9 Best and Free Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Essentially, Product Hunt Tools is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to discover winning Shopify products since the majority of the diligent work will be finished by the apparatus itself and here you should receive the benefits just by paying couple of dollars. These tools will just furnish the best winning products directly with demonstrated information alongside showing on their stage.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Here these products fundamentally furnish the whole cheat sheet directly with the information like the Facebook focusing on sheet alongside Aliexpress Store Links and furthermore with that stores moving those products. Product hunt tools will give the majority of the Facebook battle URL of the product.

Spocket (USA/EU Warehouse Products)

Spocket is a great app if you are looking for original USA/EU made products. Thousands of Top Dropshipping Suppliers Connected worldwide.  Products are available from all top niches.

All the basic features are free to access, no credit card required.  Some advanced and wow features only available to paid subscribers since golden stuff cannot be free. 

Spocket APP can be synced to your Shopify store. One-click product import and bulk order processing.  Supports both WooCommerce and Shopify platforms.

60% of Spocket suppliers from the USA and EU with fast delivery.  Branded and Customized invoice available with your company name.

Dropship Spy (Legit & Recommended Tool)

Here this one is another best product hunting device directly out there available. What’s more, it essentially works Shimla compose two different tools yet here it gives more insights concerning the products like the audits and furthermore the at recordings. Best of all, you can likewise download the ads recordings directly and basically change it and use it in your ads.

Dropship Spy, each day they look through the web so as to locate the most amazing offering products directly for you to Drop Ship. Essentially, products contain statistical surveying alongside depiction and valuing Strategies and furthermore the advert focusing on and product audits.

Here, the majority of its individuals will get selective access directly to their group of onlooker developers as it will simple to get any specialty trip on Facebook with pinpoint precision and a lot more things. This apparatus is extremely changing the Drop shipping diversion.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Key Features of Dropship Spy:

  • 5 new products consistently.Open the back inventory.
  • Causes you in expanding your deals.
  • Accompanies pinpointer focusing on.
  • Gives the best an incentive to the majority of its individuals.
  • Gives video ads that you can download and utilize it for your very own products.

So as to have you decent executing your business, they will do the majority of the diligent work for you and will actually give you everything that you have to build your deals alongside diminishing the expense of the products. Fundamentally, Dropship Spy is having 259 top of the line products that are demonstrated champs directly on Facebook and they additionally anticipate including 5 new products consistently. It likewise had readymade ads duplicates alongside video Adverts. Dropship Spy likewise targets gathering of people that actually result in sales.


Essentially, this instrument finds those products that are working at present and they just list it on right their site. The best part about eComhunt is that it will likewise demonstrate to all of you of the essential subtleties that incorporate the ads that are fundamentally your rivals are running and are really working.

Directly with this administration you will locate the winning products that are working best in the market. A portion of the helpful highlights that you will get with this astounding Product Hunt Tools:

  • This device demonstrates the Facebook Ads for a specific product.
  • Gives you the Shopify Store who is moving the best products.
  • Bits of knowledge on product commitment only for the majority of the related ads
  • You can begin with paid just as the paid records. Gives you the Shopify Store who is moving the best products.
  • It likewise demonstrates the focusing on audience and furthermore the date.

Unquestionably, this product will spare your time and exertion in finding the shaking products that are as of now moving in the market and it will likewise help you in making deals quickly. You should bounce in and essentially put resources into this stunning product and simply begin including enormous income in your financial balance.

Professional Tips: When you are utilizing eComhunt and hunting down the products then simply go to the subtleties of the page and simply check whether the products are right now on Amazon or any of the other commercial centre. Also, some way or another on the off chance that that specific product is not moving on Amazon, simply surge and add this product to your Shopify Store and certainly, you will go shake.


No uncertainty, Pexda is NO. 1 product hunt tool that simply states that “Stop Wasting Money on Bad Products”. Basically, with Pexda locate the best winning products that create gigantic deals and quit squandering your time and cash on terrible products. Pexda is one of the better approaches to search for the potential products that you can without much of a stretch move on Shopify or Amazon.

