Aliexpress Dropshipping Problems and Solutions Discussed

It’s time to get serious.

We’ll be covering the most common AliExpress Dropshipping problems today.

There are many problems that you could run into.

We’ll help you navigate them all, so don’t worry.

Dropshipping via AliExpress will not be easy.

There is always a way out.

AliExpress Headache

AliExpress is a great resource for dropshipping businesses.

They have more suppliers than any company and offer outstanding prices on a huge range of products.

Every great thing has its flaws.

AliExpress’s poor support is the biggest problem.

First, the Chinese are not fluent in English.

The majority of people are only using a digital translator at best.

Communication is severely impaired.

They also support millions of suppliers so the time it takes to respond is often a few days.


The following happened in December last year.

Everything was fine. We were able to increase our AliExpress dropshipping revenue by several hundred dollars per daily, which we did for the first two month without any problems.

We were then faced with a problem.

After ensuring that all daily orders were shipped, Rito went to sleep.

Our AliExpress account was frozen when he woke awake.

There is no warning, heads up or explanation.

We didn’t know for 24 hours that we were suspended.

We were able login to view and add products to our carts, as well as view our orders.

We couldn’t check out.

We saw an error message saying that there was a technical problem.

We had contacted support but they did not respond.

We had to put an end to all advertising and inform new customers about a shipping delay.

We had to also change our inventory to $0.

We didn’t give up

It would have been simple to say “Screw dropshipping and screw AliExpress!”

But we didn’t.

We took a deep breathe and dived into the problem, cool as well as collectively.

After three days without any response from AliExpress Rito reviewed our spam folder…

It was there.

AliBaba sent an email indicating that they had noticed suspicious activity.

To confirm that everything was okay, there was a link in the email

This was supposed to make it all again all sunshine and rainbows.

We clicked the …. link

It was nothing.

The “Quick and Easy” Eventual Solution

Their email support is mediocre, but they do have live chat.

There are friendly and competent people at the other end, whether you believe it or not.

It would be an understatement to say that we were surprised.

Rito told the chat agent that our account had been suspended. We had been placing regular orders to grow our business. We would like to be reinstated as nothing was suspicious.

We already mentioned the need to provide all documentation and proof of business.

The chat agent confirmed and advised that orders should be placed within 24 hours.

We were then reinstated. Weird? We know.

Common AliExpress Issues & Solutions

Let’s now discuss the AliExpress problems that you might encounter…


You’ll notice that some orders you place regularly on AliExpress will not go through.

Your order will be subject to payment verification, which can take between 12-24 hours.

The seller must then ship the product.

Sometimes, however, orders don’t go through. You’ll find an appeal in your “My Orders” section.

A photo of your purchase card and details about your bank will be required.

Make sure you don’t share any sensitive information like account numbers or card numbers. They only need to see your name on the card.

You can hide certain details of your address if you send your passport.

Never email AliExpress sensitive information or account details during appeals. You might accidentally find your card used for illegal purchases in China.

However, you should submit your documents as soon the appeal is granted.

Verified By Visa or OTPs

This applies to people who live abroad.

Visa Verification is not required for dropshippers from Canada or the United States.

You can access “My Orders” within your AliExpress account if this happens.

Do not pay the final step on your card details page.

Instead, choose “Other Payment Options” and go from there.

AliExpress will display the order you placed using “Other payment methods” under the “Awaiting Payment” tab.

After placing 30 orders, the order will appear in the “Awaiting payment” section. Here you can pay 10 at once.

Account Suspensions

This problem was also covered in the story that we shared at the start of this article.

It is best to find the AliExpress email with the link, and then contact the live chat support.

It’s frustrating, so be patient.

Items Not Being Delivered

AliExpress does not accept refunds, chargebacks, or disputes.

Dropshipping is a long-term business. You will run into sellers who don’t ship on time, or won’t honor your order.

This is unfortunately the nature of the game.

Problem is AliExpress penalizes you for opening multiple disputes instead of punishing faulty sellers.

AliExpress suspends you if you have multiple disputes with vendors.

You can always find another vendor if you run into a problem.

This will ensure that your account is not suspended and that you can fulfill orders.

Red flags are used to describe orders placed suddenly after you have not previously placed any. Your account may be suspended.

Unfortunately, these annoying suspensions are necessary countermeasures to that country.

AliExpress’s last big red flag is when AliExpress has a virtual assistant (virtual assistant) who works for you and places orders for you, but is not from your country.

They will use a different IP address, which will likely lead to an automatic account suspension.

AliExpress will be able to reinstate your account.

Aliexpress Dropshipping Payment Problems

We all know what gurus love talking about. They love to talk about the incredibly expensive sports cars they purchased using dropshipping money. Just returned from purchasing my Porsche 911 GT3 Don’t worry, I also fitted it with HRE FF01 custom wheels.”

They love to talk about their exotic, flashy vacations.
“Oh, hey guys. This video is a bit late, sorry. Just returned from my first-class flight to the Maldives.

It’s much more enjoyable to discuss things like this than it is to say, “Oh, hey guys.” My PayPal account was frozen when I woke up this morning. Oh yeah. Just checked and found that I had a chargeback. Ah, hey! I just checked my email. A customer is asking for a reimbursement.

The truth is that I was not completely innocent of it either. Dropshipping isn’t a perfect business. Dropshipping is not for everyone. Many people start out and find success. But then, something happens to them that they didn’t expect.

These things can be easily overcome, or you can prepare in advance so they don’t happen to your.

Let’s get to it.

PayPal Banned

Many people believe that PayPal is against dropshipping. However, this is false. The horror stories are well-known. One person had a PayPal account with tens or thousands of dollars. Then, one day, they sign in and their account is banned.

