8 Best Wholesale Security Products and Equipment Suppliers

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Safety of individuals is a major concern. This is why it is often given the highest priority among the many problems facing different countries. Both private and public institutions have set aside substantial budgets for security products and equipment.

Smart homes, social gatherings, government units, and commercial hubs heavily rely on them for protection against theft, unauthorized entry, access control, crowd control, and gathering evidence.

Actually. Security products are becoming more commonplace in everyday life. This industry is not as competitive as fashion and phone but it is profitable.

This article will teach you how to make money by wholesale security products.

Is Wholesale Security Products and Equipment a Profitable Business Opportunity in 2019?

Yes! Here’s why.

The untapped market is there. These countries are mostly underdeveloped or developing, and are located in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. They are experiencing rapid urbanization, which is leading to an increase in the middle and upper classes. These are the most significant consumers of security products, equipment and services in their homes and businesses.

This market will grow if you sell security products wholesale at a low price and in large quantities.

There’s also the tap market that is already familiar with and using security equipment and products, but seeking newer innovations to increase efficiency. This could mean that they are more user-friendly, quicker, more accurate, modern, up to date, and have better functionality. They can also be integrated with smart mobile devices and other systems. These countries would include the US, UK, and most of Europe.

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These people are more likely than others to spend a lot on home and personal security products.

Security Products Catalog – Consider What Types of Security Products Should You Sell?

There are many products and equipment available for surveillance and security. It is important that you choose the right items for your market and needs before you start this business. These are eight categories that you should be familiar with. Brands have different specifications and functional features.

1. Surveillance Cameras

The most popular security product is wholesale security cameras. This category includes cameras installed in homes, offices and stores to record current activities in the area.

2. Alarm systems for security

These are vital in commercial and residential properties to protect against illegal entry, theft, burglary and property damage.

3. Video doorbells

Video doorbells use audio and visual technology for scanning visitors. It records and transmits visitors’ voice and facial images to the receiver. This is a vital security product for your home.

4. Digital peephole viewers

The digital peephole viewer provides a large LCD screen that clearly shows the identity of anyone standing at the door. From a distance, it is easy to identify faces.

5. Fingerprint door lock

Many people are locked out of their homes or offices because they forget, lose or misplace their keys. This device offers security against unauthorized entry and a solution to such problems.

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6. Products for personal security

Although people are reluctant to use lethal weapons, such as guns, they still feel the need for personal safety and security at all times. Personal security products are increasingly popular. Bullet proof vests are popular, as well as stun guns and pepper spray, flashlights and strike lights, as well batons. They are usually small enough to fit in your pocket, and can sometimes be disguised in keychain holders or lipstick cases.

7. Additional security and protection

Fires and accidents are also common security concerns. This category includes products like fire detection alarms and auto fire extinguishers.

Wholesale Suppliers & Distributors of 10 Security Products


Gearbest, another China-based electronics exporter, offers smart home products including access controls, surveillance cameras and burglar alarms. It is worth visiting if you’re looking for low prices.


Plusbuyer is a great place to shop if you’re looking for low floor prices. Although this can be a benefit for resellers to increase their profit margins, it’s important to examine the quality of the products as often times this is a trade-off for the price.

Tiny deal

Tiny Deal is a great supplier for IP cameras, smoke detectors and digital peephole viewers. Dropshipping is also available for members.


Dhgate is a great platform for finding thousands of suppliers and wholesalers of everything under the sun, including security equipment. The website allows you to transact directly with suppliers. However, quality checks are left up to the customers and may not be possible for all clients.

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Chinavasion is a high-tech gadget website and an electronic centric site. It has become a well-respected shopping site. Its security focus is on access control using finger print locks and wi-fi video doorbells. For security personnel, they also come with metal detectors and walkie-talkies.


Sunsky is a quality wholesaler of china-made products. You will find all types of cameras here, including day and night vision, battery, wireless, indoor, and outdoor cameras as well as baby monitor cameras, portable pen cameras, hidden cameras and wifi and infrared.

China zrh

Although the company is a newcomer to the supplier business, it has quickly grown to be a preferred wholesaler of electronics. All your surveillance requirements will be met here

China ecart

The supplier is also known as Chine E store. It specializes in spy camera sales. There are many options, including disguised cameras in neckties and home decor, kitchen appliances flash drive, toys, and even home decor. Basically, every room and situation can be covered.

How to Select Security Products Wholesale Suppliers

You should carefully choose a wholesale supplier to your security wares. There are four important things to consider:

1. Price

Make sure the price offered is reasonable for you. It should allow for maximum profit margins. Compare quotes from different suppliers. You can also get discounts on bulk orders.

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2. Qualitative

While you are looking for the lowest price, ensure that quality is maintained. Look for well-known brands that are known to move quickly. You can also find generic brands that are low-cost and offer great performance. To ensure that you only get the most efficient models, do your research and learn about the quality control procedures of any suppliers.

3. Transport, payment and logistics

For dropshipping, it is essential to have a seamless payment and shipping process. Multiple payment and shipping options are a plus. It is important to have fast delivery. If logistics are perfect, customers will have a positive experience. This directly affects your business reputation.

Which country is the best to buy cheap security products that I can resell online?

Many online entrepreneurs ask this question frequently and the answer is always “China”. Why?

China is the largest manufacturer in the world and also has the largest markets for electronic products, including security products. It is affordable for everyone, with a wide range of brands and prices. It is easy to find affordable merchandise in your price range.

They are also able to produce mass quantities consistently due to their availability of raw materials and capital resources. This ensures that you will never run out of stock.

China is the center of innovation. High-tech digital security products will be available for you to sell. You can get a trial if you wish to source products directly in China.

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Last Thoughts

It is worth investing in wholesale security products. To kickstart your online business, check out the recommended websites. Look for variety, quality, and top-notch logistics management.