Best Niche Dropshipping Products to Sell on Amazon

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E-commerce sellers have great opportunities because they already have large customer bases. According to WebRetailer statistics, Amazon has 5.7 billion users, followed closely by eBay (1.6 million) and Walmart (469 millions). Although Amazon is the most well-known and largest marketplace in the world, there are many other sites.

If you are an avid seller online and want to scale up your business, we have a list of top-selling niches that will help you do so in 2021.

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Levitating plants

This popular item gives a new twist to household plants. These planters can levitate above the base by using magnets. They not only add a touch of nature to the home but also make a great conversation piece and impress guests.

These are the reasons they’re a good choice for eCommerce dropshipping sellers:

  • The Hottest Household Products: Many people are now looking to improve their home. These dropshipping products are highly in demand.
  • High Profit Margins: This niche has an average profit margin of 75%.
  • Low competition: You will be able to generate sales faster in this market because there is not much competition.
  • There are not many reviews for levitating plants on Amazon. This makes it easier to find new products.
  • These products are small and light weight, so they’re easy to ship. If you sell through this program, your Amazon FBA fees will be lower.
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The Ideal Customer: This is a target audience that targets younger people who live in apartments but don’t have the space for a garden.

Electric Wine Opener

Wine is a passion for many people, but not everyone loves to open a bottle. If you don’t have the experience it can be hard to open a bottle of wine. It’s also embarrassing if it doesn’t work. This electric wine opener makes it easy to open a bottle of wine.

These are the reasons they’re a good choice for eCommerce sellers:

  • Large Market: Wine drinkers are numerous, making your market potential huge.
  • High Sales: The average monthly sales in this niche is over 3500, which shows a high demand.
  • Good Margin: These products have an average margin of 62% so it is easy to make profits.
  • It’s not a popular seller: This product isn’t sold by many other sellers on Amazon.
  • These dropshipping products are very light: They only weigh 1 to 2 lbs. This will help you save money on shipping and FBA fees.

Ideal customer: The younger generation is more comfortable twisting off wines. They are more likely to choose easy solutions for traditional bottled wines in this age of convenience.

Jade Rollers

Although jade rollers have existed for many years, their popularity has increased with the advent of social media. These rollers, which are adorned with jade or quartz, are used to perform facial treatments. They are said to improve circulation, tone skin, and reduce puffiness.

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These are the reasons they’re a good choice for eCommerce dropshipping sellers:

  • Trending Niche – Interest in this niche has increased dramatically in the past few years.
  • High Sales: This product sells on average more than 2,000 units per month.
  • Very high revenue: This niche has an average monthly income of over $30,000.
  • Good Margin: You can make a good profit with the average margin of 65%.
  • Low competition: Amazon doesn’t have many sellers, so there isn’t much competition.
  • Extremely light: These products weigh less than 1 lb. Shipping and FBA fees are minimal.

Bathtub Tray

Many people love to take a bath. They can read, drink wine or engage in other hobbies. This is made easier by a bathtub tray that allows people to easily access their favorite accessories while in the tub.

These are the reasons they’re a good choice for eCommerce sellers:

  • Increased interest: This niche has seen a 20% increase in sales in the past three months. This is largely due to more people spending time at home.
  • Strong Sales: This niche consistently averages more than 2,400 sales.
  • This niche has a high revenue potential. You could create a whole business around it.
  • Good price: The majority of dropship products are priced at around $36, which is enough to make a profit, but not enough to cause people to hesitate about buying them.
  • Low brand competition: There aren’t many sellers and they aren’t all from the same major brands.
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Car covers

A car cover is essential for anyone who has a high-end car. The car cover protects cars from the elements and increases their longevity. They keep paint and finishes looking new.

These are the reasons they’re a good choice for eCommerce sellers:

  • Trending up: Car covers sales increased in 2020, and this trend will continue into 2021.
  • This niche is a good one. Average monthly sales of 495 make it a worthwhile investment.
  • Perfect price: Products in this niche sell for an average of less than $50. This is ideal for eCommerce.
  • Plenty of Revenue: Amazon’s average monthly revenue is approximately $23,000
  • Low competition: This niche isn’t crowded on Amazon. Also, most listings for these dropshipping products are of poor quality.
  • There is room for improvement: Many car covers on Amazon have low ratings. You should be able improve upon the existing offerings.

