7 Top Wholesale Suppliers for Retro Vintage Products

Retro fashions are fashion styles and models from the past that have been incorporated into today’s fashion trends. Fashion, as we know, is an expression of feelings and a state of mind. It is unique and spontaneous. This is why people use fashions and models from the past to create current fashion styles. This initiative might need to be adjusted. Vintage fashion may be branded so that it is more in line with modern fashion.

We have witnessed a rise in vintage and older fashions recently. Quality retro vintage wholesalers are able to offer a unique and attractive product that is reminiscent of old times. This idea has been well received by many people. Retro products are also popular because people like the idea of fashion from the past. This is mostly due to the abundance of images they see online. It’s funny, it’s cool, and some people think it’s silly. Retro products allow them to see how it looks on their bodies through accessories like shoes, clothing, jewelry, bags, etc.

Five Types of Vintage and Retro Items

You can find many retro products and items that will give you a feel of vintage fashion. Here are some examples:

* Sunglasses

Cool sunglasses were popular in the past. Retro fashion has brought back that feeling. There are many types of vintage sunglasses available for men and women. These are some examples of retro glasses:

Aviator: This sunglass was worn by pilots in the past. It has a dark metal frame and is reflective of smokes. They also protect the sun from different angles by being designed with lenses.

Brown line: Inspired by the classic colonel Sanders sunglasses, this retro style is called the Brown Line. This sunglass features a thick frame at its top and nice rims on the bottom.

Retro Square: This sunglass has a box-shaped shape and thick frames. This retro style is very cool.

You can also explore other types of retro glasses: round sunglasses and sports sunglasses for adventure, cat-eye sunglasses and many more

Home Decor

There are many types of home decor, including retro, contemporary, and modern. Retro decors are popular for their wild, bright colors and unique designs. They are also very durable and high quality. Retro decor can be used in your interior design to give your home an old-fashioned feel. This is also an opportunity to become a wholesaler of vintage home decor.

* Clothing

This retro fashion is the most popular. It is also available in a variety of styles for males and women. Retro cloth for men can be worn with hats, suspenders, wild-colored shirts and pants. For women, retro cloth includes dresses, skirts and blouses. Vintage clothing wholesale can be a profitable business.

* Shoes

Retro-fashion shoes are also available in redesigned versions for male and female. You can order them online.

* Wristwatches

Many wristwatches are based on past products, such as the 1950 vintage Omega watch, the WW2 military watch and the eternal magic watch. There are many options for women, including antique jewelry watches in 1830, platinum enamel and tiffany-gold diamond.

Top 5 Retro Vintage Wholesalers

There are many vintage products on the market today, in addition to the five mentioned. Many fashion brands and designers are modeling their products after vintage fashion styles. This is because of the high demand for these vintage supplies by customers.

Because people are more comfortable in vintage styles, the 80s and 1990s are most popular. Retro market has also been helped by the internet and movies about stories from the past. This is because people are attracted to old fashions, whether they realize it or not.

Retro fashion’s main market is the cloth. This is why there are so many vintage wholesale suppliers who specialize in vintage clothing, such as vintage shirts, vintage trousers, vintage socks, and vintage shoes.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the vintage market’s success, get in touch with vintage wholesale suppliers. They include:


Aliexpress is the best place to go for vintage wholesale products of any product. Aliexpress is a major supplier of many supplies other than vintage products, but they remain the largest distributors of vintage products all over the globe. They are the only retro fashion company that doesn’t exist without them.

* Ericdress

They are a major dealer of vintage products and offer the best quality products in their store. Eric dress is a wholesale supplier of any vintage product.


Sammydress, another wholesale supplier of vintage products, is also located in China. This is an excellent way to start your vintage business.

* Romwe

romwe is another Chinese wholesale supplier for vintage. They offer the best vintage deals you can imagine and should be contacted today.

Benefits of buying vintage products wholesale

* Getting more products

Wholesale products are usually cheaper and suppliers may offer discounts for purchasing large quantities.

* Availability of items

Wholesale buying also means you’ll always have enough products for sale.

Benefits to the Environment

Wholesale or bulk purchases are more efficient and reduce the need to pack the product. This is an important advantage in the greenhouse effect.

Advantages of Buying Vintage Products Wholesale

* Storage Issue

Wholesale products can be overwhelming. If you don’t know how to manage them efficiently, it could become a problem.

* Problem of Varieties

You may also have to choose from the same product range, so you are stuck with one type of product.

Wholesale Vintage Fashion: Problems

Retro wholesale is just like any other business venture. We will take a look at them and offer solutions.

* Problem with Cost

Retro fashion was originally about second-hand products. This made wholesale retro vintage wholesale very affordable. Retro fashion is much more than second-hand products. Many manufacturers are now producing items that require a large investment. Retro products such as sunglasses and home decor are not expected to be second-hand because they have been around for over a century. These types of products are only made by manufacturers, so they will be more expensive than the originals. Retro vintage wholesale products are more sought after because they have a higher standard and offer greater luxury. This is also a cost-deciding factor.

Retro Vintage Wholesale is at Risk Due to the Dynamic Trend

This is a major issue in vintage wholesale. Fashion is dynamic and unpredictable. What may seem to be the hottest trend right now could be forgotten in a matter of days. A vintage cloth might be in fashion for a while, but then it is forgotten about by the public. Retro fashion could be affected by this. This does not mean that all retro items are profitable. Wholesale retro sunglasses and vintage home decor can still be profitable, as they don’t go out of style quickly.

Too Many People in the Industry

There are too many investors in the retro fashion industry, which could lead to saturation. This applies to all manufacturers, vintage wholesalers, and retailers.


Despite the difficulties of retro fashion, vintage clothing and other items will always be in fashion. It is impossible to explore all the fashion trends from the past, and there are many manufacturers in the industry so it is normal for more to come up.