Best Guide to Start a Dropshipping Business from Malaysia

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On March. 18th 2020, Malaysian government declared Movement Control Order (MCO). The MCO is a drastic measure to stop the spread of Covid-19 by restricting the movement of people. This policy will result in hypostatic stores being closed for the next few months.

The National Statistics of Malaysia data shows that online businesses have seen a fourfold increase in sales. This trend is expected to continue as the country fights to stop the Covid-19 pandemic.

Everybody knows that the best time to start a business online is now. How do you sell online? What are some examples of profit-making businesses? Today, we will be looking at the dropshipping model. Learn how to be successful in dropshipping in Malaysia.

Dropshipping in Malaysia is profitable? The short answer is yes. This is a great time to seize this opportunity, as more Malaysians are shopping online.

Dropship Malaysia: Why?

Entry cost is low

It doesn’t make sense to purchase large quantities of stock in advance and store it in your warehouse. Reliable suppliers will take care of the delivery from their warehouses.

Products available

You can choose from thousands of products and list them in your shop without any risk.

Positioning in the market

You can upload dropshipping products that you wish to sell on platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. These products can be sold on established eCommerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada and eBay.

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Time savings

You don’t need to worry about product order logistics. Instead, you can concentrate on selling online while letting your trusted suppliers manage your orders. Drop-shipping is a time-saver.

Competitive prices

Dropshippers in Malaysia are plentiful and offer different pricing options. Pricing can be competitive.

How to Make Money Drop Shipping in Malaysia?

Drop shipping is one of Malaysia’s most common ways of making cash.

We should have a fair concept about the drop shipping company before we know how to drop ship in Malaysia.

Drop shipping company is a technique of delivery and the goods chosen by the client are delivered straight from the provider. This business goes in the way the retailer has a website of all the products and they don’t have to purchase any inventory.

The profit will be the distinction between the cost of wholesale and the price of retailer. Take as an instance chinabrands, all satisfaction of dropshipping is as follows.

Keys to remember before you start. Before you start dropshipping in Malaysia, you should have a plan for the products you want to sell; the income you want to earn from the business, time should be split according to the need and how much money you can invest at the start of the business. It is also essential for Malaysia’s vendors to open an account with Malaysia’s free drop shippers.

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Why begin dropshipping and its advantages in Malaysia?

1. The dropshipping company in Malaysia is in high demand. Over the past few years, their ecommerce sector has flourished, so all sorts of categories are in demand. Merchants can purchase a drop shipper’s goods and send them straight to the client who wishes them. Electronic gadgets, for instance, give retailers the opportunity to hold onto Malaysia’s markets and grow online business. With all the varieties on the electronics gadget right from mobile phones, laptops, internet gadgets to other appliances, Malaysia is placing tremendous demand. Retailers need not worry about the stocks to run out.

2. Drop shipping in Malaysia brings high revenues to distributors as they can select the wholesaler’s heavy discounts products in bulk. In such instances, retailers are relieved to pay the wholesalers high-scale prices.

3. Malaysia has a large internet shopping industry. Over 80% of individuals out there have web access. People are always on the trend and in the nation like to absorb novelty. However, the drop shipping is highly recognized in Malaysia. The pros and cons of drop shipping have been tried and tested.  Starting the concept of drop shipping in Malaysia is not a large challenge to accomplish.

Measures to be taken while dropshipping

Malaysia But it is essential to note some of the necessary measures for any retailer to take.

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The retailers should check the monthly income as to how much sales are completed in a month, the business ‘ monthly income, the highest and lowest order, and its average.

If the website’s audience is growing or at the same rate. It will take an effective manner or schedule. Chinabrands assist your online business with low investment, time and energy savings in order to provide you with a flexible place and streamline processing.

Target a market when shipping is dropped in Malaysia The vendor should understand that a platform for selling the products is needed to excel in the market. The seller’s product promotion and brand will need an internet presence to give visitors access to the websites.

1. EBay:

eBay is the first and foremost marketplace to be known when it comes to selling products online. This is because in the drop shipping game the kinds of services they provide from a lengthy run. The characteristics they provide are always available to each individual. Sellers must pay a premium for selling eBay products. After selling this platform the vendors make a profit.

2. Amazon:

Sellers are not unfamiliar with Amazon. The FBA program is its greatest benefit. The Amazon provides something and enables the retailer to deliver their products to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Amazon will see to it that its products are sent to the last vendor.

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3. Lazada:

Lazada is South East’s most famous platform. Chinabrands delivered the item straight to the client if you drop from Chinabrands to Lazada. There is no need to have a inventory for the products.

