8 Best Shopify Payment Gateways and Pricing

Shopify’s best payment gateway allows business owners to sell products and services online. Shopify is the best platform to help you create an online shop. It is your responsibility to make sure that transactions are conducted securely and promptly with potential customers.

We’ll be looking at some of the most popular payment methods that work with Shopify. These summaries will give you all the information you need about each payment method, and explain why they are so attractive.

There are a few things to consider before you choose Shopify Payment Gateway

Target Market Geographic Location

Your location is the most important consideration when choosing a Shopify payment gateway. Shopify payment options are not available in all regions. PayPal is an excellent example.

When choosing a Shopify payment option, it is important to consider the geographic region of your target market. Also, make sure that the payment gateway you choose is well-known in your country or region.

Transaction fees

Shopify’s payment options cost is an important factor in your third-party provider selection process. This will affect your product pricing and profit margins. For example, some payment processors charge a monthly fee.

Shopify may also charge transaction fees. It directly affects your profit margins, product pricing, and overall profitability. Consider the transaction fee and monthly payment required by Shopify payment providers.

You can check transaction costs to determine if the payment provider offers the best value. Shopify payment options may have high transaction fees and no monthly fees. Others have lower transaction fees and monthly fees.

You should also be aware of annual fees, cancellation fees, settlement fees and chargeback fees. To determine the true cost of the payment plan that you choose, it is important to consider all these factors.

Accepted payment cards

Find out about the different types of Shopify cards your chosen payment gateway accepts. Shopify should allow you to choose the most compatible payment gateway with your credit or debit card provider. Standard credit cards include VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and VISA.

Worldwide Access

Shopify offers the advantage of having access to an international audience, regardless of where you are located. Shopify allows you to choose a payment method that suits your needs.

This allows you to choose a payment method that is convenient for your audience. It is also accepted in all countries where you plan to expand.

This is especially important if your Shopify store will be developed abroad. You should also decide if the Shopify payment gateway that you are using is accepted in the country you plan to expand.

You can also check online reviews to determine if the company is reputable. It is also a good idea to speak with users who have used these solutions in order to get their feedback.

Fraud detection features available

Shopify’s best payment gateway should have a fraud detection and risk management system to help you avoid payment fraud. This adds security to your shop and improves transaction quality. It also results in higher approval rates.

Shopify’s fraud rates are on the rise so you need to choose a Shopify payment gateway that is both safe and secure. The fraud detection features of Shopify will help you improve the quality and prevent fraud.

Top Shopify Payment Gateway Review

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is a payment system that Shopify owns. It’s the best way to start.

Shopify Payments provides all the features and solutions you need to manage and process payments directly from your website.

Shopify’s payment gateway gives merchants a card reader to use for physical purchases. It can take up three business days for customer payments to appear in your bank accounts.

Shopify Payments will not charge you the 2.2% transaction fees that Shopify charges for third-party payment methods. Your operating expenses will decrease as a result. Shopify subscribers who upgrade to Shopify will also receive lower credit card transaction fees.

Shopify Payments was designed to be easy-to-use for both store owners and customers. The interface is simple and straightforward.


  • Shopify Payments does not charge additional transaction fees
  • It allows for real-time monitoring.
  • It is easy to integrate and set up the interface.
  • It contains elements that ensure maximum security.
  • It also has a quick checkout process.
  • It charges less than other Shopify payment options.


  • Only a handful of countries offer it.
  • Shopify can temporarily suspend your funds.


Shopify doesn’t require additional fees to set up Shopify Payments. Shopify will only charge you for the usual store subscription fees, card processing costs, or other applicable fees.

The credit card processing fee for your area will also be the same. The currency conversion rate in the United States is 1.5% and all other countries are 2.


Shopify is one of the most popular payment methods in the world. Shopify payment services. It is trusted by more than 220 million customers. It’s easy to use, and you can set up an account within seconds.

Shopify and PayPal are a winning combination in terms of Shopify payment portals. This is due to the fact that both eCommerce platforms are very popular in the subcontinent and it’s easy to set up Shopify PayPal. PayPal is a great Shopify payment gateway to help you grow your business.

