8 Top Online Learning Platforms for Business People

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Are you looking for the best online learning platforms available? You are in the right spot.

Online courses are a great way to build a business.

Online sales is growing rapidly, and online selling is still an attractive option. With an annual growth rate 7%, the market is valued at $190 billion USD.

It’s not enough to have the knowledge your customers are willing to share. It is important to find a way for your customers to benefit from that knowledge. Online learning platforms are the answer.

Online learning platforms today give you the tools you need to share your knowledge and engage students.

When you are ready to speak up, we’ll be looking at some of the most effective online learning tools.

What makes an online learning platform great?

Let’s first look at the main features of an online learning platform before we get into our reviews. You can search Google for Udemy or Skillshare to find a variety of options, including Coursera or Teachable.

How do you teach your audience new skills with all these options?


Coursera offers the best online learning options for people who are interested in data science and STEM. The original purpose of the service was to teach science, engineering and technology. There are now hundreds of courses in many fields. It is a well-known name in the industry thanks to its collaboration with hundreds of top companies and learning institutions.

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Coursera is different from other tools we have looked at, in that you can’t create and host your own online courses with all the branding you want. Instead, you can join a group and submit your courses to it.

It is not easy to get involved with Coursera in the role of creator. The company must be approached as a business or online education facility. If you are looking to improve your skills, Coursera has many learning options.

LinkedIn Learning is another great course marketplace that aims to help business professionals improve and accelerate their learning. Although you cannot become an online instructor on this platform, you can still learn a lot. You can choose from more than 1000 business courses on a variety of topics, including project management and web development.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is another great course marketplace that aims to help business professionals improve and accelerate their careers. Although you cannot become an online educator through this platform, you can still learn a lot. You can choose from more than 1000 business courses on a variety of topics, including project management and web development.

Lynda was the original name of Linkedin Learning, a leading platform for online learning. It offers a simple-to-use environment for students that makes it stand out. You can also earn certificates which you can add to your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn Learning is a great way to improve the value of your resume.

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Skillshare offers another option for online education. It takes a different approach to sharing content online. SkillShare is a free service that allows you to create unique courses and teach your craft online.

It is important to note that you can only be paid for Skillshare courses if your lessons are included in the Skillshare premium catalogue. You can share courses with your friends and colleagues but only premium members can start making money. It is usually quite affordable to pay for premium classes. Refer a premium member and receive royalties for watching your lessons for as many minutes as you want.

Skillshare classes often include video lessons, group discussions, and projects. Skillshare does not focus on final results or certificates. Instead, it is about helping others and getting feedback. This is great for those who are involved in the creative process.

Skillshare’s earning potential is very limited. You won’t make a lot of money if this platform is used.

Pricing Free to Get Started, but you have very little earning potential.

EDX , another course option that is similar to Coursera’s, is EDX . There are many premium and free online courses available that are specifically designed for academics. EDX provides many ways for customers to access educational materials. These include XSeries programs that go deep into specific subjects and various professional certification programs.

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The EdX experience is a bit simpler and less tech-savvy than some other online learning solutions. It’s easy to see just how authoritative this website really is. The site has many trust badges that show educators from Harvard, Berkeley, and other universities.

Unless you are part of a learning institution, it is not possible to create a course using EDX. You can still access EdX for business, which allows you to train and teach other members of your team. This is a great option if your company doesn’t require in-person instruction.

Pricing: Course creators don’t have much choice, as Edx only works with the best educators.


Mooc.org is the opposite coin to EDX.org.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is often used to describe free online learning opportunities that anyone can sign up for. There’s another company, Mooc.org, that extends EdX. This solution provides Edx with a different learning experience and flexible tools to grow.

This is not an option for course designers, but MOOC can be used to find professional certificates and online master’s degree programs if you are looking to improve your skills.


Udacity is a product of the Silicon Valley, which has been distinguished by its reputable partnerships with Google and other tech titans. This group is focused on cutting-edge topics, as well as learning about machine learning, deeplearning, artificial intelligence, and other disruptive tech.

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Udacity offers many learning options. However, it is not possible to create your own online courses. We can only recommend this course solution to learners as an educational environment.


Docebo, another LMS, is only for partners. Docebo is available at a very low cost starting at $3.33 per user per year. This is only for educational purposes. You must partner with Docebo if you wish to create your own learning platform through Docebo.

