Band Shirts Dropshipping Everything you Need to Know

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It is often said that the way a band looks affects how many people they get. Fans will fall in love with the band they see and want to see them look fashionable.

We will be discussing the top wholesalers and drop shippers for wholesale band merchandise. We will also share tips on how to increase your revenue as a wholesaler in the music band wholesale industry.

Now let’s get into it.

Dropshippers of Cheap Band Shirts

Many wholesalers are now able to sell band merchandise at affordable prices. The following is a compiled list of 6 best wholesalers/dropshippers:


This wholesale distributor and wholesaler is at the top of the wholesale band merchandise distribution list.

This company is currently ranked the number one sales platform in the world. It offers the best selection of band merchandise at affordable prices.

Chinabrands provides band merchandise at a professional level. It also includes HD images of the merchandise. We guarantee 100% delivery quality.

It has been ranked as the first among the top wholesale music merchandise distributors.

Chinabrands collaborates with DHL and EMS as well as Speed post to increase its global network. It also includes the fastest money transfer companies in the world.

Chinabrands is the company that band merchandisers can rely on for bulk orders of professional band merchandise.

London Beatles Store: Beatles Merchandise and Memorabilia

This is an official Beatles merchandise wholesale distributor based in London, it is the only Beatles Shop that stocks a large range of merchandise including T-shirts & clothing for the records plus original memorabilia including autographs and much more!

Napalm Records Merchandise

This wholesaler specializes in all things rock band merchandise. The company offers a wide range of T-shirts, caps, pants/trousers and bandanas. They also record for the band.

Rockline Enterprises Dropship

This merchant is licensed by On-Trend and offers fast shipping. It offers easy order placement tools and tracking number notifications for all orders with suppliers to businesses dropshipping services. They don’t sell to individuals, and their merchandise includes T-shirts, pants, and instruments.

Rock-N-Roll Wholesale is the virtual wholesale division of Rockline Enterprises LLC based just outside of Minneapolis, MN. Wholesale clients can purchase official licensed wholesale merchandise from rock and roll bands, designer streetwear fashion, and collectibles from pop culture via their easy-to-use ecommerce website.

Hybris Online Official Merchandise

Hbris Production is an authorized web-shop. It sells only to corporate customers and resellers. It is located in Trelleborg (Sweden) and has been a trusted supplier of high-quality, creatively designed apparel and accessories such as t-shirts and sweats, tops and coffee mugs.


Teemill is an innovative e-commerce platform that connects a high-quality print-on-demand shirt factory with a cutting-edge online store. Teemill can be used to create a shop, create a collection, and begin selling within a matter of days.

MXED Spotlight

Dropship Official Wholesale Band T-Shirt Site for Pop-Culture Merchandise. This site helps other businesses identify dropshippers, especially for entrepreneurs looking to sell licensed pop culture merchandise like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Marvel.


Dropshipping all music merchandise online, this wholesale online store sells clothing and band apparel for the Rock-n’Roll industry. It is a wholesaler of merchandise for major music artists like Justin Bierber or the Beatles.

Rock off

This wholesale distributor supplies official music and merchandise for Justin Bieber and other top artists. This is an Independent Wholesaler for Official music & Character Merchandise for some the most prominent names in music & entertainment.

Which is the Best Selling Band Merchandise?

These are the best wholesale concert merchandise to increase your revenue than the cheap band shirts.

Ghost Skull 3D-Print Men’s Tshirt

A fashionable, short-sleeve round neck T-shirt with a skull pattern is available. It can be worn casually or as a punk outfit. The price is $6.40 and it comes in spandex or polyester. There are no shipping restrictions on Chinabrands. You can click here to register to buy now.


The basic product for wholesale band business is guitar.


We all have keys that allow us to access our secure property. It is important to keep them safe. This is a great way to have keys handy and to give publicity to the merchandising group to others.

Phone/Tablet/Laptop cases

Most people have at least one of these gadgets in this age of techno-savvy. We carry them with us everywhere we go. These cases give your phone, tablet or laptop a stylish look. Some have waterproof and protective pouch designs that could bring you more revenue.

Bandanas/ Scarves

This is a great way for bands to be publicized as it gives them a fashionable look at concerts or casual events. People like trendy trends, which means this brings in more revenue.

Mugs for coffee

Fans can now enjoy their favorite beverage in band merchandise. These mugs come in many different designs and colors and can be used to keep pens and pencils at home or work.

Tips for Music Retailers to Sell More Items

Music is one of the most lucrative industries because people love it! These tips will help retailers increase their revenue through music merchandising sales.

Be familiar with the music industry
Wholesale music merchandise distributors that venture into both retailing and wholesaling are best at gaining a competitive advantage. It is important for retailers to work hard to understand the business. They should be willing to spend time learning about the industry and having the energy and desire to achieve their business goals. Music merchandise retailers fail when they lack industry knowledge, lack clear vision, poorly surveyed markets strategy, inadequate capitalization, and lack of clear goals.

Understanding your music band clients
Do you know your clients well and what are their needs? A clear understanding of your clients and their needs is key to successful retailing in the music industry. There are many ways things can be done. The trends, how they dress, and the way they shop, vary. You will ensure sustainability by making it a priority for retailers to provide the best possible service to your clients. The wholesale inventory of rock band merchandise should be representative of the needs of your clients. Keep your customers in mind when you are considering whether or not your wholesale rock band merchandise business will be a success.

Develop a Unique business brand
Your marketing efforts should include image. Customers will be more likely to associate Justin Bieber wholesale merchandise with your business if they see it as a part of their overall perception. You must ensure that your brand, website appearance, store location and products are unique. Also, make sure you include your business cards, newsletters or advertising materials, as well as customer service.

Keep your inventory under control
To minimize the risks associated with items that are not tracked or priced correctly, music retailers should invest heavily in an inventory management system. This is the best way to make a significant investment in your business. This will ensure there is clear tracking of inventory and eliminate dead stock. Integration of inventory control systems is necessary, as well as trained staff. To ensure stock security, retailers should also consider installing surveillance systems in their stores.

Always Plan Ahead
Music industry is dynamic. Businessmen need to be alert to keep up. Innovative measures are constantly being taken in the area of ICT integration. To ensure that their customers are satisfied, retailers need to conduct market surveys. Businesses should plan ahead. It will eventually be necessary for the retailer to source information. Through surveys or cold calling. This will give your retail business an edge, especially if you are involved in wholesale band t-shirts.

Optimize the display of music products
Retailers need to be aware that technology has made it easier for them to market their products. Online marketing and advertising are more important than ever. This is why iconic names such as the Beatles merchandise wholesale are essential to optimize the display.