8 Top Kids Clothing Wholesale Suppliers in USA and China

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Wholesale clothing suppliers are the best way to find kids clothing at a low price. You can find the best prices for the best quality kids clothes, whether you are looking to start an online shop or purchase them for your children.

Continue reading to learn more about the top wholesale suppliers of kids clothing in China, USA, UK, India, Africa.

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How do I find wholesale clothing suppliers for kids?

The first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for wholesale kids clothing is where and how can you find them. The following steps will help you find wholesale children’s clothing suppliers:

1 Contact the Suppliers directly:

You can contact wholesale suppliers of kids clothing directly, without intermediaries. This can be done by phone or e-mail, but the goal is to contact the authority. Negotiating directly with the supplier is the best way for you to save money and get the best deal.

They’re happy to provide recommendations for wholesale suppliers.

2 Your first contact should result in a productive outcome:

You must establish contact with the supplier in a professional manner. Do your research before you call to avoid getting lost or forgetting what you were looking for.

Sometimes you will speak to a different person each time you call a company. It is important to establish contact with your company from the very beginning. This will allow you to expand the partnership and learn about your supplier. Continue searching until you find the right supplier.

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3 Ask for Examples:

To ensure that the products you purchase are of high quality, ask for samples before purchasing products from a supplier. Although sample testing is becoming more popular, not all suppliers will provide samples. It is better to wait before buying bulk quantities of anything than rush in and risk losing your money.

4) You can negotiate for lower prices:

Do not hesitate to negotiate when buying bulk quantities of products. You must give them something to help you bargain and make them accept your offer. Show them how you can help the supplier reach new markets, or give them the names of your competitors. You will be able to motivate them to offer you higher prices than letting you go.

We’ve gathered the top wholesale suppliers of kids clothes. Continue reading to learn more:

Wholesale Kids Clothing Suppliers from China

It is difficult to find the right wholesale suppliers from China for your online shop. There are many suppliers. We have compiled a list of the top wholesale suppliers of children’s clothing from China. The table below shows the benefits of these suppliers. You can read more about them here.


Made-in-China was founded in 1998. Since then, it has provided high-quality Chinese products to customers all over the world at wholesale prices. They facilitate trade between Chinese suppliers and international customers by connecting them. Their website contains detailed information about suppliers.

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Customers can sign up to the platform and gain access to supplier information and products. Customers can also contact suppliers to discuss further negotiations.

They offer wholesale children’s clothing from a variety of suppliers across 27 industries. Made-in China offers secure trading services that increase customer satisfaction.


AliBaba, a global wholesale platform for food and drink, was founded by the Ali Baba Group in 1999. They give their suppliers the tools they need to reach a global audience and make it easy for them to do business anywhere in the world.

They help buyers locate products and get in touch quickly with suppliers through their website and efficient marketing. It is possible to find many different types of kids’ apparel, and order them wholesale at the best prices.

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Wholesale Kids Clothing Suppliers in America:

1 Kids Dream Wholesale:

Kids Dream Wholesale is the leading wholesale supplier of children’s clothing in the US. It has authorized retailers in more than 35 countries. They offer high-quality, wholesale-priced dresses for children all over the globe.

2) Kiskissing:

Kiskissing is a professional company that has been in business for over 30 years, providing wholesale baby and children clothes to its customers. Dropshipping is also available. They update their website with new products every day.

They strive to deliver first-class customer service and meet all customer needs. If you have any questions about their services, you can contact them via email or directly.

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“Kiskissing” is a name that means “Kiss fashion children”. They create their products with love and special care for babies and children.

3) The Hairbow Company

Since 2008, The Hairbow Company has been selling wholesale children’s clothes. The company started by selling hair accessories, but they have expanded to wholesale kids clothes. They now sell skirts, tshirts, and dresses for children as well as all kinds of hair accessories.

4) LA Showroom

LA showroom offers unique designs worldwide. They work with many different apparel distributors and manufacturers, as well as buyers all over the globe. Every week, they introduce new designs and manufacturers. Make sure you check them out.

Wholesale Kids Clothing Suppliers in UK

1 Kids Wholesale:

Kids Wholesale is a wholesaler of kids clothing for more than 35 years. They have a minimum order requirement of PS50, and offer free shipping for orders over PS250. They deliver to the UK the next day. Wholesale Kids aims to make it easy to buy children’s apparel online at wholesale prices for your business or shop through their B2B platform.

2 Wholesale Deals:

Wholesale deals is a directory of all products that makes it easy for customers find the best wholesale deals online. Dropshipping is also available to customers. Check out their wide selection of wholesale kid’s products and choose the one that is right for you.

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3 Trade Kids Wear:

Trade Kids Wear, a wholesale store that sells child clothing in the UK, is the largest. It has been around since 1964. They offer clothing for children from birth to 36 months, and apparel for boys and girls aged 3-13 years. They offer fast shipping and affordable prices all around the globe.

4) Kids Wholesale Clothes:

Wholesale clothing for children is available in the UK and internationally. They have a wide customer base that includes small retailers, ebayers, and large retailers. There is no minimum order and free delivery to UK customers for orders over PS200.

Wholesale Kids Clothing Suppliers India

India is a major trader in kids clothing. These Indian brands offer wholesale prices at some of the lowest rates.

1 Shop 4 Shops:

Shop 4 Shops has been trading for over 20 years. You can get high-quality, wholesale-priced children’s clothing at Shop 4 Shops. They offer high-quality children’s apparel at wholesale prices.

2) India Mart

India Mart was established in 1999. Its mission is “Make doing business easy”. India Mart is India’s largest B2B marketplace and supports SMEs, large businesses and individuals in doing business.

3) Trade India

Trade India was established in 1996 to help the Indian business community expand internationally. They have a large range of products, including high-quality and cheap kid’s clothing.

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4) Exporters India:

Exporters India was established in 1997 with the goal of providing international exposure for business entrepreneurs. They aim to give every business a global status, no matter how big or small.

Wholesale Kids Clothing Suppliers In Africa

Africa’s wholesale suppliers of children’s clothing are very loyal in delivering on their promises. These suppliers make a significant contribution to their state’s improvement. Some of these suppliers are supporting small-business owners, while others are helping those in need. We have selected the best options from all of our suppliers. Take a look at these.

1) Hooligans Kids:

Hooligans Kids offers high-quality clothing at affordable prices. When it comes to hiring staff, they are extremely strict. They do not hire anyone under 18 years old. They have not lost sight of their quality standards despite selling low-priced products.

2 Little Lumps:

The tagline “Keeping little fighters fashion” says it all. Little lumps focuses on creating clothes that are fashionable for children. Little lumps can also create customized clothes for babies according to their size and preference. They can make clothes from newborn babies to 18 years of age.

3) The Kiddie Company

A wide range of Baby products can be found at the kiddie company. It doesn’t matter if you need clothing, nursery, or health care, we have it all. Serving Africa for over 23 years. They are here to help moms-to-be who want to shop for a variety of items.

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4) Africa Imports:

Africa imports is Africa’s largest online wholesale shop. They bring various African creations to global markets. This is a source for sustainable income for those who run small businesses in Africa. It also allows them to help their economy grow and prosper. They have a wide range of high-quality, affordable children’s clothing.