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Canadian Premier Supplements

Our industry reputation is built on our knowledge, integrity, traditional values, and personal approach to doing the right thing for our clients.
We are here to help you every step of the way. Private labelling supplements is what we specialize in. We can use your logo or branding. Canadian Premier Supplements offers the fastest delivery for custom and stock supplement manufacturing, formulations, flavourings, soft gels packaging, labelling, and more. We can handle large and small orders, with flexible terms.

Our goal in custom supplement manufacturing is to help you create products that are unique and offer the most value to your customers.

Canadian Premier Supplements is pleased to welcome you. Our goal is to create customer satisfaction through the provision of high-quality products at a low price.

We establish strong business relationships with clients and provide unparalleled service. Canadian Premier Supplements can help you, no matter where you are at. We will help you become wholesalers by extending our incredible connections in this field.

We depend on our clients’ success in this business venture so that we can be successful. We will support and assist you in every way possible to help you succeed.

We are distinguished by our honesty, customer service, and ever-growing product range. Our company offers full-service.

We appreciate your interest in Canadian Premier Supplements. Send us an email with any questions.

Our goal is to make bulk supplement orders easier and simplify custom manufacturing. Our team of manufacturing, formulation, and design experts can help you focus on your business, no matter how new or experienced you are.


It is very easy to start a supplement product line. The minimum order quantity for stock products is 200 units.



We offer quick turnarounds for private label supplements.



Only the best quality ingredients are used in our dietary supplements.



Our state-of the-art cGMP certified facility manufactures our products.



Design is key to a successful product. Our designers will help you stand out from your competitors.



We offer low startup costs and affordable prices.



We create great-tasting formulas that are suitable for most consumers.


All products are stored in a controlled warehouse.

Dropshipping: Drawbacks

Dropshipping is an attractive eCommerce option for many online store owners. However, there are some potential downsides to this method.

Reduced Profits per Sale

Dropshipping is a convenient way to sell your products. Dropshipping is more expensive because dropshippers are able to ship their wholesale products directly from manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and suppliers. Although there is still some margin to mark up your prices to make profit it will be significantly less than if the wholesale products were purchased directly. You’ll have to sell more products in order to earn the same amount of revenue as if you stock your inventory yourself.

We have less control

Dropshipping involves trusting third parties to fulfill orders for your store. You will need to be able to accept some responsibility. Dropshipping partners will handle the entire shipping and storage process. This may not be a good fit for every merchant’s business model. You will also have to own any mistakes made by your supplier.

It is harder to differentiate

Dropshipping can be a complicated business. You may not be the only customer of your distributor. Most dropshipping suppliers work with multiple online retailers simultaneously. This means that you may have to compete with other stores selling the same products. This creates additional challenges in strategizing how to reach your customers faster than your competitors who sell the same products. It’s easier to be different from the rest of the online retailers when you sell products made or supplied by your company.

International Shipping Options are Fewer

Only half of dropshipping companies offer international shipping. Shipping internationally can bring about many complications, including higher shipping costs, fees, fraud risk, and slower order processing times. Do your research to ensure that international shipping is available for your business.