8 Best Wholesale Skirts Suppliers from USA and China

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This article will introduce you to the best wholesale skirt suppliers in different regions of the globe that offer high-quality products and nearly all the designs that ladies love. To help you understand this niche, I have included some tips and tricks to increase your sales, as well as market analysis for skirts wholesale.

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Why Wholesale Skirts Are Important

Skirts, which are traditionally worn by women, are feminine outwears. They are generally worn at the waist. Unlike pants, which are divided, skirts have one open bottom. There are many styles of skirts that are popular in different parts of the world. Short skirts aren’t popular in the regions that have long-sleeved females. In those areas where pencil shorts are the office uniform, wide, open-hemmed skirts won’t be sold.

There are many fabrics available for skirts, including denim, jersey and cotton, worsted, poplin silk, and lawn. The total value of the women’s apparel industry was $621 Billion in 2014. This figure has doubled and tripled over the next five years. Brazil, China and Itlay, Japan are the largest markets for women’s clothing, specifically skirts, as well as the USA, UK and India.

In 2019, the revenue from wholesale skirts and dresses was approximately US$124,514m. This market is expected to grow at 4.8% per year. China generates the largest revenue globally.

Wholesale Suppliers of Best Skirts


EmmaCloth, a USA-based wholesale supplier of pencil skirts, is called. They also offer a wide range of wholesale clothing products for women and men. EmmaCloth is a leader in wholesale skirts.

They have been in business since 2008 and their main focus is to find wholesalers who will sell their products to fashion-conscious women. They offer low prices and free shipping. The items are delivered quickly via an airline. They are low in MOQ and have global warehouses.


Q Clothing is the best place to shop for long skirts in floral or net prints. The wholesale skirts are available in many styles and designs, with attractive prices. If your order exceeds PS150 EXCL, QClothing will deliver free to the UK. VAT. Their inventory is constantly updated and currently has more than 2000 products. Skirts are available for both women and girls. You can place orders online. Please visit the website for more information.

 Parisian Wholesale

Parisian Wholesale is a leading online wholesale store for women’s fashion in the UK. They specialize in wholesale skirts. They do not copy any other brands or companies’ designs. Parisian offers next-day shipping to the UK for orders over PS400, and free shipping throughout Europe for orders above EUR500


Bloom Wholesale is a wholesale distributor based in the USA. Their unique selling point is their wholesale of plus-size and women’s fashion clothing at incredibly low prices. They are centrally located in Los Angeles, so they have easy access to the most recent fashion trends. This site sells only items directly from designers and manufacturers. The quality of the products is high. There are no minimum orders and free shipping for orders over $400. They offer return and damage reimbursement policies.


Esources is a top-rated online marketplace that offers dropship and wholesale suppliers from all over the globe. Esources offers the largest selection of products and has a large list of suppliers. Wholesale skirts, dresses, and other exclusive products are available at Esources. Esources currently lists 829 suppliers worldwide and has 5260 products under the skirt section. You will receive 100% verification on every product that you choose from this site.


Alibaba is the best place to buy wholesale pencil skirts. There are 11893 different skirt options available, all at wholesale prices. These numbers include skirts (71%), plus-size skirts and dresses (40%), and leather products (1%) You can also buy skirts in plus sizes or for maternity. There are many types of fabric, including worsted, satin, and wool. There are 118,60 suppliers from Asia. Alibaba provides access to suppliers who are certified by ISO9001 or BSCI for product safety.


Fibre2Fashion was founded with the goal of supporting the fashion and textile industries. Since 2000, it is a B2B website. There are over 1800+ products in 13 categories, which cater to all segments of the textile, apparel, and fashion industries. They will provide you with the finished products based on your requirements and choice of supplier, design, fabric, style, and area.


You can buy wholesale skirts from indiamart in all styles and designs, but you’ll be able to find the Indian-style skirts. This site has 9240+ skirts, with many suppliers and manufacturers. Indiamart provides buyers with payment protection and gives them access to over 47 lakh suppliers around the world.

How to triple your profits by selling skirts

Selling skirts can be an art form. It is a difficult business to sell skirts. This requires careful analysis of market trends, market demands and market gaps. This business can be tricky but not impossible.

It is all about how you handle the small ups and downs, and how well you compensate for any losses. These are some simple and interesting tips that will help you overcome obstacles and make the most of your business.

* Define the area where skirts will be sold.

* Pay attention to market trends and the customers you want to target.

When selling skirts, keep in mind the weather conditions and traditions. You can sell wool skirts in summer or short flirs for women who wear long, wide skirts.

* Divide the budget and invest it in a way that suits your needs. * You can also keep a budget in case of unforeseen loss or other problems so you are able to manage them well.

* Provide excellent customer service to build a loyal customer base. One customer can bring three customers to your store.

* Keep your stock current, up-to-date and full. Don’t let your customers wait in line.

Your website or store should be decorated in a beautiful way. However, it shouldn’t be too crowded. The first impression that a customer gets when they visit your store is made by this decoration.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Skirts

Where can I buy wholesale skirts and dresses in China?

Ans: There are many shops, companies, and shops in China that specialize in wholesale skirts. Not all of them are worth your time as there is a greater chance of fraud and fake sales when the market size is large. Chinabrands is the best place to wholesale skirts and dresses from China.

Who are the best wholesale skirts manufacturers in America?

Ans: I recommend EMMACLOTH in the USA and BloomWholesale in the USA. These websites sell top-quality fabric, and the shipping is very impressive. These websites offer excellent customer service and bulk product charges.

Indian Skirts – Where can I buy wholesale skirts?

Ans. In India, you must carefully analyze the market demand for skirts and current trends before you wholesale them. Long skirts in light fabrics are preferred by women who enjoy the scorching summer heat. Indiamart is a reliable site that has a lot of suppliers’ listings. You can buy long, short, and all kinds of skirts from this website.

Where can I buy wholesale skirts in the UK?

Ans: Parisian Wholesale or QClothing are two of the best UK wholesale websites where skirts can be found that meet the needs of UK women. These sites have very low shipping costs within the UK, and their products are stylish and high-quality.

More to you

If you do your research and ensure that the supplier you choose is genuine, certified and verified in the quality provision section, wholesale skirts can increase your sales. Your business can double its profit and reach new heights in a short period of time with this sales boost. This all depends on how your business handles it and your patience.

Before a business can start to produce results, it needs time to grow. You can manage the skirt business by carefully analysing the requirements and choosing the right suppliers. Within days, you will be able to make more money.