9 Top Lifestyle Stores Created Using Shopify

Lifestyle stores are on the rise, and they’re a great way to capitalize on the current trend of wellness. As the world becomes more and more health-conscious, people are looking for ways to improve their lives in small ways. One way to do that is through lifestyle stores—stores that sell products and services related to healthy living. Shopify is a platform that makes it easy to create a lifestyle store. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create a store with Shopify in just minutes. We’ll also provide tips on how to market your store and increase its profitability.

How to Create a Lifestyle Store Using Shopify

If you’re looking to create your own lifestyle store, look no further than Shopify. This platform makes it easy to set up a store that sells products related to your lifestyle, whether that’s home goods, fashion accessories, or anything in between.

To get started, first decide what type of lifestyle store you want to create. If you have a particular interest or niche that you’d like to focus on, start there. Once you know what you’re after, begin by creating a permalink for your shop and filling out the basic information about it. This will include the name of the store, its address (if available), and the category(s) in which it would fall.

Next, add products from your desired category into your shop. You can find items from various online retailers and search engines like Google and Amazon, but be sure to compare prices before adding them so that you don’t end up overpaying for items (and losing money in the process).

Once you’ve added all of the products that you want to sell, take a look at your layout and design ideas. Do you want each product to have its own page or do you think it would be better if they were grouped together? Think about how users will be able navigate your store and make any necessary adjustments accordingly.

Tips for Selling on Your Lifestyle Store

1. Keep your store’s content fresh and relevant to your target audience.

2. Build a strong social media following, especially on platforms where your target customers congregate.

3. Promote your store using effective online ads and PR campaigns.

4. Make sure you have an up-to-date eCommerce platform that can handle the traffic and sales generated by your store.

5. always be willing to offer discounts and incentives to encourage repeat visits from potential customers

List of Lifestyle Stores Created Using Shopify

Shopify is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to create their own online stores. These stores can be designed to sell a variety of products, including clothes, home goods, and accessories.

Some of the popular lifestyle stores created using Shopify include The Grommet, which sells clothes and accessories; Uncommon Goods, which sells home goods and accessories; and Modern Day Moms, which sells maternity clothing and accessories.

Shopify also offers entrepreneurs the option to create custom websites for their businesses. This allows them to easily manage their online presence and grow their customer base.


Lifestyle stores are the perfect space for those looking for unique and unique products. Not only can you find high-quality clothes, home goods, and accessories, but these stores also offer a unique experience that cannot be found at traditional retailers.

Shopify is the perfect platform for creating these types of stores. With Shopify, you have the ability to create a custom ecommerce store that matches your specific needs and wants. You can choose from a wide range of templates to get started, and you can even add your own designs and creations if you want to go above and beyond with your store.

There are many different lifestyle stores that use Shopify as their platform, so if you’re looking for something new to checkout, be sure to check out some of these stores!


The Colossal Shop is a Shopify Store that specializes in high-quality, unique lifestyle products and accessories. Founded by two friends who share a love of fashion and travel, The Colossal Shop offers a wide variety of products, including clothing, jewelry, hats, bags, and more.

The Colossal Shop’s mission is to provide customers with the best quality lifestyle products and accessories at the lowest possible prices. They aim to create an environment where customers can find anything they need related to style and fashion, all while helping small businesses get online and start selling their products.

The Colossal Shop offers free shipping on orders over $50*, as well as a 30-day return policy. Customers can also access The Colossal Shop’s blog for inspiration and advice on everything from fashion to travel.


PENGUIN BOOKS is a Shopify store that sells an assortment of paperback books. The store was created using Shopify’s eCommerce platform and offers an easy way for customers to buy books online and have them delivered directly to their door.

The store’s inventory features a wide variety of titles, from classic literature to new releases, making it a one-stop shop for book lovers everywhere. As part of the Shopify platform, PENGUIN BOOKS offers users the ability to create custom stores, so users can design the layout and branding of their own store with ease.

Whether you’re looking for a new read or want to stock up on your favorite classics, PENGUIN BOOKS is the perfect destination for book lovers of all ages. Thanks for browsing ourStore!


If you’re looking for a way to add some personality and life to your online shop, consider using Amanda Austin Flowers. This Shopify store is filled with beautiful arrangements and custom designed vases that will take your design game up a notch. Plus, the team is always happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have.


Welcome to the world of WAGreen Homewear! Our shop is a carefully curated collection of stylish and comfortable clothing that will turn your everyday wardrobe into something special.

Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality, unique pieces that they can wear both at home and in the office. We pride ourselves on providing flattering fit for all body types, and our garments are made with quality materials that will last through years of wear.

We offer a wide range of styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that fits your personal style. In addition to clothing, we also sell necklaces, earrings, mugs, and other accessories.

Our shop is updated regularly with new arrivals and exclusive deals, so be sure to check us out today!


POP CHART LAB is a Shopify store that creates unique and stylish lifestyle products. Located in Toronto, the store stocks a variety of products including clothing, accessories, home decor, and beauty products.

The POP CHART LAB team boasts a wealth of experience in the design and marketing of fashion and lifestyle products. They are passionate about providing customers with high-quality products at affordable prices.

The store’s shop page features an extensive product catalog covering everything from women’s clothing to men’s accessories. Customers can browse through the catalog or use the filters on the left-hand side to narrow their search down to a specific product category.

If you’re looking for something specific, you can use the “Add to Cart” button to add items to your shopping cart. You can also check out as you go by selecting “View Cart” from the menu on the left-hand side.

If you have any questions about any of the products featured on POP CHART LAB, be sure to contact the team via email or phone. The team is always happy to help customers find what they’re looking for in terms of fashion and lifestyle products.


If you’re looking to create a lifestyle store that reflects your personal style, look no further than SWAG WALLPAPER. This Shopify store was created by designer Sarah Brown and showcases all of the coolest products and accessories for the fashionable person on the go.

From messenger bags and phone cases to sunglasses and hats, there’s something for everyone at SWAG WALLPAPER. And with over 2,000 SKUs in stock, there’s sure to be something special for you.

To help you get started, Sarah has put together a helpful guide called “How to Set Up Your First Shop on Shopify” which includes everything from creating your shop name and logo to setting up your shipping information. So if you’re ready to create your own stylish lifestyle store, check out SWAG WALLPAPER today!


There are many different types of people who use Shopify, and that is why it is such a versatile platform. Lifestyle stores are perfect for those who want to sell products that represent their lifestyle or interest, and they can easily be created using Shopify. Whether you are selling fashion clothes, accessories, home decor or anything else related to your personal interests, creating a lifestyle store on Shopify is a great way to connect with customers and promote your products.