Best Wholesale Umbrella Suppliers in China and US

This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding wholesale umbrellas, including some of the most well-known suppliers in China and the US.

Pro tips for Wholesale Umbrella for Summer

i. The summer umbrella’s purpose

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You should choose the lighter and smaller models if you are looking for a lightweight umbrella that can be used while hiking. For such occasions, the compact models will be ideal. An umbrella can provide shade for those who are spending a day at the beach. An umbrella with a bigger canopy will be more effective if this is the case. You don’t have to worry about how to return it.

ii. The canopy’s size

Larger canopies mean more shade. You should choose the largest canopy to provide shade to a group of people.

iii. Color of the canopy

Avoid using black color. You will get scorched because it absorbs more sunlight and radiates a lot heat under the canopy. Clear umbrellas are equally bad. These umbrellas are transparent and will not provide any shade.

iv. The umbrella’s weight

You should choose the smallest umbrella that can fit in a backpack if you want an umbrella that you can use every day. It is easier to take along. If you don’t plan to take it with you, you can buy a larger one.

Wholesale Umbrella Suppliers

Umbrella Bazaar

Umbrella Bazaar has the best Umbrellas, both in terms of price and design. Their store has a large selection to satisfy every customer. They have all the designs that you could ever imagine in the US.

This supplier can supply you with fashion umbrellas and umbrellas that you could use at a wedding or for children. They also have umbrellas that you can use for rain or the sun. You can count on this supplier to deliver any design you require for the event.

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Umbrella Bazaar has a low minimum order in order to satisfy both consumers and retailers. Because the company is specialized in a single product, they can offer the best.

CKB Products

CKB Products is another great place to purchase umbrellas. The best umbrella supplier is CKB Products. This company is committed to providing the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. They believe that there is no reason for you to be sunburnt or rained upon.

A product can be made to move regardless of how much money you have. This supplier can supply any design you require. You can find the largest umbrellas used in golf clubs here. You can also get the smallest umbrellas depending on your preferences.

The customer experience is another thing that sets this supplier apart from others in the industry. There are sales representatives who will listen to your concerns and resolve them quickly.

Raintec Umbrellas

Raintec Umbrellas manufactures and supplies umbrellas. Raintec Umbrellas is the right company to contact if you need customized umbrellas in any design. They can print your logo or write a message on your umbrellas. This is the best place to find readymade umbrellas for your shop.

The store has a large selection to satisfy every customer’s needs. You can find umbrellas for children, rain, and golf umbrellas in this shop. They have everything you need.

You can also be sure of the best pricing because they manufacture their products. You can also be sure of the highest quality products and the most value for money. is another great place to buy wholesale umbrellas. Although they don’t specialize in one product, they offer all the best. They do their best to provide a product. They have up to 3,327 umbrellas.

This is a large number, so you can be sure to find the design you want. has the best prices for customers. They have the best pricing and ship their products free of charge. They do not have a minimum order, but it is very low and can be achieved with certain designs that don’t have restrictions.

They will give you incredible discounts if you buy bulk. You can easily make profits when you shop with them. This company is a well-established one that will not compromise on quality.

India Mart

India Mart is another supplier that can supply umbrellas. It is an Indian B2B directory. It brings together reliable suppliers and buyers. This platform only brings together suppliers who have been verified to supply the highest quality products.

They don’t want you losing customers because of the supply of fake products. Because many suppliers can do business together and price comparison is possible, each supplier strives to be the best. You come home happy in the end. Quality products are available at a low price.

You also get the chance to choose from a wide range of products when you bring more suppliers together on one platform. These are the deals that India Mart offers.

Jolly Brolly

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Jolly Brolly is another umbrella supplier you shouldn’t underestimate. All of their products are competitively priced. You can even find umbrellas starting at PS2.49. You can even find umbrellas starting at PS2.49. They also come in any color you desire.

This is the best place to find uniforms for major events like weddings. This supplier has everything you need, whether you need large umbrellas for your golf clubs or smaller umbrellas that can fit in a bag.

Jolly Brolly makes it easy to order products. Orders placed before 2PM in the UK will be delivered the next day. Orders above PS25 qualify for express delivery, which means you will receive your shipment in a very short time.

Where can I buy wholesale Umbrellas in the UK

Splash Innovations; is one of the best destinations for wholesale umbrellas in the UK. They offer all kinds of designs.

This supplier can supply you with umbrellas for kids, adults, events, sports, and see-through umbrellas. As they design and manufacture, they can provide you with the most rare of designs.

Do you know of any Canadian wholesale umbrella suppliers?

There are many wholesale umbrella suppliers in Canada. However, not all of them will be best for you. You can trust Cheeky Umbrella; for the best of such products.

They are well-respected in the industry and have a proven track record of supplying high quality products. They offer competitive pricing and the best value for money.

Where can I buy wholesale umbrellas in Australia?

In Australia, the one destination we trust for the supply of best wholesale umbrellas is They are industry veterans with more than 80 years. Their dedication to their customers is what has allowed them to reach this point.

This supplier can supply umbrellas for your retail needs. You can find everything you need, including the kids umbrella, the wedding collection, and all the accessories for your golf clubs. You can get any make you like.

India: Where can I buy a cheap wholesale umbrella?

Citizen Umbrella; is a big wave in the world of Umbrellas. It is a dominant product in the Indian market. They will be your favorite company, from their pricing to their quality and shipping. They are committed to their customers.


You need to be careful when sourcing products for your retail store. Keep in mind that the supplier you choose has an immediate impact on your customers as well as your overall business. The quality of the products, pricing, and availability of designs are all important. These are the suppliers we can trust. They are very knowledgeable about their products.