Docebo is a great option for business owners who want to provide training for their employees. It also offers gamification and community collaboration. You can also explore a variety of third-party integrations.


Teachable has been one of the most popular online education platforms. This solution was originally created to solve the issues that users saw in other online learning platforms, such as limited branding.

Teachable offers many options that make it easier to customize your website. Some of the cookie-cutter templates included in Udemy can be eliminated. Teachable offers multi-language support and access to things such as SEO, discussion forums, and quizzes. Engaging your audience is easy.

Teachable also offers a drag-and drop builder to help you create your course delivery system, as well as support for large files.

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Best For: Teachable offers great course creation tools at a very affordable price. You get so many amazing features, the monthly rates are quite affordable. Marketing and analytics are also great. Integration is possible with Ontraport, Mailchimp and a lot of ecommerce software.

Pricing: Starts from $29 per Month for the smaller package, and goes up to $299 per Month depending on what you need. There is also a free plan, but it is limited to 10 students


Podia helps you build a website with minimal effort. It is used to build your learning experience in digital downloads, online classes, and selling memberships.

Podia is a great option if you don’t want the hassle of ecommerce or selling from a traditional viewpoint. Podia has a simple interface that is easy to use, and a variety of options to customize your website. Although Podia is easy to use for beginners, advanced tools are not available.

The Podia experience is perfect for those who find Gumroad or other competitors too difficult or expensive. Podia makes it easy to share knowledge online.

Pricing Podia’s pricing structure is very simple. The Mover package costs $39 per month and the Shaker option costs $79 per month.


Thinkific offers a superior experience than other course creation platforms. Here are a few reasons. It’s most notable feature is the advanced course designer. Thinkific is a great choice if you are not a programmer or have never used code before.

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Drag-and-drop editing allows you to access all the content necessary for building a “education empire”. The editor allows you to add your branding, which is great for creating a brand online.

There are many great features available to engage your audience. These include downloads, polls, surveys and discussions. The Thinkific solution can be accessed for free, unlike other online courses.

Best for If you are looking to create a brand new learning experience, Thinkific is the tool you need. Thinkific is an excellent choice for business owners because it offers a lot of great features for engagement and a few customization tools.

Pricing: There’s a free option to get you started or you can purchase the basic platform for $49 per month. You can also purchase a pro platform at $99 per monthly or a premier plan at $499 per months. You can add ons such as the Growth package or Thinkific Plus if you require additional features.

Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is another great online learning option. It allows users to have a single solution for an online course that can be self-branded. Academy of Mine is not limited to one-size fits all. Academy of Mine is a high-quality solution that allows you to customize your experience in a way that suits you best.

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You can choose a fully-hosted template with landing pages, galleries, and offer pages if you need help getting started. Academy of Mine is a great choice because it offers a complete solution for course creation and learning management. You can also accept credit cards and PayPal when selling your courses.

Academy offers many marketing tools to increase your chances of earning learners. These include email marketing and affiliate programs.

The Academy of Mine solution includes a learning management system (or LMS) that allows you to create large open-access courses. Academy of Mine is a great option if you are selling course content upfront and want to ensure that your brand is prominent. But the price is high.

Pricing:Prices start from $499 per month. However, you get two months for free if your payment is annually. A “professional” plan is available for $899 per year with additional features and development hours. For a quote on a higher-level plan, contact the team.


WizIQ offers an affordable and easy-to-use solution for classroom and LMS software. WizIQ is designed to simplify the creation of online courses. It offers everything you need, including tests and assessments for customers as well as eCommerce functionality and detailed analytics.

WizIQ allows you to create MOOCs that will increase your revenue stream. This will allow you to enroll students around the globe and generate new cash sources. You can also deliver live training and learn on the move through mobile apps. Either you can sell and create your online courses using a complete system or you can host a virtual classroom that can be used to teach coworkers and other partners. WizIQ has many of the top-of-the-line tools we have seen in other platforms. However, the best thing about this solution is the extras.

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Amazing things include the ability to share course content via smartphones and to use an interactive whiteboard to show your knowledge to students. You can also engage your students via chat, forums, or polling.

Best For: WizIQ’s modern course creators will love it. This solution allows you to tutor your customers online and train your colleagues. It’s also very simple to get started because of the free plan.

Pricing There is a free basic plan, and you can also try the software for free. The average plan costs $83 per month. This is reasonable for premium services.