Pexda is a spy device that will help you in finding the uncommon winning products that essentially brings great transformation deals and you will shake in the market with these potential products. We have officially tried this astounding product hunt apparatus and we are truly astonished to see its outcomes in type of potential winning products. The best part about Pexda is that here you can without much of a stretch sort the majority of the products by the most current, the quantity of requests alongside the FB Ads, FB Ads Like and furthermore Fb-Share and a lot more things. With Pexda you will likewise have data in regards to the products like what number of requests are put by the clients, remarks that products coexist with the product transferred history.

Also, with these details, you will effortlessly locate the best winning products. Pexda accompanies 3 designs that incorporate Standard, Premium, and Ultimate here we might want to prescribe the Premium or the Ultimate arrangement if your financial plan is permitting you as these will work best for you.

Key Features of Pexda:

  1. Aliexpress Reports.
  2. Amazon Reports.
  3. Facebook Ads Reports.
  4. Good converting items.
  5. Get you fresh winning products on daily basis.
  6. Enables you to find viral products even before they actually become viral.
  7. Pexda helps you to reach audience that buy products.


Niche Scraper is Software as an assistance that is also called SaaS device that encourages Dropshippers to look into for the triumphant items to sell alone eCommerce stores, regardless of whether they’re available on Shopify, WooCommerce, or on any other platform. This is kind of spy tool or an instrument causes you in doing this Dropshipping item inquire about by keeping an eye on other Shopify stores just as Aliexpress itself.  Presently, the fun truth is a large portion of the individuals are doing this drop shipping business with the assistance of Shopify online business stage, the most straightforward to use as long as you probably are aware how to surf the web.

Free Video Making Tool in One Click

How it Works?

1. Copy and paste your Shopify product URL.
2. Click “Fetch Images”.
4. Select your desired customization options.
5. Click “Generate Video”.
6. Download video and use it as your Facebook Ad.

Who Is Niche Scraper For?

In the event that you can be categorized as one of the three classifications beneath, you are a great idea to go with Niche Scraper.

1. Low Budget Dropshippers

On the off chance that you are on low spending plans, at that point you clearly need less expensive answers for assist you with prevailing with regards to dDropshipping business. What’s more, Niche Scraper is route less expensive than your minds.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

2. Dropshipping Beginners

At the point when you are new to Dropshipping, at that point you need however much as could be expected to overcome the item research and promoting stage. What’s more, Niche Scraper gives you incredible assistance around there.

3. NOT Video Creation Pros

In case you aren’t a star in video manifestation or on the off chance that you don’t care for making recordings, at that point Niche Scraper gives you the element wherein you can make straightforward, yet high changing over slideshow recordings utilizing basic item pictures or any pictures, music, and overlay message that you need.

EPROLO (Free APP, Fast Shipping to Top Countries)

EPROLO is one and only Forever free shipping dropshipping product APP with fast delivery to top countries.

10 main categories and 100++ subcategories.

  1. Fashion & Clothing
  2. Jewelry & Accessories
  3. Cars & Motorcycles
  4. Beauty & Health
  5. Mother & Kids
  6. Shoes & Bags
  7. Sports & Outdoors
  8. Phone Accessories
  9. Tech Gadgets
  10. Home Improvement

Custom Packaging and Branding. Supplier print your logo on the shipping box. Custom Invoice with your store name Your store selling price.

Easy to find Products and Import to your Store in One Click. Product Prices and Shipping Costs are comparable to Aliexpress. 

Bulk Order Fulfillment in few clicks and Auto Update Tracking Numbers once the Order is Shipped. 

Trending Products from All Niches.  Easy Returns, Refunds & Replacements. 

FindNiche — Best Analytics Tool for AliExpress and Shopify

FindNiche is a powerful dropshipping tool for users to analyze and find out profitable products. Especially for the eCommerce store owners or dropshippers focused on Shopify or AliExpress, FindNiche would be a must for them to find profitable niches. It can achieve a daily renewal of 3 million products and keep an hourly update. 

It enables users to check product performance on AliExpress based on different parameters, such as top brands, price, orders, after the advanced search, it presents the whole picture of product performance with graphs. In parallel, you can enter a keyword to get a list of results and sort by orders or profit. With FindNiche users are able to gain an accurate insight into what products to invest in and choose the right winning product

On the detailed page, except for the changing trends of the product, you can find more similar products and access to the related Shopify store. 

