes in India?

India is home to many Muslims. There are many e-commerce websites that can cater to this market. You can buy and sell Islamic clothes at a very low price by visiting Indiamart, Nastir Shiddat Islamic Shop, Mehar Hijab or Ramsha Sultan, which are some of the most popular websites to buy wholesale Muslim clothing in India.

Q: Which are the best distributors for Abaya Wholesale in UK?

The UK’s second most popular religion is Islam. This will lead to a higher market demand than in other countries. Inayah, Abaya World and Hidden Pearls are the top wholesale distributors of Abaya in the United Kingdom.

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Get the best Islamic clothing at a great price!

We hope you found this guide useful in gaining information on Abaya wholesale clothing from different parts of the world. Islamic clothing is fashionable and follows Islamic rules. This guide will be a great resource for your next bulk order.