Finding a trusted drop shipping company

It is not as simple as it appears to be to find a trusted drop shipping business. Contacting them is one of the best ways to find a provider. If you are aware of the products you intend to maintain on your website, you will have a list of contact figures and knowledge of the neighboring retailers.

I’m introducing an innovative provider there, Chinabrands, where you can drop ship readily in Malaysia. Their API can be integrated with your Malaysian shop to allow you to list the products of Chinabrands in bulk in your shop.

Choose the profitable niche

The vendor should be aware of the products they will continue with. The vendor should know the products they are trading. Electronics products, home and clothing are all common in Malaysia and are in great demand. We can look at the products of Chinabrands. They really have a reduced cost than the others. Why? Because their supply chain is an effective system streamline.

Dropshipping Companies in Malaysia


Taobao is a popular eCommerce site. Drop-shippers are likely to visit Taobao to search for new products. Taobao is a great place to be your supplier because of its many options and low pricing.

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Taobao was created to provide direct service to customers. It doesn’t have the tools necessary to integrate with dropship stores. They serve mainly China’s domestic market and the platform is only available to them in Chinese. It makes it difficult to source products. Taobao also has a strict policy when shipping products abroad.


AliExpress, an alternative to Taobao for English-speaking dropshippers, is AliExpress. The platform is available in English and the prices are set in US Dollars.

Because of the low cost, it is appealing to source products from here. But, do beware. It can take 60 days for most products to reach your customers. AliExpress, like Taobao does not offer tools for integration with dropship stores. The copy and paste method is the best way to add the product to your dropship store.

AliExpress lists many fake brands. AliExpress doesn’t screen sellers. Your customers could be refunded if they receive counterfeits. These hassles can be costly and time-consuming, so you should avoid them.

CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping (CJ) is another dropshipping supplier. CJ Dropshipping is based in China and offers EPROLO services as well.

CJ sources its products but independent suppliers can also rent CJ’s warehouse storage. CJ offers a wide range of products by combining the products of its suppliers and its own.

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CJ uses CJ Packets as its delivery method. CJ Packets allows you to have your orders delivered to your customers in as little as 6-15 days. If an independent supplier supplies the product, it may take up to 40 days for them to arrive.


Kumoten is a Malaysian dropship supplier. Kumoten is a Malaysian company with a warehouse in Malaysia. Products from this local warehouse are more efficient than those shipped by other companies. However, the selection of local products can be limited in comparison to international suppliers. Local product delivery takes 1-3 days. They also have access to products from overseas, however, delivery times can be longer at 9-14 days.

Kumoten allows integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada. EasyStore and third-party plugins are also supported by Kumoten. At the moment, they do not support WooCommerce or Shopify.

Kumoten does not offer a free account. A Prime account will run you RM89, while an Instant Account will set you back RM69. Access to more services and privileges on the platform will require you to pay more.

KNT Marketing

KNT Marketing is another Malaysian dropship provider you might consider. KNT Marketing specializes in baby-related products. This is a great place to start selling if you’re a product niche expert.

KNT Marketing doesn’t impose a minimum order quantity. KNT Marketing does not offer stock level automation. You must order the product from KNT when a customer places an online order. KNT will arrange for the fulfillment of your order, including packaging and shipping to customers.

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KNT is a fast supplier. The warehouse in Malaysia is the advantage. KNT does not have any eCommerce automation tools so you will need to verify stock availability.

A Fashion Story (AFS).

If your product niche includes jewelry and fashion for women, this is the supplier to choose. There are many options for female accessories and clothing in Malaysia, as well. There are no integration tools with your store, just like KNT. Dropship agents will need to order the product directly from them. They will then handle delivery.

AFS offers two dropshipping programs. Their free plan is available immediately. You can also enroll in their premium dropshipping program if you wish to receive additional benefits. You will receive a 20% discount on the listed price as well as 1% reward points for paying RM30 per transaction. If you are serious about dropshipping, the premium dropship plan is a better deal.

How do you create more cash from Chinabrands?

Chinabrands dropship from China to Malaysia offers the chance to excel in the services that the vendor wishes to provide. The retailer simply has to investigate the products he wishes to opt for.

It has a broad variety of products from electronics, home furnishing, fashion, pet, and watches etc. in its shop. It provides you the liberty to purchase the products from Chinabrands and sell them on the various marketplaces such as Amazon, Lazada and others etc.

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You can press on the Best Drop Shipping Service in Chinabrands to learn more about its shipping fulfillment facilities.