8 Best and Free Trust Badge APPS for Shopify

The Best Shopify Trust Badge Apps based on hundreds of Trust Badge reviews (Shopify Apps Store and Shopify Apps), as derived by AVADA Commerce Ranking, which uses AVADA Commerce scores. Rating reviews. search results. social metrics. The following reviews were manually selected by AVADA Commerce professionals. If your Trust Badge app is not included in the list, please contact us. The Trust Badge App Collection is ranked. Its result was July 9, 2022. The price ranged from $0. There are also paid Trust Badge apps and alternatives to Trust Badge that you can download for free.

AVA Trust Badges

It is the easiest and most effective app to boost site trust and sales. You can display trust badges anywhere you like on your website with the help of many pre-made templates. All you need to do is click, select and then enjoy. This app has many other useful functions, such as countdown, sales pop and live chat. Why not explore this app yourself?

  • Sales popup
  • Countdown timer
  • Credibility badges
  • Chat widget
  • Inactive Tab
  • Sticky Add-to-cart
  • Content Protection
  • Button to Hide Dynamic Checkout

Trust Hero – FREE Trust Badges

Trust Hero by Booster Apps was created to increase trust in your store and boost sales. The app allows you to display trust badges in your store. This helps you appear more trustworthy and legitimate in the eyes of visitors. Visitors who trust your store’s legitimacy will be more likely to convert into customers if they feel more secure and confident buying your products. All badges are customizable to fit your store’s design. The app installs quickly and easily, takes no time and costs nothing. Trust Hero has a rating of 4.9 stars from over 1500 users.

  • More Trust
  • Security and sales! All Trust Badges are 100% free
  • Customers will trust you if you can show proof of your trust and security
  • You can easily set up different icons or badges
  • You can personalize your badges however you like
  • Ensure customers with creditable badges issued by payment processing partners after they check out
  • Mobile and desktop friendly

Hektor Commerce Free Trust Badge

Free Trust Badge from Hektor Commerce, available in over 17500 Shopify stores. This app displays a collection of payment processor badges in your Shopify store. Your store will make customers feel more confident and secure about their purchase and be more likely to buy from you. This is the best way to increase conversion rates. E-commerce stores have less than three seconds to win trust from potential buyers. You can also customize the badges that you display to perfectly match your store’s design. Shopify store owners have rated the app 4.9 out of 5 stars for its wonderful features. You should give it a shot!

  • To convert more sales, beautiful payment badges
  • Trust badges that are legitimately authentic will help you build customer trust
  • Secure payment methods can increase conversion rates.
  • Your payment processing company logo should be displayed on the cart page
  • Fully customizable badges
  • Modern, custom-designed designs that blend seamlessly into your store’s design

TrustedSite + McAfee Secure by TrustedSite

TrustedSite+ McAfee Secure is a top Shopify trust badge app. It is designed to ensure that all your customers are informed about your site’s security. Online shoppers are becoming more cautious about purchasing online due to the increasing risk of data breaches. This app allows small business owners to display the McAfee Secure trustmark on their site. These trustmarks and verification pages can be displayed in more than 20 languages. The app can also scan your site for malware, viruses and any other malicious activity.

  • Increase conversions and build trust. McAfee Secure also available
  • To gain customer trust, display the McAfee Secure trustmark
  • Automately scan your site for viruses and malware, as well as any other malicious activity.
  • Make sure your customers are reminded when they visit your store that it is part of the SECURE internet
  • In 20 languages, display verification page and trustmark
  • Protect identity of shoppers (Pro)

FoxDrive Apps trust badges

FoxDrive Trust Trust Badges is an app that can increase conversion of your store and build trust with potential customers. It displays secure payment options, as well as a variety of payment options. First, customers will trust you if you show them that you are trustworthy. Once you have gained their trust, it will make it easier for them to convert their orders. It will also display your payment providers to increase trust and reduce abandonment. You can also customize the setup to your liking without having to code. This app is completely free. This app can be installed and updated in one click.

  • Conversions to more
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Simply install
  • Automatic updates
  • No coding required

VITALS Trust Seals & Badges from Appsolve

VITALS Trust Seals & Badges by appsolve is an app that helps you instill trust in customers and increase conversions by using trust badges. Scientifically, trust seals can have a significant impact on a customer’s decision to buy a product. Even a simple one can help them clear their doubts and make a purchase. This app will help you to reinforce your store’s strengths by putting clear trust marks. You will also have unlimited options, including 30 trust badges for each layout, six layouts and a full-spectrum color picker. It takes only a few minutes to set up and display the badges you choose on your product pages, or in any other section. The app has been tested with all Shopify Theme Store themes to ensure that it does not alter your theme files during use or removal.