Dropshipping isn’t something PayPal hates, as I said. They hate shady businesses. They hate it when customers are lied about or cheated. Let me tell you, AliExpress dropshippers are shady with shipping. It is a fact that cannot be ignored. Dropshipping items from AliExpress suppliers will take between two and four weeks to receive the goods.

Dropshipping can have a negative impact on sales, which is unfortunately what many new sellers believe. They believe they cannot be transparent about shipping times, as if they aren’t, no one will buy from them. You should know what they do. They try to conceal it. They don’t include a disclaimer in their product pages. A disclaimer may be included on the cart page.

Be Honest

The disclaimer should be clearly displayed on your product page. I recommend bolding it to ensure that potential customers see it. Then, I suggest that you add the disclaimer to your confirmation email. It will inform the customer that shipping may take up to four weeks. Also, please be patient. It’s important to let the customer know that shipping will take between two and four weeks. This will reduce the number of emails asking where their item is.

You also want to do this because you will get fewer PayPal disputes from people again asking where their item is. You will also win disputes if you are upfront about shipping times and other details. These disputes are what get people banned from PayPal so be honest.

Use Spocket app

Dropshippers shouldn’t have to deal with Chinese suppliers’ slow shipping times. You can also use Spocket app. Spocket allows you to find suppliers from the US and EU. This allows you to reduce shipping times.

Getting Chargebacks

Because it is not fun to discuss chargebacks, no one wants talk about them. Customers can charge back credit card companies if they don’t receive an item or were victims of fraud. It doesn’t end there. You, the merchant, have the right to respond. To prove the contrary, you can attach documents and evidence.

Customers will chargeback charges for one of these reasons. First, the customer may not have recognized the charge on their credit cards, so they will believe they are the victims of fraud. This is easy to avoid.

When setting up Shopify payments using Shopify, ensure that you include the name of your shop in the statement description box.The most difficult customer to deal with is the one who is just unhappy and feels cheated. I have found that chargebacks are often due to the fact that they were not expecting long shipping times.

It is important to repeat it again. You will get fewer chargebacks if you are honest and upfront with your customer. However, it is normal to get a chargeback from time to time. Let me tell you, chargebacks are something that any business dealing with credit cards should expect to encounter.

If a customer claims a chargeback due to long shipping times, you can be open and honest and win the chargeback. It wasn’t a secret. They weren’t tricked. The process was not fraudulent. They weren’t lied to. You were honest and open. A link to your product page can be provided. This page should clearly state the shipping time and include a disclaimer. You can also provide screenshots of the product page. You can also provide a copy your confirmation email, in which you included the disclaimer regarding shipping times. If you choose ePacket for your shipping method, you will be provided with a tracking code which will indicate that the item has been shipped.

If you were honest and not shady, you can win. You will be able to charge less if you are completely upfront with your customer about the product they are receiving.

Let’s face it, they aren’t always going to win. It is difficult to deal with them even if you win them. There are ways to prevent them from happening.

Use Positive Feedback

Avoiding PayPal disputes and chargebacks is the best way to avoid them. This encourages communication between you, your customers.

Getting positive reviews is a key component of the Amazon FBA marketplace. You can get reviews by asking customers to leave reviews. We cannot ask customers to leave positive reviews as this is against Amazon’s terms. Therefore, we must ask them to write honest reviews.

This is fine, but it can lead to you sending the email to an unhappy customer. When you ask them for honest reviews, they leave a negative one.

Encourage communication

Customers who are unhappy with your service should be encouraged to communicate with you. You can add a line such as “And if there are any problems, please email us before posting a review.” We care about every customer.”

Do the same with your Shopify store. It is important that all automated email notifications, such as the shipping confirmation email, include a note asking customers to email you if they have any issues or are unhappy. You should also ensure that at least one email is sent to the customer within a week of the sale, telling them that if they have any problems they can contact you.

It’s also a good idea to send them an email to let customers know that the item is on its way. Also, thank you for your patience. Most customers want to know you are still there and that your care. If you are contacted by a customer and they contact you, let them know that the shipping time is normal, the item is in transit, and that you care.

How to Get Refunds

Refunds are a normal part of business. It doesn’t really matter what business you run. Your neighbours could have you mowing their grass. You might be making high-tech phones. You might even own a dropshipping company. It doesn’t really matter. Refunds are an inevitable part of any business. These customers are rare and uncommon, however.

A strict refund policy

Refunds should only be allowed for items that have been damaged or faulty. You should not allow people to return items because of a change in their mind.

Also, I recommend you include a link to your refund policy page in your footer. This will ensure that it is on every page of your website and that customers don’t have any excuses not to have read it.

Gurus aren’t interested in discussing these topics because it’s not just because they don’t want to discuss difficult topics. These issues are simple to solve, but there are many people who get discouraged and become negative about dropshipping.

It’s almost like people reading my article on making money with dropshipping. They read it and think, “Nope. Too hard.” But the truth is that such people will never start a business. They will always be working 8am-6pm. It’s easy to get 8am-6pm job. It’s not easy. They are often tired and uninspiring but they are safe because they know they will get a basic salary every day they go to work. If you’re interested in being one of these types of people, it’s fine. These are the types of people I know most. That’s not something I have anything against.

People who succeed and people who get rich see the challenges as opportunities. They see people who are scared to start a business, because they fear their PayPal accounts will be frozen, and they look at them and say, “Oh, great!” This is one less competitor for me.” They see the solutions to every problem as they are, just like I explained in this article. They know that with a little research and some problem-solving you can usually find the answer to any problem. They get out there. They observe the silly mistakes that people made and stop them from freezing their PayPal accounts.

What kind of person will you be?

Thank you for reading this article. It would be great if this article was enjoyed and you appreciate the honest advice.