Key Features of FindNiche

  • More filters for the advanced search to find out the profitable products.
  • Daily niches recommendation for your niche product inspiration.
  • Great ability to extract meaningful data from big raw data and analytical ability.
  • New features about the analysis of Shopify stores.
  • More price package to meet the different needs.

The pricing plan

Currently, it offers two pricing plans for the web app. 

  • FindNiche Pro: $29/month
  • FindNiche Elite: $59/month

But it also offers a 2-day trial for the pro plan for only $1.


The new adspy tool specially designed for dropshipping

Different from the classic search tools for winning products, an adspy tool allows you to find the winning products through the bias of their facebook ads. Dropispy is an adspy tool specially designed for dropshippers. You will be able to find thousands of winning products among millions of ads, collected every day.

Dropispy doesn’t stop there because it allows you to search among the best dropshipping shops! Get inspired by the best dropshippers, both in their advertising strategies and in the products they sell.

In summary the strength of Dropispy is that it connects ads, products and the shops that sell them and gives access to all this in one click. Thousands of ads are added every day so you never miss any trendy products. They are also planning an extension for the next few days that will allow you to spy on shops when you’re browsing online. You’ll be able to see at a glance the ads of any shop!

The icing on the cake is that Dropispy is offered at a super affordable price (only 14.9€ per month) unlike its big rivals such as adspy for example (149€ per month). You can even test it for free, it’s a real free plan that allows you to use the tool with all the features of the adspy tool, you just won’t get the latest announcements. For that, you have to go premium (14.9€/month).

Key Features of Dropispy:

  • Database of millions of Ads updated daily.
  • Find winning products by spying on successful ads with social proof and real-time data.
  • Discover your competitors’ ads and copy proven strategies.
  • Advanced filters: Search ads by keywords, URL, page name. Sort ads by the destination e-commerce platform, interactions, target audience (countries, age sex), post date creation, CTA etc.
  • Get inspiration from the best Dropshipping shops and Winning Products!
  • The most interesting AdSpy alternative in terms of value for money with a 10x cheaper subscription.
  • Available support team.
  • Free plan available to test and discover Dropispy. No credit card required!

Alidropship Premium Product Package

Get Best-Selling Products with Winning Marketing Campaigns

How it works

  • You trigger your membership and get a new hot product every week that sells like mad RIGHT NOW.
  • With just one click, you import the item, including its catchy description and actual consumer feedback. 
  • Our super-profitable promotional campaigns explicitly created for this product are downloaded. 
  • To advertise the product and watch the sales blow off, you start and run these promotions.

How you save time and money with a subscription to “Premium Goods.”

Every day in our self-owned dropshipping shops, we track the latest client demand trends and evaluate hundreds of high-ranking items. We will begin evaluating promotional strategies for each of them after choosing the most profitable products. And we are ready to share them with YOU as soon as the winning items and commercials are thoroughly picked!

You don’t have to search for non-stop for hot products.

Each thing you see with this subscription in your dashboard is hand-picked by our team of experts and carefully checked. We know that it is on top of the new developments and that full profits are being made. You will still be assured that your shop is catering to the peak of demand!

You save time setting up an attractive product list.

All products come with a pre-edited product listing for optimum conversions tailored by us. Only import an item into your store, get all of the top-notch images, explain the items, and appropriate consumer feedback. It’s all customer-facing and happy to go!

You save money and effort on ad creation.

For any package you get, we have highly-profitable marketing materials. For Facebook and Instagram, the kit contains at least three posts, ten banners, and ad copies. Typically, online ad testing services cost thousands of dollars, but it’s not your concern. We’ve done it for you too!

You don’t lose money on ad audience experimentation.

Usually, you have to set up their target markets, and test what works before commercials are ready. But not in this case: we have already spent over $1,000 checking each advertisement and planning the target demographic settings of and product for you. All you have to do is adapt to our world and start getting income on your website!


You also get FREE access to our Premium Goods archive that was sent before you joined, until your subscription is enabled, and download the ones you want along with their marketing campaigns.