AutoDS eBay Dropshipping Tools Review, Pricing & Features

AutoDS is a Dropshipping Automation System. It allows you to streamline your dropshipping business and ensure that orders are fulfilled on time. Your store can also be updated as needed.

Dropshipping is an eCommerce model that allows you to act as a middleman between the supplier of the product and the customer.

You don’t need to handle the production, storage, and handling of products and your supplier doesn’t need to manage the selling process.

You can sell your products online via Shopify, eBay or other marketplaces.

Once you have made a sale, you must forward it to your supplier for them to fulfill the order and ship it.

Let’s have a look at Auto DS review to see if it can help us in our eCommerce business.

AutoDS is for Whom?

AutoDS can be used by dropshippers who wish to improve their business efficiency. This tool is for those who:

  • Shopify and eBay allow you to sell
  • You want to make sure that your company doesn’t sell out-of-stock products
  • You are looking for profitable, hot products to sell
  • Customers want to have a great customer service system
  • You want to see detailed analytics of your store’s performance?
  • They are trying to establish positive, long-lasting relationships and trust with their customers

AutoDS Features

While most AutoDS reviews online only talk briefly about the tool, we will be writing a detailed AutoDS review today.

We will not only discuss its pricing and features, but also the pros and cons. We will then rate the tool based on four key parameters.

Let’s start with Auto DS features.

The Product Finder

AutoDS’ Product Locator tool allows you to quickly and easily search through thousands of products to find the best to list in your store.

Dropshipping is a lucrative business model that allows you to sell popular and unique products.

To find the most profitable products for your store, the Product Finder tool scans over 40,000 dropshippers every day and more than a million products.

The first step is to choose the suppliers that you wish to search for, such as Amazon and Walmart, HomeDepot or Costway, Chinabrands, Banggood, and Costway.

Next, select the category that you want to sell in. You will be able to see which categories are gaining the most sales.

The Coupons Finder section searches for products with a high probability of receiving coupon discounts. You can cut down on the price of the product, which you pay to the supplier, and make more profit.

Next, you need to choose your filters. You can search for products with a specific quantity. Products will give you a base amount of profit.

You can also choose the settings to upload the products to your store.

You can, for example, choose to use the main photo as your product image or upload product variations.

This tool allows you to upload thousands of products that meet your criteria all at once.

You can also schedule the tool to automatically search for products using your pre-set criteria and upload them to you store every day.

You can add new products to your store automatically without having to do any manual work.

You can combine products from more than one supplier.

Automated Order Fulfillment

The Automated Order Fulfillment Tool automatically fulfills orders after they have been placed by customers. This tool has many benefits.

  1. Spend your time doing things you value more, like spending quality time with your family.
  2. Customers will receive their orders faster, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and repeat customers.
  3. You will save money. Sometimes prices are raised after customers make a purchase. This happens before you have had the chance to fulfill the order.

All orders will be processed within minutes. To maximize your profits, a coupon will be automatically applied if it is available.

Customers will also be sent emails with tracking information.

Customers will receive three order confirmation emails:

  1. Confirmation of order
  2. Tracking and shipping confirmation
  3. Delivery confirmation and link for a review

This feature is only available if your dropshipping source is Amazon US, Amazon UK or Amazon DE, Amazon FR, AliExpress, or Amazon UK.

Stock and price monitoring

It can be hard to keep track of the products you have in your store if there are thousands or only one hundred.

What happens if the price of a product goes up and a customer places an order? Does that mean you lose any profit? What if the product you ordered goes out of stock? Are you forced to disappoint a customer who placed an order?

This is why the Monitoring tool prevents this from happening. Every 30-60 minutes, it scans your products.

You will have to discontinue selling a product if it goes out of stock.

The price of your store will rise if the price goes up (depending on what pricing and margin rules have you set).

AutoDS’s price calculator takes into consideration many factors, including any shipping costs.

Prices will be adjusted in your shop based on your breakeven pricing rules if there are.

To increase conversion rates, you can set the price to $XX.99 (one penny lower than the actual price).

Software for Customer Relationship Management

High-quality customer service and care is the key to any business. AutoDS’s customer service software makes it easy for you to stay in touch with customers and solve their problems.

All your information can be accessed from one place, including messages and cancellations.

You can save time by creating pre-written message templates that you can use to quickly address common issues, questions, or complaints.

You don’t need to go back and forth to manage your messages.

Automatic pricing updates

AutoDS automatically adjusts your prices to increase sales.

If a product is not selling, they can lower the price to entice buyers to buy. To increase your revenue, you can raise the price if a product is highly in demand.

You can remove a listing if a product doesn’t sell after a certain period. This will ensure that you don’t overcrowd your dropshipping shop with unprofitable products.

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AutoDS automatically emails customers after they have made a purchase. After they receive the product, an email will be sent with a link for them to leave feedback.

SEO is key to increasing sales. Getting more reviews is crucial for both SEO and sales.

Dynamic personalization allows you to personalize all messages that are sent to customers.

You can send these messages to international customers based on their time zone. Otherwise, it could confuse buyers by sending them confirmation messages at the wrong times.

The Chrome Extension/Non API AutoDS Feature

AutoDS can be used with Chrome Extension even if the store does not have the API installed.

You can upload products and pricing will automatically sync as long as the Chrome extension is open.

Products can also be monitored automatically. To make this work, however, your browser must be open and you must log into the Chrome extension.

AutoDS Shopify

Dropshipping with AutoDS Shopify is now possible.

AutoDS automates everything, from product listing automation to stock monitoring.

AutoDS Knowledge Base & Education

AutoDS offers a variety of educational resources that will help customers succeed with dropshipping.