Shopify store owners can choose between paid or free plans from Paypal. Any of these options can be requested from Paypal’s support. You can also set up subscriptions or recurring payments.


  • It is consistent in its flat-rate pricing structure.
  • PayPal allows you to accept a variety of currencies.
  • Make it easy to use a mobile interface


  • It is difficult to get customer assistance.
  • PayPal could close your account in one day.


Paypal offers a range of pricing options. Base plan starts at 2.9 percent + $0.30 per monthly. The Pro plan costs $30 per month. This strategy is best for large-scale companies.


Square is a well-known Shopify payment option with a global presence. Square is more than a payment method for online payments. It can also process offline payments using POS systems. Square is reliable and a market leader, regardless of whether you are selling online or in person. Square also offers unique appointment scheduling tools and social media selling tools.

Square has extensions that can be downloaded from the Shopify app marketplace. Square also offers a dashboard which allows you to track trends and analyze cash flow. To ensure you don’t lose sight of inventory levels, your Shopify online store can be connected to your physical store.


  • Flat-rate pricing system
  • Excellent client service.
  • Offering a variety of ways for company owners and managers to get money.


  • This is not appropriate in large companies.
  • Stability may pose a problem for accounts.


Shopify’s payment gateway charges a transaction fee equal to 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. The premium plan, which starts at $12 per month, is recommended to get the most from Square.


Shopify payment method powered By Stripe is a well-known Shopify US payment gateway designed for online merchants. This payment method is capable of processing billions in transactions every year. This Shopify payment gateway is different from others because it does not come with a ready-to use solution.

Stripe is primarily for larger businesses. It offers a range of APIs that allow you to build your subscription service or crowdfunding platform. Shopify Stripe supports several languages of development, including Java, Ruby, PHP and PHP.

Stripe, which supports over 100 currencies, is also a top-rated payment gateway for Shopify in America. It is worth the effort, even though it requires some technical knowledge.


  • It’s easy to set it up.
  • Stripe uses a simple and straightforward flat-rate pricing system.
  • There are no cancellation or startup fees.
  • You can get support for many payment methods.
  • It accepts payment methods and multi-currency.
  • It offers a highly customizable checkout process.
  • Include outstanding customer service.


  • Currently, available in approximately 39 countries


Although the Shopify extension can be deployed with Stripe for free, it is important to consider the average transaction cost for all transactions. Stripe will charge 2.9% on all sales and $0.30 per sale. If you need a customized pricing package, it’s possible to request one.

For quick bank transfer payouts, Stripe charges a small fee. To get paid, you will need to pay approximately 1% plus an additional 1% for international payments.


Shopify’s payment gateway, Authorize.net, is trusted. It is easy to use and has many features that will spark your curiosity.

Authorize.net supports online payment processing, echeck processing and mobile payment processing. Authorize.net also accepts Visa and JCB, Discover MasterCard, Diner’s Club and American Express.

This Shopify payment method is also highly secured with card tokenization and automated fraud detection.

It is therefore an excellent option for Shopify site owners and accepts multiple digital payment methods, such as Apple Pay.


  • It accepts payment methods and multi-currency.
  • Anti-fraud security and stability features
  • Provide outstanding customer service.


  • It may be prohibitively expensive for some store owners.
  • The all-in-one Shopify option may cause confusion for some shop owners.


Authorize.net charges $49 for setup and $0.30 per transaction. A cross-border processing fee must also be taken into consideration.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is another payment option for Shopify that allows eCommerce store owners to accept Shopify payments. Amazon Pay, like other popular payment options such as Authorize.net will make it easy to set up an account within a matter of minutes.

Many people in Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States already have Amazon accounts. This means that you can save time and allow your customers to use their bank information in another online store. This can help eCommerce companies increase their conversion rate.


  • It’s very easy to use.
  • Store owners can access Amazon’s fraud protection service.
  • Shopify is easy to integrate and set up.
  • Clients are also saved time and worry when entering credit card information.


  • To make a payment on Amazon, you must have an Amazon account.
  • PayPal payments are not accepted.
  • For violating Amazon’s policies, your account may be terminated.


