7 Best Wholesale Tent Suppliers In China, US, Canada

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The business of buying wholesale tents to resell has grown in popularity over the past few years. We will provide you with a lot information about where to find the best Chinese event tent suppliers online.

The Basis of Wholesale Tents

According to statistics, the wholesale sales of camping equipment, such as large-sized camping tents and large-sized tents , have increased over the past few years as more people are interested in these recreational activities. It is estimated that the industry is worth approximately 340 million dollars.

Global tent and related equipment markets are expected to grow at 4.8% over the five-year forecast period from 2018 to 2023. This could be due to innovation, which means that new products will be created to meet changing customer requirements.

Asia-Pacific is the region with the fastest growing market for wholesale tents. China is the region’s largest contributor, followed closely by Japan and Indonesia. Numerous researchers from the region have reported that counterfeit goods are the greatest challenge to the market for camping equipment.

Eureka Camping

Eureka offers high-quality tents and sleeping bags as well as other accessories for camping. Each item in stock is clearly marked and mapped. This simplifies your job and allows you to enjoy the great outdoors.

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These tents offer plenty of living space, making them ideal for extended weekend camping trips. The tents are easy to set up, which makes it easier for you to enjoy your camping trip.


Chinabrands, an established platform worldwide that allows customers to access hundreds of thousands tent brands and new additions every single day, is already a well-known global platform. They offer affordable prices to cater to diverse audiences. Chinabrands offers the best discounts to ensure that customers from all parts of the globe benefit.

To ensure customers have a clear overview of the product, the company provides detailed text descriptions and clear photos. Chinabrands also packages their products carefully so that the tents do not become damaged in transit.


Made-in-China.com has a wide selection of camping equipment to suit your needs. You can buy one item or a lot of camping gear. Wholesale prices will still be available for the items. Tents of high quality and long-lasting durability are available.

Shoulder Tent

Manufacturers of Shoulder Tents specialize in producing a variety of tents including camping tents and wedding tents as well as party tents, party tents and event tents. They are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province and have easy transport. Shoulder Tent offers a variety of tent designs for customers. They also offer tent rental for those who aren’t interested in buying. They will satisfy all your needs.

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This company offers excellent after-sales services and provides top quality tents at affordable prices. Their goal is to continue creating elegant spaces that are infinitely more beautiful in the future.


Alibaba guarantees its customers 100% on time shipment protection. They also offer a 100% refund guarantee if the products are not up to the standard. You can also enjoy trade assurance and quality assurance.

There are many tents on the website, including the marquee tent, canopy folding tent, and outdoor camping car roof-top tent. These tents are available in wholesale and retail.

Tent For Sale (Budget Tent)

Budget Tent is a manufacturer and supplier of various types of tents. They also offer worldwide delivery. It is one of the most trusted wholesale tent suppliers, offering competitive prices. Their tents are hand-crafted by highly-qualified professionals using only the finest quality raw materials.

There are many options for tents available, including frame tents and stretch tents as well as peg &pole tents. Their products are durable, weather-resistant, and tear-resistant.

Liri Tent Technology

LIRI Tent Technology was founded in 1997. It manufactures tents for rent and sale. The LIRI Tent Technology company has been manufacturing tents that are multi-functional and expandable for more than 20 years. These tents are also customizable in terms of size, color and design.

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The company has more than 120 export destinations and is very particular about the quality of its tents.

Winsun Tents

Winsun tents offers high-strength, flame resistant, and water-proof tents. These tents come in a variety of sizes and can be made to order according to the customer’s requirements. This manufacturer is a professional with 19 years of experience. They offer tents at factory prices at 100%.

Winsun has many types of inflatable tents, e.g. Inflatable military tents and tents for soldiers, as well as inflatable medical tents and tents for events. They produce 200 inflatable tents per month. They place a high priority on quality, pricing and after-sales services.

Event Decoration Direct

Event Decor Direct is the main tent supplier for many weddings and parties. Event Decor Direct offers high-quality supplies that combine quality, durability, value, and style.

This company is a direct supplier to factories of a variety of tents at competitive prices to schools, hotels and fairs, festivals as well as cities, counties, states and convention centers.

Where can I buy wholesale tents in the USA?

i. BuyShade

The custom tents made by this company are unique. The company offers a variety of sizes and prices for pop-up tents to suit customers’ budgets. BuyShade is known for its competitive pricing and fast delivery. They also offer great customer service and quality in real life, not just on paper.

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ii. ArmBruster Manufacturing Company

The company was founded in 1875 to make the most beautiful, durable and attractive tents. You can have the tent customized in any color you choose thanks to the custom details feature. There are many designs to choose from, including modern and elegant. You can also get great bulk discounts and fast shipping.

Which UK Wholesale Tent Suppliers Are the Best?

i. EuroPages

EuroPages supplies marquee tents that are durable and long-lasting in the UK. They can be hired or sold as a rental. Their services and products are unquestionably the best. This distributor and wholesaler sells vinyl tents of high quality that are built to last.

ii. Glamplist

The company was established in 1959. It is the largest manufacturer of modern-quality canvas tents and dome tents for glamping. The beautiful tents are available in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, square, modular, and dome.

Where can I buy wholesale camping tents in Canada

i. Canadian Tire

This site sells stunning wholesale camping tents for ridiculously low prices. Their online store sells tents that include waterproof tents and heavy-duty zipper tents. You can also find camping tent pegs here.

ii. FC Surplus

This company has been around for over 30 years. You can find everything you need for camping, including tents, sleeping bags and cots. FC Surplus stocks a number of well-known camping brands like Coleman and Woods.

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The company is 100% Canadian owned and locally operated. They ship their products all over the globe.

Where can I buy wholesale tents in Australia

i. Loaders M&T

Since 1948, Loaders M&T has supplied camping equipment to Australia. They offer a variety of camping tents, sleeping bags and air beds, including wholesale. With high-quality camping supplies at affordable prices, Australians can enjoy the outdoors for decades.

ii. Tent World

TentWorld is Australia’s largest independent tent camping store. They are part of a dedicated network that offers the best deals and caters to your needs. They have a large selection of high-quality tents, stoves and mini fridges as well as sleeping bags and other camping equipment.


We hope you find the following list helpful when choosing from the many wholesale tent sellers. Last reminder: When stocking tents, remember its most important function, which is protection from sun, rain, wind, and wild animals. Quality is a major factor in the cost of a tent. High-quality tents use poles made from aluminum or fiberglass. Low-quality tents use poles made from plastic. When you purchase wholesale tents, be careful.