5 Best Dropshipping Products That Solve Problems

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I was asked by a friend if there is a perfect dropship product.

She is considering starting a dropshipping business and frequently asks for my advice.

Jokingly, I responded: “The one who makes the most money.”

After thinking it over, I discovered that there are certain characteristics that make dropship products “perfect”.

These things can be difficult to see when you are just starting out.

This includes the product’s physical attributes, such as its size, weight, appearance, and function.

It is more about understanding the psychology of consumers and why they buy.

Understanding people’s motivations for buying and the problems they are trying to solve can help us identify the best products.

Although I don’t believe there is a perfect dropshipping product, the criteria below can help you to get as close as possible.

How to Choose the Perfect Product

Is it able to solve a problem?

It is important to consider more than just how trendy a product looks.

You should ask yourself the #1 question: What problem does it solve

Dropshipping practical, problem-solving products will ensure that they remain in high demand. Trends may change but problems are more durable.

Let’s take a look at one example. Recently, I have seen people wear their smartphones on what appears to be a rope around the shoulder. It looks almost like a mini-handbag.

These are also known as phone necklaces, phone chains and phone lanyards. These bags are only big enough to hold a phone.

They were at first funny to me, but I soon realized they solved many problems, particularly for women.

Which problems are they solving?

  • Not having pockets to hold a phone
  • Fear of losing your phone
  • It’s a hassle to carry a large handbag everywhere.

It is easy to see how solving a problem can help position a product on the market. When you know the problem that a product solves, marketing copy and advertising can almost speak for themselves.

The product is actually a phone case with a rope attached.

It suddenly becomes a revolutionary product that solves a problem. This could be a new trend.

Dropshipping is an excellent option for products that simplify people’s lives and solve a problem.

Is it possible to find it in any local or online store?

Dropshippers are friends with scarcity.


A buyer will likely buy the product if he can find it in their local mall.

He’ll likely buy it from their website if he sees it advertised by trusted brands.

This is because dropshippers don’t usually have a brand to sell and customers are more likely to purchase from companies they know.

A “perfect” dropship product cannot be found anywhere. It must be unique and not common.

If you plan to dropship something so common as t-shirts with a print on demand service you will need to distinguish your tee-shirts.

Perhaps your t-shirts feature unique images or quotes that are different from all others on the market.

Ask yourself this question: Have you seen this item in a major store?

Avoid if the answer is “yes”. You might be on to a “perfect product” if it’s not.

Is it able to create a WOW effect?

Dropshipping products that are “perfect” should be able to make people say “Wow!”

It doesn’t have to be unbelievable. But it should be shocking or illuminating.

Your target customer should be able to say, “Wow! This is exactly what I need.”

Wow does not always have to be an immediate reaction. To make people wowed, you may need to demonstrate your product in action with a video or an image.

Ask your friends to rate the product.

You might find a “perfect” match if you use the word “wow!” in your response.

Is it a trigger for an impulse purchase?

The “perfect” product must stop people scrolling online in their tracks and encourage them to take action.

It is unique. It might be funny or unusual. It might be cute or relate to a niche.

For example, a pizza slice cushion might be irresistible to a pizza lover, triggering an impulse purchase.

Dropshipping is so successful because impulse buyers are important. Targeted advertising will most likely bring you many sales.

If they don’t buy right now, it is unlikely that people will remember your brand or website.

Or you could risk interrupting impulsive behavior by making your checkout and store processes seamless.

Is it saturated

Dropshipping products can only be “perfect” until they become saturated.

This means that there are too many shops selling the same product, and the market has been exposed to it through advertising.

It’s hard to sell a product that is saturated.

The saturation threshold is higher than most people believe (in a world with 7.5 billion people, we like it!). It’s important to be aware of it.

To check the competition for the product/s that you are interested in selling, you can use SaleHoo Labs.

You can also conduct your market research by looking at listings and sellers on popular online marketplaces.

You can also check for saturation by checking how many orders a product received on AliExpress.