They also have a knowledgebase that answers frequently asked questions about the AutoDS system.

You can also watch pre-recorded webinars and videos to increase your knowledge.

AutoDS Mentorship Program

Qualified customers can receive a Mentorship Program for no cost. You don’t have to pay anything; all you need is to complete a form and find out if you are eligible.

You will be able join the WhatsApp group if you are accepted into the program. Here you can ask questions or get help. Your mentor will be available to you via WhatsApp for one-on-one support.

As you open your store, your mentor will help guide you and offer advice to help you achieve your goals.

Dropshipping can be difficult for beginners, especially if AutoDS is used.

A mentor can help you make the transition smoother.

This will allow you to get more done faster and increase your overall ROI.

We will now focus on the cost of Auto DS.

AutoDS Pricing

Let’s talk now about AutoDS pricing.

There are many plans that you can choose from. Pricing for Auto DS varies depending on which service you sign up for.


  • Start Now – $7.99/month
  • New Dropshipper + – $16.79/month
  • Professionals – $151.99/month
  • Select your plan – starting at $23.99/week

All plans include a 7-day free trial starting at $1

Shopify offers the following pricing plans for Auto DS Pricing:


  • No cost
  • Starter – $47/month
  • Warrior – $97/month
  • King – $197/month

All plans are free to try for seven days.

AutoDS add-ons are also available for Product finding and Auto-ordering.

AutoDS Affiliate Program

Refer friends to the affiliate program and you can earn money. A special link will be sent to you that you can share with your friends and promote online.

For the first three months, your commission will be 20 percent

AutoDS Customer Support

AutoDS offers a mentorship program and a knowledge base. This knowledge base contains articles in English, Hebrew Spanish, Greek, Spanish, and Hebrew.

They can also be reached via live chat (which takes up to a week to receive a reply) and Facebook Messenger (which they typically reply within an hour).

There are also Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram groups/channels/profiles.

What does AutoDS measure up?

Let’s take a look at the four areas that AutoDS scores in:

  1. Ease-of-use
  2. Features
  3. Customer Service
  4. Value for money

It’s easy to use

AutoDS is very easy to use.

The user interface is a little outdated. We deducted half of a star. Additionally, sometimes things load slowly, so another half star was taken from the score.

The dashboard will show stats on your active listings, untracked listing, total orders for the last 24 hours, as well as total profit for the past 24hrs.

You will also receive your account information. This includes how many credits are left, how many pending order you need to fulfill, how much stock you have, and so forth.

You can quickly see if your business is growing or declining by looking at the profit and order charts.

You will find the following options on the left-hand side:

  • Active Listings – Here you can view all active listings along with information such as your source price, selling price, sales price, product views, total profit, etc.
  • Untracked Listings: Here you will find listings that aren’t being tracked via API.
  • Orders – Here you can purchase more automatic order fulfillment credit. You can view all orders fulfilled and information including your total profit, buyer name and taxes, as well as details such as the quantity sold and any fees.
  • Customer Service – Here you can manage your messages. You can also find additional subsections here:
    • Inbox
    • Sent messages
    • Messages lost
    • Cancellations
    • Returns
    • The resolution of cases
    • More
  • Monitor – This is where you can control the settings of the Price Monitor tool. You can, for example, set default break-even prices for automatic pricing. Decide whether a listing should end automatically if there are no sales. Also, determine whether prices should be round to $XX.99. Each supplier source you work with (Amazon Walmart Banggood) can be managed separately.
  • Auto DS Finder – Here you can browse through thousands of products and find the best. First, choose your supplier (Amazon or Banggood). Next, you can set filters such as products that have a certain number of sales per month. It will cost more credits to search for products that have a greater sales volume per month, or products that are likely to offer coupons.
  • Upload Products – This is where you can enter your product ID and upload products to your shop. You can also schedule your automatic upload date and set filters for bulk upload.
  • Invoice – These are your invoices for AutoDS credit purchases and monthly plans
  • Gift cards – Links to directories that include gift cards. This was the only way I could find it.

The interface is easy to use. It is easy to use and doesn’t have many bells or whistles.

However, there are certain things that can be improved.


We have already covered all the features of AutoDS, and there are features that will help you with dropshipping automation.

AutoDS is therefore awarded five stars for its features.

Customer Service

They offer a live chat option and customer service is excellent. Although they have great educational resources and mentorship programs, you won’t be able to call them.

It is crucial to be able to reach an agent 24 hours a day, especially if you sell to customers around the globe who might live in different time zones.

Sometimes you need to solve a problem quickly. Waiting to hear back from your customer can result in lower customer satisfaction.

In many ways, phone calls are better than Facebook Messenger chatting.

Next, we will rate AutoDS’s price and value-for-money.

Value for money

AutoDS has different pricing structures for different tools and services, so it is difficult to rate them on “Value For Money”.

It only has 3 stars because if you add a lot of products, Auto DS prices can be quite high.

AutoDS Pros & Cons

Let’s close with some pros and cons.


  • You can relax and let orders be fulfilled automatically. This frees up time and allows you to scale up more effectively.
  • Chrome extensions can be used even if your store is not connected via API
  • Instantly find thousands of lucrative products that you can upload to your store bulk.
  • For only $0.99, you can get a free trial
  • Qualified customers can receive a mentorship program at no cost
  • A vast knowledge base is available


  • The interface is somewhat outdated
  • Because there are no monthly fees that include all features, it can be difficult to estimate your expenses.
  • Buy credits can add up
  • No phone support is available

Wrap it up

Finally, we are done with our AutoDS review.

AutoDS is an excellent tool that offers many great features.

It’s possible to stick with the product monitoring and product finding tools. There are other AutoDS options you could explore.