Blue Buffalo Dog Food Dropshipping Reviews

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Blue Buffalo Dropship Dog Food Review

Before you start your dog’s new nutrition program, compare the different food lines of Blue Buffalo. This comprehensive review compares Blue Buffalo’s food lines according to each life stage. It will help you choose the right dog food formula for your pet.

Are you overwhelmed by all the options for dog food that you have? This Blue Buffalo dog food review will highlight one of our favorites brands. It is important to find healthy and natural food for your dog. Blue Buffalo Dog Food was founded by Jackie and Bill Bishop. After experiencing health issues with their dog, they created the brand.

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They wanted to feed dogs with food made from the best natural ingredients in order to improve their immune system. Blue Buffalo dog food does not contain wheat, byproduct meals, artificial flavorings, wheat, soy proteins, or corn. Blue Buffalo’s motto is “Love them as family, feed them as family.”

Blue Buffalo offers a variety of dog food options, including formulas that are based on size and age. There are options for senior, adult, and puppy age. You can also choose from large, small and toy sizes. Continue reading to find out more about Blue Buffalo dog foods ingredients and flavors. We also share some of our favorite recipes.

Food Ingredients

Blue Buffalo dog food comes in a variety of flavors. Blue Buffalo does not add preservatives, byproduct fillers or artificial flavor to its food. Their website states that their food contains no wheat, soy or corn. Dog allergies can often be caused by these ingredients.

Blue Buffalo dog food contains rabbit, chicken and turkey as well as salmon, duck, goose, and oatmeal. Many formulas include a variety vegetables, fruits and enzymes. All of these formulas contain vitamins. These formulas also contain recognizable fats like chicken fat. They are a great source of fatty acid.

Blue Buffalo uses clear language when describing their food ingredients, unlike other companies. Blue Buffalo’s labels include precise descriptions such as chicken meat and real turkey.

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Blue Buffalo Formulas

Blue Buffalo offers five dog food formulas. You can get many of the products in dry and canned forms. You can also get them as treats to meet your dog’s nutritional needs. The following formulae are available in their dog food line.

Life Insurance

This line includes meat-first recipes, which are combined with brown rice to promote health and well-being. These ingredients are designed to help your dog develop muscle, improve their immune system, and promote healthy tech. There are two types of life protection available. They are both wet and dry and can be used for dogs of all sizes. This line doesn’t contain any grains. Our favorite life protection formula for small breed puppies, and for dogs with gassy habits is the Life Protection Formula.


The wilderness line is high in protein. This diet is high-protein and meat-rich. It can be adapted to dogs of all sizes. This formula includes chicken, salmon, and duck. You can get it in both dry and wet varieties, for people of all ages and sizes. Wilderness also offers a chicken-free version, which is labelled Rocky Mountain Recipe.

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Blue Buffalo Basics has a limited number of ingredients that are safe for dogs who have food allergies or sensitivities. This formula consists of simple protein such as salmon, duck, lamb, turkey, and potato. It does not contain chicken as it is believed to trigger food sensitivities.

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Blue Buffalo’s Freedom line is free of grains and contains chicken and lamb recipes that are suitable for all ages. You can choose between dry or wet food. Wet food is preferred for small dogs and toy breeds. Dogs of all sizes can eat dry dog food.

True Solutions

True Solutions addresses certain health problems or conditions that your dog might have. Some formulas are geared towards senior dogs or adult dogs. There are also formulas that focus on weight loss, skin and mobility, as well as digestive care. You can get it in both dry and wet versions.

Last Thoughts

Blue Buffalo dog food is a great choice for dog owners. Blue Buffalo dog food is still a quality brand, despite the recalls. Blue Buffalo is a popular choice for dogs.

Allergies can be a problem for your dog. This category includes dogs with sensitive stomachs. You should test all new recipes before you introduce a new food to your dog. You and your dog can avoid allergic reactions and illness by introducing new foods slowly and carefully.

Blue Buffalo dog food is highly recommended due to its nutritional profiles, which all contain natural ingredients. Blue Buffalo dog food is known for its quality macro-nutrient blend of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. We appreciate the brand’s dedication to our pups’ health as pet parents.