AliExpress’ posture corrector has been a very popular dropshipping product in the last couple of years. This is based on the 35,144 orders from just one supplier.

Is the product saturated? Probably.

Is it a consumable product?

Smart sellers will choose consumable products.

This allows you to keep selling to the exact same customer over and again.

Things like dog snacks or beauty products that need to be replaced every two months, or beauty products that are too fragile, or items such as art supplies or dog treats, for example, should not be used.

Customers who have a positive experience with you might continue to buy from you.

Selling to satisfied customers is easier than selling to new customers.

Dropshipping Problem Solving Products

To start a new business, you must solve a problem that other people are facing. A problem that people are willing to pay money for. Dropshipping products that solve problems is a great way to increase your chances of success in your ecommerce store. These problems are often present in everyday life. It’s often a problem your friends are experiencing that you are also having. Note down every new issue you hear. Each one is an opportunity.

One of my college friends was constantly hearing his friends complain about parking on campus. The app he created solved parking problems, but he discovered a better market in large sporting and music events than on college campuses. There are many business opportunities. Dropshipping offers you an opportunity to capitalize on them all.

These are the three essential aspects of dropshipping that will spark your creativity and help you to grow your ecommerce business.


A growth mindset is essential to increase your creativity and ability to think outside of the box when it comes to dropshipping product solutions. You believe that you can continue learning, improve your knowledge and be open to new ideas. A fixed mindset is one that holds you back from change and growth. A growth mindset allows you to be open to new opportunities in the world around. This will enable you to see problems from multiple angles and use creativity to solve them. It’s also more enjoyable to be eager to learn and grow. Your entrepreneurial journey will be fuelled by an internal drive to achieve greatness.


To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a supportive group. You’ll find it easier to share new ideas with your friends if you have a growth mindset. You will be able to increase your knowledge and creativity tenfold. You won’t feel restricted, but you will be encouraged to explore new solutions to problems you see around you. You will be able hear about the problems that people are experiencing and come up with solutions. Always surround yourself with a great team!

Brainstorming Tools

Instead of blindly throwing darts at the board hoping they stick, you can use actual brainstorming tools that will help you solve some problems. There are many resources available on brainstorming tools. My favorite is “Simply brilliant” by Bernhard Schroeder. This book explains how to use actual brainstorming tools to solve some of these problems.

  • Substitute: Which components of the product/service are we able to substitute?
  • Combination: Can the product/service be combined with other products/services
  • Adapt: Can any aspect of the product/service be altered?
  • Maximize or Minimize? Can we increase or decrease the quality of the product/service in order to make it more appealing?
  • You can also use the product/service for another purpose.
  • Eliminate: Which aspects of the product/service can be removed to improve it?
  • Rearrange or reverse: Can we reverse or rearrange the product?

SCAMPER is one tool that can help you capitalize on the business opportunities presented to you. These simple steps will help you build a dropshipping product list that solves problems unique to the market.

What are the current problems facing people around the world in quarantine against the coronavirus infection?

Anxiety – People are often anxious about their situation and remain at home. How can you help them manage their stress? One of the products that might be suggested is a new appliance for the kitchen, a game or an electronic gadget. The projector will give them a home theater experience that makes them feel connected.

Boredom – Have you ever seen the videos of people performing bizarre shit after being locked up for a week in their home? Start testing a few of the most eye-catching products from the gaming and consumer electronics categories. A selfie stand is a great idea for those who want to be on Tik Tok.

Fitness – Many gyms have closed in the United States. So how can people keep fit at home? Dropship products to solve this problem. To find the best fitness products, use Zendrop and create videos using Ecom Vidz. Then, follow this Facebook advertising strategy to start testing. You can see that there are many people selling these resistance bands every day for in-home workouts.

Take the chance to grow while others are closing down. This is the perfect time to try products and discover a winner. Dropshipping problem solving products can increase your chances of success. You can brainstorm new products that aren’t yet on the market. This could make you a big winner if you can source the product you want.

Maintain a growth mindset, and never stop pushing!

Watch Nate Schmidt’s video on how he brainwashed himself to be successful.