7 Best Free Email Marketing Templates for Dropshipping

What is Email Marketing?

Every year, 74 trillion emails get sent. This is due to the fact that it is inexpensive to send and can reach many subscribers instantly. There are many benefits to email direct marketing:

  • Low-cost
  • Quick
  • Efficient
  • Use digital data to improve and measure campaigns

Why is email marketing important?

Direct marketing via email (EDM) is the best way to reach your existing or potential customers. Email allows you to stay in touch with your customers and give them the latest information about your business.

You don’t have to spend hours creating a custom email template. We can show you the best online sources to help you create 10 email templates that are free and ready for you to send.


Five responsive email templates are available from ZURB Studios for free. ZURB Studios offers five great email templates that can be used by dropshippers to make their emails responsive.

Mobile-friendly templates for emails can help increase your click rate and get your audience to visit your site.

To make editing easier, the template includes a separate CSS stylesheet as well as an HTML file. Most clients place the CSS inline after both files are uploaded separately. You will need to create a folder to store images and then compress the CSS stylesheet.

Sonata by Web Canopy Studio

Sonata is an original free email template that integrates HubSpot. The template is fully compatible with HubSpot.

This newsletter template is packed with features and allows you to share your HubSpot contacts’ latest news, events, blogs, and other information. The template includes documentation about how to edit and support tickets, as well as instructions on how you can download it.


You will likely need to spend time introducing high-ticket items to your customers if you’re selling them. Colorlib is a premium responsive HTML email template you can use immediately.

This tool is flexible and adaptable enough to be used in your dropshipping business and projects. You don’t have to stick with one topic when you can use the same item for multiple purposes.

You can offer or introduce a new deal for your customer by sending them a landing page-like email. This will direct them to your website or your subscriber list.


Litmus is a well-known brand for people who love to test and analyze the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. Litmus offers many free email templates to suit different purposes.

To remarket your visitors who leave your site after clicking on a product, we recommend that you use their Email Monks: Abandoned Cart 1 Template

The template will allow you to show your prospect customer reviews and convince them to buy.

The templates are divided into different categories: a newsletter template, a template for announcing products, a template for invoicing, a receipt template for all your billing needs, a simple announcement template to send short messages and even a minimal stationary template.

These templates can be modified and adjusted as often as you like. These templates are not free and can only be used to send invoices to customers.

Resonant to HubSpot

HubSpot offers another free email newsletter template, Resonant. This template’s basic design makes it easy to welcome new customers to your service. You don’t want your new customers to be overwhelmed by too much content at this point in the customer journey. However, you want to give them a glimpse of who you are. You can do this by using the large image space at top and the text blurb below it.


What if your industry is specific and you need animation to educate your audience?

We’re pleased to present Dyspatch-Meow theme to your attention. Meow is a theme that is compatible with SendWithUs, a well-known email marketing platform that allows marketers to create and market their templates within an easy email marketing environment. You can share with us a collection of ten responsive email templates that you have created for your personal use.

This email could be used to assist new users in completing their registration or to offer them the next level of your product. You can personalize the email template with any copy and links to the “Download” CTA.


Antwort offers responsive layouts that fit and adapt to client widths. Single column layouts for mobile don’t overwhelm desktop users. Antwort provides columns for desktop that can be converted to rows on mobile.

  • Mobile: Email on Android and Mail on iOS
  • Worked with major clients such as AOL, Yahoo, Outlook.com, and gmail.
  • Even works in Outlook (2000+).
  • Bulletproof layouts are designed with dynamic content in view
  • For maximum customization, keep it minimalist in design


This fully responsive template is free and will let your customers know about the latest products or features on your website.

The template allows you to quickly replace the box with your own content and to send your email to your customer within minutes.

This template is simple and allows you to show your products and services in bullet points. You can also emphasize your key points to attract customers.

Dropshipping: How does it work?

Dropshipping is simple and straightforward. Dropshipping allows sellers to fulfil orders without having to store inventory. It is sold in stock. Dropshipping is when a merchant sells a product from a wholesaler at a lower price. The product is then automated to be sent directly to the customer. Dropshipping saves the merchant the hassle of managing inventory. These are the steps:

  1. Receiving an order – The first step in creating an online presence where users can interact with you on an selling platform is to receive an order. You will need to list products online for sale and then focus on advertising and marketing them to increase online interaction.
  2. Sending the order – After you receive it, you must forward the details to the third party provider. They will pay you for the shipment and product. The retailer will discount the price and you charge your customer a fee. This is your margin.
  3. Preparation – After receiving your order, your dropshipping supplier begins to prepare it. This includes packing the product and preparing it for shipping.
  4. Shipping – Once an order has been shipped, it will be sent to the customer.

Dropshipping is different from regular retail. The selling merchant does not stock or own inventory. To fulfill orders, the seller buys inventory from third parties when necessary. The third party could be either a wholesaler or the manufacturer.


Email direct marketing is an effective tool for dropshippers and e-commerce. It allows them to re-market their businesses or retain customers.

We believe that there are many tools on the market that can offer email automation with codeless experience.

If you are looking for a template that will help you build your email campaigns faster, we have 8 templates available from different companies.