AliDropship Established Dropship Stores Review and Cost

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Are you interested in purchasing an established business? AliDropship offers two types dropshipping stores: Established Stores and Custom Stores. These names can be confusing. This article will discuss the differences between these options and their pros and cons.

It sounds like a great idea to buy an ecommerce business, especially if it doesn’t require as many investments as a brick and mortar store. Dropshipping offers a great alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. It requires less investment and has lower risks. AliDropship has two types of businesses for sale.

AliDropship plugin allows you to create custom stores and established stores. These allow you to dropship goods from AliExpress to different locations around the globe. They are not the same. Understanding how the plugin works is key to understanding the differences between the types.

How AliDropship, Dropshipping and Dropshipping work

AliDropship plugin is an ecommerce plug-in for WordPress’ content management system. The latter is a platform that allows you to build websites.

This plugin lets you create a website that is not only standard but also an online store. You can dropship AliExpress products with a variety of functions and tools. This is how it works.

Dropshipping allows you to sell products without the need to store or manufacture them. Find an interesting product on AliExpress, and then import it to your new store. Simply copy the product information (titles, descriptions, photos, videos etc.) You don’t purchase the product.

You place an order for the client to purchase the item through AliExpress, but ask the seller to ship the product directly to the customer. You always make more profit if you sell goods at a higher price.

Although it may seem possible to do this manually, the volume of orders is increasing and it will eventually make it impossible. An automation tool is needed to do this.

AliDropship allows you to quickly import and edit AliExpress goods, process orders quickly and automate most work. You can also import 50 products from AliDropship’s pre-edited product database for free.

But, it takes time and effort to set up a store, import and edit the products, and connect the site with social media accounts. Our ready-made solutions are here to help.

What is Custom Stores?

Custom Shops are dropshipping websites that AliDropship creates for customers upon request. While building an online store can be done quickly, it takes effort and time. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, let us take care of it.

Your personal manager will contact you before the work starts to discuss details such as the niche, design and preferred package. Then, all you have to do is wait for your store’s completion.

This means that you get an online shop made specifically for your needs.


  • Choose the niche for your store
  • You choose the name, theme, and design for the store
  • There are three packages available: Basic ($299) Advanced ($499) Ultimate ($899)


  • You can purchase a business that is ready to launch, but it won’t start bringing in profits until you promote it.

What are established stores?

Established Stores can be built using the AliDropship plugin just like Custom Stores and websites created by our clients. Technically, they are identical. These stores are technically identical. However, AliDropship’s Ecommerce Department manages and promotes them. They could be described as our stores.

All it takes is an idea. After identifying a profitable niche, the team purchases a domain and hosting. The plugin is used to create the website. Once we have all the products imported, we promote the store.

It is promoted by our experts on various channels. We try different strategies, personalize the stores to achieve better results, and test new products. After some time, the website has its own customer base and a reputation. It also has active social media accounts with real customers.

We list a business for sale when we are satisfied with its performance. This means that a person buys a small business and gets a dropshipping shop that is already in operation. It’s still necessary to promote it and develop it but it’s easier than starting with scratch.


  • Expertly built
  • You’re buying an established business with followers that is already bringing in profit
  • The site comes with a detailed guide and social media accounts that have active subscribers. Everything you need to launch your own promotions campaigns. You also receive free post-sale support from your manager for life.


  • The name, niche, and design of the store cannot be chosen by customers
  • An Established Store’s price is determined by its annual profit. High-performing stores may be very expensive.

Who would benefit from Custom and Established Stores

These offers, while similar in appearance, will serve different purposes.

An Established Store is a business that has been operating for a while and making a profit. You don’t need to spend months trying to promote it or risk losing your money.

Custom Store buyers have the option to select many details about their business. After a thorough consultation with a manager, the buyer decides what products to sell and how they should look. This option is ideal for anyone who wants to make their dreams come true. Although custom stores are more affordable than established stores, one must promote them from scratch.

What do you get when you become an established store owner?

These are the obvious benefits of investing in a business like this. But let’s not forget them!

  • Passive income from a business that is risk-free

Established stores have a proven business model that works and a track record of success. They offer the ideal opportunity to make smart investments and reap steady profits.

  • 100% ownership in a store that has a proven business model

You can buy an existing store and become the full owner of dropshipping. You will have full access to the management rights and the access details. This allows you to manage the store however you like, without any limitations.

  • Fully-set up website

Many business owners are not excited about starting an online shop. You don’t have to start from scratch if you already have a store. All the steps are completed, including getting a domain and hosting, installing WordPress, and useful software like AliDropship plug, Social Rabbit plug, Facebook Business addon, Google Merchant addon, and others. You will have a fully functioning website that handles most managerial tasks.

  • Operation in a winning niche

While creating businesses to sell, we pay attention to niche choices. After conducting extensive market research and analyzing product trends, we select niches that are of consistent public interest. You can therefore be certain of strong demand for the products that we import to our shops.

  • Potential for high Google rankings

We devote a lot to SEO efforts to make it easier for Internet users find these stores. SEO is a key focus of our efforts. We ensure that the domain and niche we choose are SEO-friendly and then work to drive free traffic to new stores through proper Google indexing.

  • Pre-edited product pages

We have mentioned that the products in our stores are highly sought-after. And what’s more, their product pages are attractive, informative, and purchase-stimulating. We manually edit product titles and descriptions to ensure they are SEO-friendly as well as client-oriented. We also create attractive picture galleries with high-quality product images and provide all details to the customers.

  • A strong social media presence

These stores are well-maintained on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We keep updating their social media accounts with interesting content that is relevant to potential customers as we build the stores. Our stores are already following 5,000 to 10,000 people on social media from the moment they go up for sale.

  • Fantastic branding opportunity

Take a look at the stores that are listed for sale. As you can see, we take special care to give them a memorable, appealing, and relevant appearance. Each store has its own brand identity. This includes logos, colors schemes, Homepage banners and other business-specific elements. These websites are able to stand out from the rest.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a risk-free, easy-to-run business that makes money?