Transaction fees are 2.9% + $0.30


Opayo is sometimes called “Sage Pay” by some. It’s a popular payment gateway for Shopify, both in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom. Opayo can be used offline or online.

Opaya, a trusted system, allows internet payments, card terminals and point-of-sale payment, as well as phone orders and other services. You can offer PayPal payment to your clients if you wish. This will give you additional security options to protect your transaction. Some customers have problems with the strong customer authentication solution.

Opayo is a reliable and safe system that can handle customer transactions. However, approval of your account may take up to five weeks due to the high level customer authentication. The system must verify your identity in several ways before you can manage transactions.


  • Excellent client service.
  • It is also easy to use.
  • Shopify integration is simple
  • A low-cost pricing structure.


  • It is time-consuming and chaotic to verify and authenticate accounts.


Opayo is a payment gateway that charges a transaction fee, which is something Opayo does not have. A monthly subscription costs PS19.90 and allows for 350 transactions per calendar month. Based on how many transactions you expect to handle each month, you can get customized corporate programs.


Verifone (formerly “2CheckOut”) is a Shopify payment gateway. It isn’t as well-known than the majority of the others on this list.

Shopify’s payment option lets you select the features that your business requires and pay for them, unlike other payment options.

Verifone has a compliance and risk management area. This can help you to track down fraud and other privacy issues. The tax calculation option makes tax management easy.


  • It offers a flat-rate pricing system which is very advantageous.
  • Global coverage
  • Payment support is available for a variety of transactions.


  • Shopify store owners that sell high-risk products do not have access to this feature.


Verifone is completely free. However, you will need to pay a transaction charge for every sale that you make.

For each sale that is successful, the “2Sell” package will cost 3.5% + 0.25GBP. You can combine this service with more than 120 carts to sell any kind of merchandise. 2.Subscribe costs 4.5% + 0.35 GBP. It includes smart subscription options and customer analytics.


WorldPay is a Shopify payment provider that offers a variety of safe transaction channels for small and large Shopify shops. This payment option allows you to sell products online and receive payments over the phone using credit/debit card.

Worldpay is also a 14-year-old company that has been operating in the Asia Pacific region. The organization is well-versed in the local market. Shopify’s payment gateway is now available in more than 100 countries.

Yet, installation takes 3 to 5 days. Worldpay’s overall quality is worth the wait, especially for those who are just starting out and don’t need immediate payments.


  • Customer care that is reliable
  • The number of sales you make is what will be charged to your account.
  • Outstanding fraud-prevention features.
  • It is a member of over 100 countries.


  • A cluttered pricing structure.
  • Its website does not provide enough transparency.


WorldPay offers two pricing options for its Standard Gateways and Advanced Gateways. They cost PS19 per month and PS45 per monthly, respectively.

WorldPay supports over 120 currencies, which is the best part. Refunds are not charged by WorldPay.


Klarna is an easy-to-use Shopify payment gateway. It offers a buy now, and pay later option. This structure allows you to offer your customers an option for installment payments, especially if you are selling high-end items.

Klarna is also quickly gaining attention from a variety of consumers worldwide, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic, which has seen many consumers struggling to find alternative payment options. Klarna says that many shops believe fast financing is a way to increase sales.


  • Facilitate a smooth checkout.
  • Integration with Shopify is easy
  • You can pay in installments.
  • Transaction fees can be affordable.
  • Shopify store owners get full payment at checkout


  • The customer service process is slow.


The Shopify payment method has very few fees and expenses. For every transaction that you receive a UK/Ireland card payment, you will pay approximately 2.49% + 20p. You may also see a change in your pricing if you accept payments from other countries.

Final Verdict

The best Shopify payment gateways are the most important decision you will make for your online shop. You need to choose a Shopify payment portal that is relevant to your customers. However, it is important to consider the cost factor.

To give you an overview of the market for payment gateways, the article will cover details about various gateways including Shopify Payments and Shopify Payments alternatives.

The right choice will make sure that your clients are happy and your company is able to pay you on time. A vital gateway will increase your business’s operational stability as well as make it safer.

These are just a few of the suggestions that I have made.