Learndash, a popular online learning platform, is constantly evolving in terms of features and functionality. Learndash is used by many Fortune 500 companies and universities. Learndash includes all the features of a traditional online education site such as content drip, rewards, and more.

Learndash’s pricing is based on an annual basis. This means there are some discounts but you also remain “locked in” to the environment. Learndash offers professional training, higher education, WordPress projects, as well as other support. Learners can receive badges and certificates, and you have access to a variety of engagement triggers that allow them to interact with customers.

Learndash can be embedded into existing WordPress websites as a WordPress LMS plugin. Learndash could be a better option for those who have already begun to build their online presence and don’t want the hassle of starting over.

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Pricing: One website costs $159/year. You can upgrade to have 10 websites, or pay $189 per year for 10. This is a very reasonable price increase. There is no free trial, so you can’t test the functionality before you pay.

What are Online Course Platforms?

It can be hard to define an online course platform in today’s world. Online course platforms are often referred to as websites with a lot of learning opportunities, such as Coursera.com or Udemy. Others think that online course platforms are LMS, or learning management systems. These are meant for people who want the world to learn from them.

Kajabi and Teachable are great tools for course creators. Coursera and LinkedIn Learning are better suited for those who want to quickly learn and improve their skills online.

You need to look for the best LMS platform that offers eCommerce and membership features if you are looking to create courses and make money from them. It can be extremely helpful to have marketing capabilities and great customer service.

How can I create and sell online courses?

You need a plan if you are interested in open-source education platforms rather than learning tools such as Khan Academy or Codecademy.

Begin by asking your students what they want to learn. For inspiration, you can look at Reddit and Quora. Or just browse the hashtags and social media feeds of people in your industry to see what they are discussing. You will need to choose a topic you are already familiar with so that you can make the most of your knowledge.

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Once you have a clear understanding of what your students are looking for:

  • Find the best online learning platform for you. You can use the information above to help you find the right online learning platform for your needs. The more advanced you are with your online education platform, the more money you will need. You should think about what features you need, such as email automation, market research, webinar software, and promotional tools.
  • Choosing the right software and equipment is key: Creating a course requires time and effort. It’s important to create engaging and informative content for your students. You need to invest in a microphone and a video system to record your courses. Software for editing videos or powerpoint slides may be needed. A screen recording service is a good option if you are going to present live and want to reuse the information later.
  • Create valuable content. Make sure you understand the type of education you are offering and to whom you’re talking. Knowing your students will help you determine the language you should use to reach them. Be sure to address the needs of your audience and go in-depth about your education. Don’t stop at the surface.
  • Engage with your audience: One of the most important features you should look for when choosing the best learning platform is the tools that allow you to interact with your audience. To keep your learners engaged, you need to engage with them. You could do this by running quizzes or polls, or even delivering live webinars. You can also reward learners with badges and certificates.
  • Provide a great experience Even if you have valuable information, it is worth noting there’s plenty of competition. If you want to keep your audience loyal, you must deliver the best learning experience possible. Look for learning platforms that can integrate with other tools to ensure you are moving in the right direction. You can plan your future lessons by keeping track of your performance using tools like Google Analytics.
  • Make your brand standout:You won’t be able do this much if your learning platform just places your course in a marketplace. If you have a complete LMS system, however, you can do more with branding. Your colors and logo should stand out. Your brand will make you stand out from your competitors.
  • Promoting your courses: Just as you would promote an ecommerce site or blog, so too should you attract people to your online classes. Your online learning platform should integrate with social media and email marketing tools to nurture leads. You can also promote your courses using other methods, such as blogging and designing your own website.
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Many of the top platforms today offer knowledge bases to help you get started in creating your online courses.

Look online for documentation and blogs from your platform provider. Participate in educational forums.

Making the Most of Online Learning

Online learning is expanding at an alarming rate.

You can now make a living teaching computer science and javascript to students. You will need to find the right online platforms to help you get started.

You will need an eCommerce platform to run your online shop. The same goes for your digital education venture.

There are many options available, including tools that can be used to teach via a simple mobile app or with Harvard and Stanford partnerships. Finding something that suits your needs is key to success.

While each platform may have its pros and cons, the most important thing is you. Your course’s success will be heavily dependent on how well you market yourself and the quality of the content you share. The first step in choosing the best online learning platform is to choose the right one.