  • Premium trust badges that inspire trust and increase conversion
  • Convert more money
  • Earn customers’ trust
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Professional Badges and Seals
  • No coding required

TRUST by Varinode, Inc.

Shopify businesses that are new or not well-known may have a lower sales rate due to lack of trust. Online shoppers spend 3 seconds to determine if they trust your store and whether or not they will purchase products from you. Installing the TRUST app is one way to increase the store’s liability. This app helps you to create trust seals for your Shopify store, particularly on the checkout page. These trust seals can be used to show that a store is trustworthy, legit, and secure. You can also display reviews from users, which increases your visitor’s security and boosts conversion rates.

  • Review tools and trust badges free of charge
  • Sales growth has been proven
  • Trust seals make customers feel secure
  • Display user reviews in your store easily
  • Users can post reviews publicly
  • Trust seals can be customized to fit your store’s design
  • You can customize where the seals will be displayed in your store

Trustbadge: Vilango GmbH Reviews Toolkit + Trusted Shops GmbH

Trustbadge: Reviews Toolkit is a tool that is offered by Vilango GmbH + Trusted Shops GmbH. It allows Shopify administrators to increase sales and build trust with customers through collecting and publishing reviews about their products. Trustbadge: Reviews toolkit allows you to quickly and easily manage your store and collect feedback. In details, via. email, we will collect all reviews for your products as well as PrestaShop website. You can then make those reviews public on your online shop to show or prove the quality of your products. You can also integrate customer reviews to your Facebook page to increase traffic. This application allows you to use your star rating to increase your visibility in Bing search results and Google search results. It also supports Google Shopping and Google AdWords campaigns. Trustbadge is compatible with all devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops. You can also manage feedback through. This extension has a phone app. Get the app now to get assistance from our experts at any time!

  • Trusted Shops – The European trust brand for e-commerce
  • Get reviews to help you optimize your product range
  • Allows user to give Trusted Shops trustmarks to online retailers
  • Your customer reviews can be posted on the Facebook page
  • Mobile-friendly design available for smartphone and tablet
  • Your account can be used to help users track the performance

TrustBadges from Kamozi

TrustBadges from Kamozi, which allow you to display trust badges on your checkout pages, helps you visually show your potential customers that you are trustworthy and legitimate. TrustBadges by Kamozi makes it easier for potential customers to feel confident and secure buying your products. A few trustbadges can make a big difference in your Shopify store’s sales and revenue. It reinforces your shop’s credibility. These badges can be personalized to fit your store’s theme or design.

  • Gain trust from store visitors to increase sales
  • Increase conversion rates of customers to visitors
  • Demonstrate visual evidence of safe online shopping
  • You can customize badges to match your store’s theme and style
  • Click the Add to Cart button to show your trust

TrustSpot Reviews & Photos

TrustSpot Reviews & Photos is a tool that allows Shopify ecommerce administrators to increase conversion rates, attract more customers, and increase sales. It collects store reviews, photos and Q&A. After an order has been fulfilled, TrustSpot Reviews & Photos allows you to request feedback from customers. These reviews will also be displayed on product pages and other pages like Contact Us, About Us, etc. This application makes use of machine learning and data science to send you requests at the best time so that they get the most open and responsive rates. TrustSpot Reviews & Photos has Visual marketing that can be used to collect reviews and photos, as well as coupons, email upsells, respond to reviews, rich snippets, Google Shopping and employee access. You can get the app right now and increase your revenue without any fees.

  • Both product and non-product pages can be used to show reviews
  • Review requests should be sent at the most convenient time
  • Allow user to display your reputable company
  • Share good content on social media pages
  • Show star ratings for search results and Google Shopping PLAs

Master the Trust Badge Free of Charge

With the help of our free app, Free Badges App Help, you are helping your customers to save money and have peace of mind.

Your customers will stay longer and return more often because you’ll have a greatly reduced jump cost. This app is the easiest way to increase conversions with minimal effort. A website client will need to spend a lot of time researching before they make a purchase. If your website doesn’t have a belief seal, it will be difficult to get more customers. The unfastened Badge master App allows you to display visual cues that assure customers that your shop is valid, relaxed, sincere, and trustworthy. You can personalize your shop layout with functional and beautiful charge badges. Icons will make it stand out. HulkApps icons are available for all topics. They have clean symbols that are not too unusual and can be picked from worldwide transport. High-quality cost guaranteed.

These features are free to use once the app is installed. This app can also help you optimize your store.

  • Can you create a pitch message
  • Two-color trust badges available
  • Provide original logo payment badges
  • Can be updated regularly
  • Upload custom images