K-Pop Merchandise

K-Pop merchandise is a very profitable niche due to the rapid rise in popularity of K-Pop music. These designs feature bold and outrageous styles that are very popular with younger consumers. For more information on how to design and dropship products online, see the Amazon Merch Guide.

These are the reasons they’re a good choice for eCommerce sellers:

  • Interest is steadily rising: Since 2017, interest in this niche has increased steadily, proving that it isn’t a temporary trend.
  • Good Margin: There is plenty to profit with an average margin of 60%
  • Lightweight: All products weigh less than 1 lb. This will help you save on shipping and Amazon FBA.
  • Very little competition: This niche has very few sellers and none of them come from the major brands.
  • Poor Quality Listings: Many Amazon listings aren’t optimized properly so it’s easy to outrank them.
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Massage guns

The stress levels of people have risen dramatically in the last year. It’s not surprising that massage guns are a very popular item. These products can help relax and relieve stress. These products can help release tension, increase blood circulation, and improve the metabolism of tissues.

These are the reasons they’re a good choice for eCommerce sellers:

  • High Sales: The average monthly sales in this niche is over 3,200, which shows a high level demand.
  • Sales are rising: Since early 2020, sales have trended up which indicates that the niche market is growing.
  • Very high margins: This niche has an average sales margin of 76%, which means that you will have plenty to profit after each sale.
  • New niche: You have the chance to be involved in this new niche early.
  • Low competition: These items are not being sold by many sellers on Amazon.

Eye Compresses

Eye compresses are a promising niche. Warm and cold eye compressions can be used to improve circulation, relieve inflammation, reduce pain, and relax the swollen eyes.

These are the reasons they’re a good choice for eCommerce sellers:

  • Large Market: People are always looking for ways to improve their overall health. These products can appeal to large numbers of people.
  • High Sales: This niche has an average of over 1,500 sales each month, so you should expect to be a regular seller.
  • This niche has a lot of revenue. The average monthly income is over $33,000.
  • Good Margin: A 68% average margin means plenty of profit.
  • These products are super small and light weight, so shipping and FBA costs will be minimal.
  • There isn’t a lot of competition: These products aren’t sold on Amazon by many sellers, and Amazon doesn’t have any involvement in this niche which makes it easier to rank.
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Gaming headsets

People are looking for indoor activities, with most of them staying at home. Gaming accessories like gaming headphones have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the past year. Gaming headphones will continue to be hot because of the increasing popularity of online gaming.

These are the reasons they’re a good choice for eCommerce sellers:

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shopify dropshipping store set up
  • Steady sales: This niche has been a steady source of revenue for many years. It is therefore a safe option for eCommerce sellers.
  • Strong Sales: This niche regularly averages monthly sales in excess of 5,700.
  • This niche offers huge potential for revenue with an average monthly income of more than $260,000
  • These products have excellent margins: They average 73% profit margins.
  • Low competition: These products aren’t being sold by many people, and even those that are selling them aren’t very popular.

Moon Lamps

Buyers are always looking for unique and appealing gift ideas. Moon lamps are an excellent niche for increasing your sales. This is a great time to start selling accessories for your home.

These are the reasons they’re a good choice for eCommerce sellers:

  • Moon lamps are a popular gift: They have been a hit as gifts.
  • Multiple uses: These items are used in many places, including the nursery and living room. Your customer base should therefore be large.
  • Solid Sales: Independent eCommerce sellers can expect to make 933 sales each month.
  • Profitable: The average sales margin is 66%, which means that sellers will make a lot of money.
  • There are not many competitors in this niche.
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Are you a dropshipping business owner?

Dropshipping is a method of selling ecommerce products that allows you to sell directly from your website. Follow these steps to create your online shop and begin selling items.

Consider the following questions if you are unsure if this is the right route for your sales.

  • What are you looking to sell?
  • What amount of money should I invest in an ecommerce company?
  • Dropshipping is a viable third-party option.
  • Are I willing to slowly make profits or do I want to quickly turn a huge profit?
  • What should I know before I start?
  • Do I need a business plan?
  • Do I want other people to do the ecommerce work or can I handle all of the shipping, storage, and packing on my own?

These questions will help you narrow down your sales options. You can also decide if dropshipping is right for you or if you are going to go into sales online by taking on the job.

No matter what ecommerce model you choose, dropshipping, or any other, you must dedicate yourself to making your business the best.