8 Best and Free Milestone APPS for Shopify

Have you ever thought about how milestone apps can help grow your Shopify store? Milestone apps are a great way to keep track of important events and achievements for your business, such as hitting a certain number of sales or launching a new product line. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your business.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best and free milestone apps for Shopify that will help you celebrate every win along the way! Let’s dive in and see how these apps can take your online store to new heights!

What is a milestone app?

A milestone app is a tool that helps you track and celebrate the milestones in your business. These milestones can be anything from hitting a certain number of sales to launching a new product or reaching a social media follower goal.

Using these apps will help keep you motivated as you reach each milestone, while also allowing you to share your achievements with customers and followers. By celebrating these wins, it not only boosts morale but also promotes transparency between businesses and their audience.

Milestone apps are especially useful for Shopify stores as they provide an opportunity to engage with customers on important events in your business journey. It’s important to note that different types of milestone apps offer various features such as displaying badges, pop-ups or notifications when goals are achieved.

Incorporating milestone apps into your online store strategy is an excellent way to stay motivated and focused on achieving targets throughout the growth of your business.

The 8 best milestone apps for Shopify

Milestone apps are an excellent way of increasing customer loyalty and driving sales on your Shopify store. By offering customers rewards for reaching certain milestones, you can encourage them to keep coming back to your store and make repeat purchases.

Here are the 8 best milestone apps for Shopify:

1. Smile.io – this app offers a comprehensive rewards program that includes points-based systems, referral programs, and tiered VIP options.

2. LoyaltyLion – this app allows you to create custom loyalty programs with different earning tiers and personalized rewards like free shipping or discounts.

3. ReferralCandy – this app offers a referral system that incentivizes customers to refer their friends in exchange for discounts or other rewards.

4. Growave – this all-in-one marketing platform includes a loyalty program, wishlist feature, social login option, and more.

5. Swell Rewards – this app offers customizable reward programs with features like points-based systems and VIP tiers based on spending levels.

6. Rise.ai – this app specializes in gift card solutions but also offers customized loyalty programs with unique branding options.

7. TapMango – this app provides a mobile-friendly interface with customizable earning rules and redemption options for your customers’ convenience

8. Bold Loyalty Points & Rewards – This is perfect if you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution that has everything built-in from point tracking to automated emails reminding users of their points balance.

Each of these milestone apps comes equipped with various customization features so you can tailor them specifically tailored to fit your brand’s needs while keeping the user experience intuitive as possible!

How to use milestone apps on Shopify

Using milestone apps on Shopify is a great way to motivate your customers and encourage them to keep coming back. The good news is that these apps are usually very easy to use, even if you don’t have any technical experience.

First, you’ll need to decide what kind of milestones you want to set up. Do you want customers to earn rewards for making purchases, or do you want them to unlock discounts after reaching certain spending thresholds? Whatever your goals may be, make sure they’re clear before getting started.

Next, choose the right app for your needs. There are several great options available in the Shopify App Store – some popular ones include Smile.io, WooHoo, and ReferralCandy.

Once you’ve installed the app of your choice, it’s time to start customizing it. You’ll likely be able to adjust things like reward amounts and frequency of milestones reached by users.

Finally – promote! Letting customers know about the new feature will help drive engagement with your store’s mileston program.

By following these simple steps and using one of the many milestone apps available on Shopify’s marketplace today – motivating customer behavior has just gotten easier than ever before!


To sum it up, milestone apps can be a great addition to your Shopify store in order to increase customer engagement and boost sales. With the right app, you can set up personalized campaigns that cater to individual customers and encourage them to make purchases.

By incorporating a milestone app into your marketing strategy, you’ll not only improve customer loyalty but also gain valuable insights into their behavior and preferences.

So why wait? Start exploring these milestone apps today and take your ecommerce store to new heights!