8 Best Wholesale Shades Suppliers for Summer

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This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding wholesale shades, including some of the most well-known suppliers in China and the US.

The market for eyewear totals $90 billion. It is a rapidly growing industry, and projections suggest that it will reach $140 billion by 2020. You will agree that shades dominate the summer in terms of eyewear.

Pro Tips for Wholesale Shades

i. The degree of UV protection

Shades are meant to protect your eyes against UV rays. They should offer protection of 99-100%. This is something you should confirm before purchasing them. You should be aware that cheap shades and those that don’t offer UV protection can still be good options. They can cause damage to your eyes.

ii. Check if they are polarized

It all depends on the purpose of your shades. The sun’s glare can be particularly harsh on windshields and water surfaces. Use polarized shades if you plan to use them for fishing or other sports.

iii. You should check the color of your glass

The lens’ color can affect clarity, glare and depth. Grey is more effective for a larger portion of the population. It is the only neutral color that doesn’t distort color or increase contrast. The red lens will enhance the contrast. However, it will distort other colors. Consider brown and green colors for depth enhancement.

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They will increase clarity and contrast. The contrast and depth of orange and yellow colors is enhanced by using them. Before you choose the best one, be aware of these things.

iv. The style of frames

You should be concerned about the durability, style, weight, and strength of your frames. You can choose the style you like, but they must be lightweight and durable. This preference is met by nylon. They are extremely light and durable.

Wholesale Suppliers for Shadess

Apparel Candy

Apparel Candy offers the best shades shopping experience. This platform is where you will find the most recent developments in the shade industry. You will find only high-quality products here that will delight your customers. Access to many products means you will always have the right product for your customers. You can find shades for every season here.

You can find everything you need from the Classics to the Aviator designs, and everything in between. They have the right design for you, whether you’re looking for the mens’s or women’s version. This platform has a wide range of products. But they also have a great price list. It is one of few suppliers that charges the lowest prices for their products.

You can get the most out of your money when you shop with them. It’s possible to make some profit without raising the prices at your store.

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Every product that DHgate.com associates with is delivered in a professional manner. This includes shades. First, they offer you a large selection of shades in over 2700 colors and then proceed to sell you lower prices. They don’t even require you to purchase a particular number. Any order is valid with them.

They want to satisfy both retailer’s needs as well as their personal consumption. Imagine if you get free shipping Isn’t this the best deal you can get? They will even ship your package free of charge. They will ship your package free of charge, even if you only purchase one shade. This is what sets DHgate.com apart from other vendors on the market.

They still understand quality. They can supply you with the right colors, and products that will be liked by your customers.

Frames and Optic Inc.

Frames and Optic Inc. is another great place to buy wholesale shades. They do everything right. They offer a wide range of designs so that you can find the exact design you need. They have agents on standby to assist you if you need to talk to them about your business.

Once you have chosen the design you want to purchase, they will ship it as soon as you place your order. You won’t have to wait long for your parcel to arrive. You can offer your customers the chance to purchase shades for your retail store.

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They don’t compromise on quality, as they know that customer loyalty is determined by the quality of your product. You don’t have to worry if you are looking wholesale shades. This is one reason they offer wholesale pricing.

City Sunglasses

City Sunglass was established in 2001. It is a major player in the global sunglasses market. This supplier offers a wide range of products to suit every customer’s needs. They offer wholesale pricing for all of their products, which is a great price.

The company’s 18-year history in the industry can be credited to their ability to supply quality products, durable and attractive products. This supplier can provide you with shades that suit different occasions, ages, and even just ordinary designs. They are available to assist customers at every stage of the purchase process.

So you can rest assured that you will receive the product you want. You can expect to receive your order within a few days because shipping is faster.


Alibaba.com is a great option if you are unable to choose a supplier among the ones listed. There are 19,183 products available when you take these into account. This huge range of products will ensure that you find the design you want.

This platform will meet both your and your customers’ needs. This unmatched selection is possible because of the company’s partnership with trusted suppliers. You will be pleased to know that all suppliers have been screened to verify their credibility.

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They must meet the requirements of BSCI or ISO certification. Alibaba.com offers two essential things: a wide selection and unmatched quality.

Where can I buy wholesale Shades in UK?

In the UK, you can buy your wholesale shades from https://www.wholesalesunglassesuk.co.uk. This supplier will always be there for your best interests. You can buy as much or as little as you need.

They will also ship them to your home for no additional charge. If you’re not in the UK, you only have to pay the shipping cost. Their products are also available at a discounted price. This is especially true if you buy bulk. This makes it easy to make profit.

Do you know of any Canadian wholesale Shades suppliers?

There are many wholesale suppliers of shades in Canada. One of them is Sunrayzz Imports; https://www.sunrayzzimports.com/en/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=shades&submit_search=. Their huge selection is what you’ll love about them.

They ensure that each customer visits them with the exact product they want. You will also find the most value for your money with their competitive pricing. They ship quickly and conveniently and your package will be ready for you to pick up within a few days.

Where can I buy wholesale Shades from Australia?

For the best wholesale shades in Australia, consider shopping with the Just Sunnies Australia; https://www.justsunnies.com.au. This supplier supplies high-quality products.

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You will also find a wide selection to ensure you get exactly what you need. Because they have been in the business for many years, they are familiar with what customers want and can provide it. They are very reasonable in pricing and will not put you under any pressure to continue your business.


Your business might just be waiting for the right supplier to change. This could open up new possibilities. It might be a way to introduce customers to new products and keep them coming back to your store. These suppliers are trusted and can be relied upon for flawless shades shopping experiences.