Are you Allowed to Dropship from Amazon to eBay?

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Dropshipping takes the hassle out of stocking a full inventory, as well as having to pay storage and fulfilment fees. You only need to accept the order, and ensure that the supplier fulfills it. eDesk is your source for information on dropshipping between Amazon and eBay. Here are the facts.

Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay: Legalities

It is important to be familiar with the legalities of eCommerce before you start. Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay, in the broadest sense, is legal. You’ll need to take into account other issues such as:

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Dropship legality: Check the list of prohibited items to ensure that you are allowed to dropship.

Ethical issues: If the product prices are too different, you could risk getting negative reviews. If you can make sales on eBay with a 50% markup, customers may leave negative reviews.

Amazon sellers’ responses: While buyers may feel deceived by the disparate pricing is one thing, sellers should be cautious if they perceive you making a large profit. This shouldn’t happen. Sellers should only sell on the marketplaces where they feel they can make sales. But it’s something you need to be aware of.

Restrictions on Amazon and eBay: Israeli eBay sellers had their accounts closed after Amazon discovered that they were dropshipping from Amazon. You’ll also want to read up on Amazon’s dropshipping policy.

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How to successfully dropship from Amazon to Amazon

Dropshipping products from Amazon to eBay follows the same process as sourcing products.

Find a niche market that has low competition and high demand. You should look for sellers with fewer than average sales ranks, moderate reviews, and sellers who have a high number of customers.

Target items with higher market value, such as American products marked up in Canada or Chinese products in Europe/North America, are ideal.

Imagine how a product could be rebranded to appeal to buyers. Look at the current branding, then read reviews from buyers to see if you can make it happen.

Listed product listings can be hidden gems. Here are some things to remember:

Photos of low quality or very few photos are not recommended. This could make it easy for you to capitalize on if products are shot poorly or don’t show the product from various angles.

Keywords that are missing or poor. You can dropship a product if the seller hasn’t done proper keyword research.

Typos. Typos. You might find sellers who are happy to sell a product if buyers skip over listings due to misspellings.

These magical listings are available from where?

Start your eBay search. For a quick overview of potential ideas, you can look for items on the Trending Page. Or, go deeper by looking through specific categories for products that have many active bids.

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A spreadsheet should be created with the product’s price. To act as a cushion, take 10% off each price. This will cover any expenses that you might incur when dropshipping. This will be your long-term list.

Next, go to Amazon and search for those products. Be sure to enter different spellings and misspellings. Also, be aware that Amazon may not allow you to search for products with poor-written copy and low-quality images. Your shortlist now includes the products that meet your criteria.

Compare the eBay and Amazon prices from your shortlist to determine how they compare with your profit margins. It might be difficult to make a steady profit if your shortlist contains low-cost items (less than $15). Instead, stick to the $15-50 range.

Register New Listings

This is a crucial part that we cannot stress enough. It’s important that you don’t copy and paste the Amazon listings but that you create your own. Read up on eBay listing guidelines to make sure you fall within them.

It is possible to make your images better by either searching for free copyrighted ones on Google, or creating your own. This is an area that can be easily improved upon.

Lastly, publish your eBay listing and make the purchase on Amazon.

Solution 1:

Let’s clarify a word first. Dropshipping is not what you mean. You have not signed a contract with a supplier to enable you to sell their products through a direct-from–supplier fulfillment model. Caleb Worm’s definition of “direct-from-supplier fulfillment model” in a previous answer is also incorrect. A third party is used to store and ship your goods (i.e. The FBA/MCF mentioned by him is not dropshipping. It’s simply outsourcing fulfillment.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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Retail arbitrage is the act of finding lower prices in one location and buying inventory from that location to sell it at a higher price elsewhere. The sequence of events in the use case that you are referring too would be: Find, Sell, Buy. This is both more profitable (financially) as well as less risky (business integrity).

The legality of your Amazon Arbitrage (AA) model depends on what your definition of legal is and the details of what you are doing. The AA model, as far as I am aware, would not violate any laws. However, it could potentially breach your agreements with Amazon or eBay. It is hard to say if what you propose is legal, as these are civil contracts.

Are you going to use Amazon Prime? If you do, you’ll be violating Amazon Prime’s terms and conditions.

You will eventually run into problems. Customers will receive boxes with Amazon smiles and Amazon packslips. They will be irritated to learn that you have increased the Amazon price. There will be angry emails, negative feedback and possibly some claims/disputes. You’ll win them, but it is still frustrating to deal with. You will also get screwed and end up with orders on eBay you cannot fulfill. This could be because the item has been out of stock or the price has jumped so high that you don’t have the funds to buy it.

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Although I am aware of people who do this, it is IMO a terrible idea.

Solution 2:

There are many complaints about Amazon’s delivery of eBay products to the eBay Buyer Boards.

There could be two different selling methods.

Multiple venues are sometimes used by eBay sellers. EBay and Amazon. An Amazon box will be delivered to the customer who purchased the product on eBay. The customer is confused.

This is not dropshipping. This is a way to streamline shipping for sellers who use multiple venues. This is not a problem for EBay.

The problem seller is one who searches AZ for a great deal and then posts a listing on eBay with a slightly higher price. They buy the AZ seller, then have him ship the buyer. EBay is against this because, among other things the seller doesn’t own anything. If he can’t buy the item he sells (because the AZ seller has out of stock), the buyer will blame eBay. Sellers may lose their selling accounts if they are discovered.

Technically, this isn’t dropshipping. Dropshipping is where the supplier has contact with the reseller. He may also be providing descriptions and pictures. This is acceptable by EBay, but it can prove difficult for the reseller.

Solution 3:

Are you interested in starting a dropshipping business that sells Amazon to eBay products? Are you curious to find out if it is legal? Are you worried about inventory management, storage, and fulfillment fees? Do you wonder about dropshipping between Amazon and eBay? You’re in the right spot. We will explain everything in today’s article.

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Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay: Legalities

Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is legal? This question was frequently asked by our readers. Today I am very clear that dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is legal. When you open a business, there is no prohibition.

You’ll also need to think about other factors, like:

Dropship legality:

Amazon has restricted some items on its platform. Check that drop shipping is permitted for the item you wish to drop off.

The ethical questions:

Negative reviews are more likely when a buyer purchases a product for $30 (It’s just an example). But if he later discovers that the exact product is on Amazon at $ 20, then the buyer feels like he was cheated. You can also ask him to leave negative feedback about your listing.

How to successfully dropship from Amazon to eBay

These steps will help you to succeed in Amazon to eBay dropshipping. Look for products that are low in competition and have high demand. You should target the product that has a higher market value.

Take a look at the branding of the product and review the feedback from buyers. You will know what the buyers want, and you can then rebrand your product based on that.

Pros and cons of eBay Dropshipping from Amazon

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Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is a great option because customers can receive their product in just 2 days.

If the customer is unhappy with the product, you can have it sent back to you. You can request that the customer return the item to you. Amazon offers a very generous refund policy. You will get almost all of your money back.

Cons of Amazon Dropshipping from eBay:

Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay has one major drawback. The product is shipped with an Amazon box, which can cause confusion for the customer. Another disadvantage is that dropshipping from Amazon to eBay does not guarantee that an item will be in stock. This is because Amazon’s product listings change frequently.

Last Thoughts

You need to do your research and follow these guidelines in order to market your products. A professional will do these things perfectly. The Renown system takes care of everything, from research to listing the product. Our clients can call us at our number and we have a track record of helping them.