AliDropship Plugin Vs AliDropship Woo Benefits

It is essential to do extensive research when looking for the best dropshipping software on the market. Software should be able to simplify order fulfillment, handle product images and descriptions, and perform many other functions that are essential for selling products efficiently. Let’s compare two of our most popular products!

AliDropship plugin is a popular choice for thousands of users around the world. The plugin is ideal for both new and established businessmen who want to dropship products quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes clients are confused. We offer two options to our clients when they place an order for a plugin: the AliDropship plugin and the AliDropship wooCommerce plugin.

How do you choose the best one? What is the best dropshipping software on the market?

What is the difference between these dropshipping products?

Which is better?

These questions are answered today by us once and for all.

What is AliDropship Woo?

The AliDropship plugin automates most dropshipping processes.

Our team has created 2 versions of the plug for the convenience of its users.

The AliDropship Original plugin is the first version. It can be used on any WordPress site that does not have WooCommerce installed. This plugin can only be used with AliDropship’s web store themes.

The AliDropship Woo plugin is the second version. This plugin will only work on your site if it has the WooCommerce plugin.

This article will explain what WooCommerce is.

Ok, but which dropshipping platform is better?

From the technical point of view, both dropshipping solutions are great for reselling products from AliExpress, really. 🙂 Both of the plugin versions are carefully tested and regularly updated by our enthusiastic team of highly skilled developers.

Both versions show impressive results in terms of business performance. Kingpin, an Indian client, uses AliDropship Woo to help him reach $28,000 in his first 30 days of business. Otto, a client from the Baltic states uses the original AliDropship plugin. This is how his dropshipping company made $13,000+ within a single month.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that the plugin versions differ in their functionality.

The plugin was initially created to automate the most crucial tasks of dropshipping. Both plugin versions are compatible with:

  • AliExpress allows you to import products
  • AliExpress allows you to review products.
  • Get the most recent product information
  • Use pricing markup formula
  • You must process all orders placed in your shop

As you can see, these two dropshipping tools do the work that takes most of the time in a daily dropshipping schedule, and they are done automatically.


AliDropship’s original plugin offers a wide range of dropshipping features and additional features. It has many themes and a dashboard that shows the most important stats for each store. This makes it the ideal dropshipping tool for those who don’t have any experience. In other words, it’s an all-inclusive business solution that helps you create a turnkey-ready store without any additional development/installation works.

AliDropship WooCommerce plugin has only the essential features. It only performs the core dropshipping functions outlined above.


It is because of WooCommerce’s exceptional mechanism. WooCommerce was created to allow for complete website customization. There is a plugin or tool that can be used for each task. There is no universal plugin that can do all the job. A WooCommerce website owner should be able to source and install the appropriate plugin for each of his/her needs.

I love the idea of total customization! It is also possible to customize the store design. I want a 100% unique dropshipping store, you know…

WooCommerce dropshipping can be a great solution if you are looking for a unique store with a unique design.

There are thousands of WooCommerce developers around the world who create and upload many plugins, tools and themes. You can create a unique store by combining these elements and choosing the ones you like best.


It is worth noting that all existing Woo themes were created by people from all walks of the globe, have different backgrounds and are skilled in different areas of design and development. AliDropship cannot guarantee that the Woo themes you choose will look good on all devices, be highly convertible and work smoothly.

We want to support your business growth and have created a variety of WooCommerce themes that are compatible with AliDropship. They have been carefully optimized to increase your conversions.

We also tried out a variety of third-party WooCommerce themes. Based on the feedback from our developers, we created a list of the most popular Woo themes in terms their flexibility, safety and ability to generate sales. The list of recommended Woo themes can be found here

So I purchased the AliDropship Woo plugin but when I log in, there is no logically-structured dashboard in my store. What is the …?? What the…?

Yes, exactly.

After installing the AliDropship plugin, log in to the admin panel. The dashboard will show you the overview of your store stats. (see the example below).

It gets more complicated when you use the AliDropship Woo plugin.

You can see the stats of your WooCommerce-based dropshipping shop from the admin panel, or you can use an independent plugin.

Each task should have its own plugin, remember ?…

Oh. Your AliDropship Woo plugin processes orders.


Both plugins can redirect order information to AliExpress original suppliers.

You can use the AliDropship Woo plugin to redirect orders. First, go to the WooCommerce section. Next, choose the Orders tab. Once you have the order details displayed, click the button to place the order automatically.

The plugin will then do the rest. It will then visit AliExpress and select the appropriate product variant.

After this, click on the Confirm &Pay button at the bottom.

That’s all!

Order processing for AliDropship plugin is faster.

What shipping options are available for both plugin versions?

The AliDropship plugin lets you select, set up and modify many shipping options – . You can find more information about it here.

There are still differences.

All of your settings will be applied automatically to all deliveries to any country when you use the original AliDropship plug.

You will need to manage the shipping zones when you use AliDropship Woo. This means that each region will need its own shipping zone settings.

What plugins are used for tracking?

If you are using the original AliDropship plugin , please read this article in the knowledge base to learn how to track order details and how to send tracking IDs to your buyers.

You will need the AliDropship Woo plugin to do this:

  • Enable your Google Chrome extension
  • Log in to your AliExpress Account
  • Open a new browser tab and open the Orders section. Click the “Get Tracking” button.

This plugin will sync your AliExpress account to your store. If the original supplier has provided the tracking ID, the number will appear on the Order Page.

What about payment gateways

AliDropship’s original plugin is compatible to most of the top payment gateways around the world. This page lists all payment gateways that the AliDropship plugin supports.

It’s all different with the AliDropship Woo plugin. WooCommerce supports nearly every payment gateway in the world. This means you can visit the WooCommerce website to download any plugin that adds the required payment gateway to your store. You can also search for the plugins on the official websites to the payment gateways you are interested in.

Is WooCommerce compatible with the Woo plugin?

It’s not a good idea for compatibility or smooth functioning. Here are the reasons.

Only general WordPress sites that do not have WooCommerce installed can use the original AliDropship plugin.

AliDropship Woo is a plugin that was specifically designed for WooCommerce sites.

Your store won’t function properly if you mix them together.

It is important to note that if you have an existing plugin version, you will need to remove the store contents and import the products from scratch.

Is the Woo model a good option for someone who is just starting dropshipping?


WooCommerce is, as you can see from the earlier parts of this article. It requires a lot of technical knowledge and/or development skills.

We recommend that you stick with the AliDropship original plugin if you have no experience building websites or running online shops. You won’t need to spend your time or nerves installing additional plugins. It already has all of the essential dropshipping tools available on the market.

Ok, but… I’m still not sure which dropshipping tool is best for me.

There is nothing to be concerned about. Take a look at this little checklist and mark the statements that you agree with.

  • I want a store that has a completely unique layout and doesn’t look like any other.
  • I am a programmer/developer/IT person.
  • This is not the first online shop I will have.
  • I have tried everything I can to dropship on my other stores. Now I want something more.
  • I would like to build my store using many small details such as a Lego brick dollhouse.

Did you tick more than four statements? Get the AliDropship Woo plugin.

Did you tick less than four statements? Get the AliDropship plugin in its original version.