Can I Add the Burst APP to my Shopify Store? Review

Burst is a free website that offers stock photos to Shopify users. This site allows you to access multiple high-resolution images to use for your online shop, blog, or commercial purposes.

This post will cover everything you need to know regarding Burst by Shopify, from its pros and cons to common questions to possible alternatives.

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Shopify – Burst

Burst by Shopify was launched in Canada in 2006. This is the ideal solution for Shopify users and online merchants to find high-quality images for their online stores, websites or businesses. Burst By Shopify provides all images for free. Are you curious about trademark and copyright owners?

Anyone who receives something for free is likely to have this concern. Images downloaded from websites that offer them free of charge can lead to lawsuits. Burst by Shopify claims it is a great resource that provides non-copyrighted images to online merchants. We need to look into the contents of this website.

All you need to know about Burst By Shopify

Main features

  • Terms of Creative Commons Licensing: You don’t have to pay a license fee, adhere to editing restrictions or give credit.
  • Two download options – Burst By Shopify offers two download options, High-resolution or Low-resolution. These options are great for small websites as well as online stores and presentations where quality is important.
  • Large royalty-free image resource: Many high-quality photos are available for free.
  • The website is easy to use. It’s well designed and easy to navigate. It takes just seconds to search for and download photos.
  • Make Burst photos your own. Users can edit and add their logos to create their own photos.
  • One-click: Customers can upload images from stock photography to their stores.
  • Minimal design. It is easy to navigate categories
  • Community: Photographers can join Burst and share their photos. Business Ideas: Burst offers a variety of case studies that provide marketing tips and business insight, as well as high-res images to help users use Burst’s images commercially. These case studies are also updated each year.


Burst By Shopify offers four pricing options, including:

  • Individual Plan: No cost
  • Pro Plan: $1/unit/month. The minimum monthly fee is approximately $100
  • Company plan: $3/unit, minimum monthly fee of $100
  • Enterprise plan : $5/unit/month. The minimum monthly fee for is approximately $100

Burst By Shopify’s photos are free to download and find. However, it is a bit more expensive than other stock photo websites for users who want to upgrade.

Customer support

Customers agree that Burst By Shopify’s merchant support team is knowledgeable and dedicated. Users can find solutions to their problems easily. Visitors can also find help documents to help them get to know Burst and answer their questions.

Burst by Shopify is also always available to help its users. Burst encourages users to submit content suggestions to help improve the gallery.

Customer reviews/Rating

Burst By Shopify receives 4.5/5. Customers are generally happy with the ease of use and high quality support.

Shopify’s Cons and Pros – Bursting by Shopify


  • This is a great option for online merchants who use Shopify to sell their products.
  • You can take free images
  • There are 5000 photos to choose from.
  • Multiple images for your blog
  • There is no need to attribute photos
  • Professional images of high quality
  • It’s easy and quick to browse and then download
  • Downloadable in two resolutions
  • Creative Commons licensing terms
  • It is easy to import images using one click
  • Clear interface
  • It can be used online and offline for campaigns


  • You will need to pay if you do not have a Shopify account.
  • No dimensions
  • There is less variety than its competitors.
  • Only a few categories

FAQs about Burst by Shopify

Burst: How do I get free images?

It is very simple. All you have to do is hover the image that you wish to download, or click it. Click on the download options that interest you. Burst offers two options for downloading: ** High-Resolution** or ** Low-Resolution**. Images downloaded with the Low Res option are more suitable for smaller web graphics. The High Res option, on the other hand, will be suitable for presentations, online shops, and other areas that require high quality images.

Is it necessary to credit the photographer or site?

Burst asserts that this is not required under image licenses. It encourages crediting the photographer and site whenever possible. Burst By Shopify says that users can link back to the original photo page, or to the profile of Burst’s photographer, to help the site share the art to more people.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Can I edit Burst images?

Burst By Shopify does not offer an option to modify its photos on the website. You are allowed to make changes. You can crop, resize, add elements, and so on. Photoshop is the most popular tool you can use to edit your photos. You can rely on online graphic editors if you don’t own it. You can also add your logo or brand images to create your own photos.

Is all Burst’s photography free for commercial use?

This is a great advantage that is constantly highlighted. All photos by Burst can be used for commercial purposes, such as online shops, product packaging, websites and creating products.

Can Burst’s images be used for an online store?

Burst By Shopify lets users use Burst’s photos in both online and offline channels. You can also use Burst photos on other eCommerce platforms or online stores. This website was created for Shopify users. Therefore, the photos on this site are best suited for Shopify stores.

How do I find photos on Burst from Shopify?

The main dashboard has a large search bar. Simply enter the information you are looking for and click on “Download”. Burst isn’t perfect and sometimes it won’t help you. In this instance, you might try searching for synonyms, generic terms, and related keywords.

Burst By Shopify can still help you find the content you need.

Are there any photos I can contribute? What can I do?

Yes, totally. Shopify’s Burst is open to professional photographers who want to add their images to its collection. Burst has a limited number of categories and selections. However, its users are always eager to see more photos, especially textured images, animals, backgrounds, and natures. You can still contribute photos by following the submission guidelines and applying for Burst’s community.

You can use a paid stock library to get rid of all copyright issues and licenses so you can focus on creating your online presence. While you will have to pay, peace of mind is worth it.

As you can see Burst By Shopify has its drawbacks. You must be aware of copyright issues and license usages when using free stock images. These issues can negatively impact your business’ performance. You can also look into paid stock image libraries. The price you pay will vary depending on which company you are purchasing from. You can prevent these issues from happening by spending money.

These paid resources include:


Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Burst by Shopify provides multiple non-copyrighted images for commercial use. You can use these beautiful images to enhance the look of your websites, blogs, and online businesses. You will need to pay for Shopify membership if you don’t have one. Burst By Shopify is also limited in terms of categories and options.

Before you choose any resource that can help you with images for commercial purposes, it is important to understand your business’s needs first. We hope you found this post helpful and that it has helped you make a decision about which free stock photo platform to use. You can leave comments below if you have questions or would like us to look at other platforms. Share this article with friends and visit us to learn more.

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