7 Best Wholesale Bridesmaid Dresses Suppliers USA and UK

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Bridal dressing is a huge market. The selection of the right bridal gown is one of the most difficult decisions that the bride and her wedding party have to make. Your search for the right bridal gowns should begin at least 10 months prior to your wedding.

This article will give you an easy guide to find the perfect wholesale bridesmaid dress for your company and your team.

Data-Driven Analysis: The Basis of Wholesale Bridesmaid Dresses Business

The global wholesale market for bridesmaid dresses was worth 50 billion dollars last year. It is projected to grow at a rate of 13 percent per year by 2025 and reach 85 billion USD. Because consumers are willing and able to pay more, this particular market is high-margin. It’s not surprising that there are more than 100 million people who get married around the globe. Ten million of those couples are from China. The expected increase in turnover is high as most of the dresses made here (around 80%) are intended for export.

1. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is the largest dropshipper and wholesaler in the distribution of bridesmaid gowns. You will find unique and affordable dresses here. You should check the platform often for new designs.

You can also shop for all things bridal, including bridesmaids dresses, evening gowns, and even bridesmaids dresses. The order will be delivered quickly and safely, regardless of where you live.

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2. Lunss

Lunss is an elite company that specializes in custom-made gowns for weddings and other formal events. Since their inception, the company has been around for over 9 years. Over the years, it has grown to be a one-stop shop that handles all aspects of the product design, OEM and delivery. Lunsss is more than an online retailer. It’s also a manufacturer. You will find wholesale prices at great prices so that you can make a profit on reselling.

3. fenndress

Fenndress, a professional manufacturer, has been in the gown-making business since 2008. Fenndress has its own production facility and full-time designers, who are highly creative. They have a great deal of expertise and can mix and match fabrics to create stunning bridesmaid dresses. Fenn’s core value is its Chao stitching technique. This allows designers to mix and match traditional techniques with modern ideas in today’s formal dressmaking techniques.

4. June Bridals

June Bridals, a Chinese wholesaler, offers high-quality wholesale bridal gowns at affordable wholesale prices. Your bridal team will look stunning and elegant on your big wedding day with them. They have a huge selection of classic, long, flowing dresses, as well as modern, chic and short styles that are very popular for weddings. You can choose the style and color of different parts of the dress, such as the neckline, waistline, and sleeves. The neckline, waistline and embellishments.

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5. Allure Bridal Collection

Allure Bridals sells beautiful tailored dresses for special occasions. They also cater to various retailers around the globe. You can buy individual items from their site or order wholesale. You can also download the company’s app and browse their entire collection. It allows users to locate retail stores close to them and find out about any local events.

6. LightInTheBox

Lightinthebox was founded in 2008. The platform is affordable and offers incredible discounts. There are thousands of styles available and they constantly update their inventory. You can browse through the extensive collection of classic, bold, dramatic, and traditional bridesmaid gowns as well as accessories like shoes and jewelry. Lightinthebox offers its customers excellent customer service and fast delivery once orders are placed.

7. Beauty Bridal

The company has 19 years of industry experience and is a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer. Since 1998, the company has been a reliable and professional supplier of wedding dresses. The company offers a wide selection of wedding veils, jackets, belts and dresses for brides and bridesmaids.

8. Laila Monroe

Laila Monroe Bridal focuses on producing designer-standard gowns at wholesale prices. Their dresses are made to the highest standards by a talented team of designers and highly-trained production staff. Retailers who want to work directly with the company can also apply to become part of their team.

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9. City Goddess

The wholesale collection of City Goddess bridesmaid dresses is available in a range of styles and colors. These range from stunning midi dresses to elegant maxi dresses with sequins. It is impossible to miss a dress that you love, and will make your bridesmaids standout. The website is transparent and easy to use.

Pro Tips For Wholesaling Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to bridesmaid gowns, one style may not be suitable for all. Because different people have different tastes and personalities, there is no one style that will fit all. It is nearly as difficult to find the right dress for the bridesmaids as it is for the bride.

These are some tips that will make it easy and stress-free.

i. Take into account the budget of the bridesmaids. Wholesalers can stock beautiful options at affordable prices. Beautiful dresses don’t need to cost a lot for bridesmaids.

ii. You should look for reusable dresses that can easily be worn again and again. It should be easy so it can be worn for many occasions.

iii. You should choose flattering styles that will look great in your wedding photos. The dresses should be flattering and fit well with the body of the bridesmaids.

iv. When searching for the best wholesale bridesmaid dress, remember to consider the importance of choosing the right fabric. Fabric used for the creation of the dress should be strong and washable.

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v. You should also do your research and find out what customers have to say online. You can do this by looking at reviews. Here you will find many testimonials about what they love.

What Are The Top Wholesale Bridal Dress Suppliers in The UK?

i. British Bridal Outlets

The stunning wedding gowns are created by a mother and daughter team from Yorkshire. Every design is overseen and coordinated by a seamstress, who also works with the bridesmaids.

ii. Tiffany’s

Many boutiques in the UK and Europe carry Tiffany’s bridesmaid dresses. These designs are very popular because of their excellent representation of formal events and bridals. The finest quality silk taffetas and duchess satins are used to make the dresses.

Do you know of any Indian wholesale suppliers of bridesmaid dresses?

i. Gelique Online

This is the best Indian wedding dress supplier. You can have your bridesmaids dresses made to your specifications. Gelique is a wholesale supplier that offers low prices and accepts MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and PayPal.

ii. IndiaMart

IndiaMart offers wedding products all over the globe. They ship internationally to countries as well as to Indian retailers. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs on the platform.

Where can I buy wholesale bridesmaid gowns in the USA

i. JJshouse

This company is a top supplier of wedding dresses in the USA and offers affordable wedding gowns. This company is a long-standing player in the industry and has the knowledge to make sure that customers are satisfied with the products they receive.

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ii. Cinderella Divine Wholesale

Cinderella Divine, a top wedding dress designer, is located in Los Angeles. They are specialized in wedding gowns for special occasions and have a large selection of dresses in various sizes, colours, fabrics and silhouettes.

Which are the top wholesale suppliers of bridesmaid gowns in China?

i. Made-In-China

MadeInChina has a wider range of designs than other websites. You will find a variety of designs that suit different body types and tastes. This site also offers amazing wholesale prices on their dresses.

ii. Knightly

Knightly is a company that designs, produces, and sells bridal wear. The quality of their products is a hallmark of international excellence. Knightly Group provides a single-stop source for brides and bridesmaids to meet all their needs.

iii. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is the first choice for wholesale bridesmaid dress distributors and drop shippers.

Why Chinabrands is the best wholesale clothing distributor in China?

* Zero MOQ

Chinabrands is your distributor and you can do business without stock. Your customers will receive all orders, small and large, directly from Chinabrands warehouses. There is no minimum order quantity.

24 hour delivery

This is possible due to two factors: the partnership between DHL and FedEx, and the location of warehouses within your country or in neighbouring countries.

* Wide variety

Chinabrands offers the largest selection of wholesale summer dresses. Customers can choose from any style of dress on the website.

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* Wholesale clothing

All products are purchased directly from the manufacturer or authorized dealer. This eliminates any middlemen who raise the product’s price. To increase your profits, you can also benefit from the clearance sales.


Propelled by the increasing number of millennials getting married, the wedding industry is thriving. There are many opportunities in buying and selling wholesale bridesmaid gowns. As a seller, it is important to be familiar with the bridal market. You can ask for recommendations or browse the internet to help you make your decision. Today, the internet is your best source of inspiration for weddings.