8 Best Wholesale Electric Scooter Suppliers

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This article will show you the top dropshippers and wholesale scooter suppliers worldwide for different brands. You will also find answers to some commonly asked questions at the end.

Why should I buy Scooters wholesale?

The importance of eco-friendly vehicles is becoming more apparent as the world becomes more conscious. Cars still seem to be the main mode of transportation in cities around the globe, but non-smoking vehicles such as scooters and bikes are becoming more popular. Particularly electric scooters that run on batteries.

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The global market share of electric scooters reached USD 17.43 billion in 2018. This number will rise to 8,5% over the next few years. This growth can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the availability of cheaper batteries and the popularity of e-scooter rental services. Lime, Bird, Spin, Spin, and Jump are some of the companies that offer apps for scooter use in cities across Asia, Europe, and the US.

Who are the Top Scooter Wholesalers

You can find many places where you can purchase electric scooters wholesale around the globe. These are the top sites to look at:


Chinabrands is the number one wholesaler of China-made electric scooters at a reasonable price. You will find the top brands from China on this site. They are also trusted around the globe and offer reasonable shipping rates. Because you buy in bulk, you can be sure of high profit margins.

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Quality brands like Ninebot, Xiaomi, and Freego are available that you can add to your cart and then check out.


HKTDC stands for Hong Kong Trade Development Centre. It has a website dedicated to connecting buyers around the world to small and medium-sized businesses in China. You’ll find scooters made by smaller companies such as HengFeng Sports Equipment and Jinhua Everjoy Technology on this website. These companies are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date technology at the lowest possible price.

3. Made-In-China.com

Another great site to search for scooters wholesale from Chinese producers. It is easy to use the site. You can search for any product you want, and all brands will be listed neatly and in an orderly manner. Made-In China has both well-known brands and off-brand scooters, so you can match them up to your business needs.

4. DHGate

DHGate sources wholesale scooters in China from many factories. This gives you many benefits. DHGate sellers offer lower prices for more buyers, free shipping, and many seasonal discounts. This site also offers spare parts, which can be purchased in bulk.

5. Smarthlon

Smarthlon, a distributor based in Europe, ships wholesale scooters across the continent, including to countries such as Italy, Sweden and Denmark. The scooters are shipped from Germany, known for its high quality control and precision manufacturing. All scooters will be stored in Germany’s warehouse, where strict quality control will be conducted.

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6. RayeeBoard

RayeeBoard, another website that caters specifically to Europeans, is also available. They are the exclusive distributor of GoTrax DXL. This brand is very popular in the USA as a kick scooter. RayeBoard guarantees quick distribution to all European Union nations. This means you will receive your product within 2-5 business days of placing an order. They also offer a 12-month warranty on all scooters they sell, whether they are dropshipped or wholesale.

7. Scooter Wholesales

Scooter Wholesales, a distributor of electric scooters in the United States, offers free shipping to all parts of the country. Dropship agents and wholesalers can also be used to distribute scooters without or with seats. They offer a range of scooters with lithium batteries that are 1800W, 1200W or 1000W.

8. Global Sources

Global Sources is another website that connects many off-brand electric scooter manufacturers. These scooters are made in China, and well-known brands such as Xiaomi are available here. This website is for electronic scooter wholesale. Therefore, the more you purchase, the less each piece will cost.

9. Alibaba

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Alibaba is often referred to as a customer-based selling site. However, vendors sell directly to customers through the wholesale section. You just need to type the keyword “wholesale” in the search bar, and vendors who offer bulk orders will appear. You can order from 10 to 100 scooters at more affordable prices than regular consumers.

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Which Scooters are the Bestsellers?

There are many options for scooters on the market. These scooters are suitable for both children and adults, and can be used on various terrains. Electric scooters can be classified based on their battery capacity and the number of wheels. To distinguish them from hoverboards or mopeds, electric scooters can also be called electric kick scooters.

Electric Kick Scooters For Kids

Children’s electric scooters usually have three wheels and aren’t very powerful. Some scooters for teens and older children have two wheels. These scooters are intended to be used in enclosed areas such as parks and playgrounds. They are lightweight and not made from heavy-duty material. Many models can be folded for easy transport in cars, like the Razor E line. Parents who want to spend more time outdoors with their children should consider these types of electronic scooters.

These models are the most popular because they can be used outside as well as inside the house. Safety is also important. As well as electric scooters that are brightly colored, children will be attracted to them more than plain black or white.

Examples of models: Megawheels S1, Razor Jr. Lil Electric Scooter and Razor E100.

Foldable Electric Scooters for Adults

These electric scooters can fold up and be carried in a bag. This scooter is very popular with working adults because it can be taken to work and stored there. This scooter can easily be transported and used on roads.

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Examples of models: Ninebot Segway ES2, Xiaomi M365 mi, Gotrax GXL and Widewheel Electric Scooter

Offroad Electric Kick Scooters for Adults

For rough terrain, off-road scooters can be made from very strong materials. It is not intended to be used in urban areas such as streets and sidewalks. It can be used on sandy terrain, mountains, grass, and forests. These types of electric scooters have more durable wheels, so you should expect a higher price.

Examples of models: Razor RX200 Off-Road Scooter, UberScoot 1000w electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards

Fat Tyre Electric Scooters for Adults

Fat tyre electric scooters have seats and larger tyres. These scooters are designed to be comfortable and can be used for longer distances. They are also suitable for the disabled and elderly.

Examples of models: EW-08 2-seater Fat Tire Electric Scooter with Rugged 48V 1000W, EW-08 48V 1000W, MAXX 11-Inch Tires Electric Scooter with 11-Inch Tires

How do I Safely Wholesale Electric Scooters?

To maximize your profits, it is important to ensure that your products are safe and that your electric scooter wholesale suppliers don’t deceive you. Also, you want to ensure that the products you purchase meet safety standards and work well.

These tips will help you achieve your goal.

* Never use an online platform that is not affiliated with the government. They act as negotiators, and protect you from scammers. These sites also offer secure payment options, so you can trust them to keep your money in balance.

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* Talk to wholesalers about any questions you may have regarding certain information. Chat functions are available on the online electric scooter wholesale websites.

* You should not release payment until all goods have been received and checked. You can communicate with the wholesaler in case of an emergency.

* Only choose vendors with good ratings and reviews. This will let you know that they are honest and trustworthy. The best way to judge a wholesaler is usually through their reviews.