Canvas And Wall Art Printing Dropshipping on Shopify

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Canvas prints and wall art that are dropshipped from the manufacturer are some of your most versatile products. You can make a variety of products to fit any space, including posters, canvases, metal, wood and many other items.

How do you get started?

First, you will need a Shopify shop. For more information about how to set that up, click here. After everything is set up, you will need to connect your Shopify account and your Contrado account. Our step-by-step guide for that can be found here.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

How to build a canvas art dropship empire

After you have set up your account, it is easy to create canvas art for dropshipping. Simply create the art prints you want using your designs, and then start selling them through your Shopify account. They can be purchased directly by your customers from your website.

The customer pays the full selling price, and we pay the exclusive drop-shipping discount. Your dropship canvas prints will be made to order by us and sent directly to your customers. Easy, huh?

Select your range

You can choose from a wide range of wall art designs. We are confident that you will be impressed. Check out our repertoire:

  • A4/A3 Posters – Printed onto 4.72 oz satin paper in your choice of A3 or A4 with a white frame-effect border
  • Premium Posters – Printed onto 5.31 oz satin paper. Choose from more than 15 sizes and have them printed edge-to-edge
  • Custom Sized Art Prints – Printed on 8.26 oz giclee fine art paper using museum standard archival quality inks
  • Framed Art Prints – giclee print on 8.26 oz fine art paper in a back-mounted FSC certified box frame
  • Metal Prints – UV and scratch-resistant 0.08” aluminum print in seven different size options
  • Fabric Wall Hangings – Four different size options in two different materials, supplied with fixtures and fittings
  • Wall Plates – 0.16” thick and supplied with hanging fixtures, this shatterproof wall plate is unique
  • Wallpaper – Available in four different finishes, with two drop widths and wallpaper directions create in custom sizes
  • Wallpaper Borders – 18.5” x 8.7” wide border strips available in four finishes
  • Classic Canvases – For drop-shippers available in square or rectangular in fixed sizes. This is our most popular canvas.
  • Diptych Canvases – Two-panel split canvases with almost twenty size options to choose from
  • Mini Canvas Sets – Mini canvas sets in either square or rectangular sizes, available in sets of one or three
  • 4 Multi-Panel Canvas Sets – A four-panel canvas set that beautifully displays your design as a split image
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Contrado allows you to dropship wall art and canvas prints.

It’s easy. Our experience is almost twenty years in the hand-making of custom products and high quality prints.

  • A huge selection of wall art and canvas prints available
  • Modern sublimation printing techniques
  • Printing from edge to edge
  • High definition
  • Custom-made canvas frames
  • FSC-certified wood can be used
  • We print on demand
  • Canvas fabrics can be hand-stretched
  • Maximum design freedom
  • View your designs in a live, real-time preview
  • No minimum orders
  • No hidden fees
  • You take minimal risk with no initial investment

Make your own custom dropship canvas prints and wall art

You only need to connect your accounts and create some beautiful designs. Take a look at our tutorial to learn how.

Photo Canvas Prints Drop-Ship

To start making money as a photo canvas drop-shipper, download the Contrado Print on Demand app from Shopify. You can create your shop in just a few steps.

Grow Your Business

Print your designs on a wide range of photo-canvases. You also have the option to print onto expertly designed clothing, homeware, and stationery.

Handmade To Order

Every item in your drop-shipping photo canvas store is handmade by skilled artisans using both traditional and modern methods.

Fast Turnarounds

Our high-quality, drop-ship canvas prints can be delivered the very next day. Most items in our entire range of 450+ products are available for shipment within 48 hours.

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Extend Your Reach

Photo canvas drop-shipping accounts allow you to design and sell anywhere worldwide, while we handle customs duties for most countries. You can relax and get faster fulfillment with our speedy delivery and wider reach.

Total Control

Drop-ship products can be designed and customized to your specifications. You can choose between private or white labelling. Brand your products to get your name out there

Simple Shopify Integration

Our Shopify app makes it easy to integrate your photo canvas dropshipping account with Shopify. Register, connect your accounts, and get started creating.


Who can open a Photo Canvas drop shipping account?

All are eligible. We welcome professionals of all kinds, whether you are an individual or a business.

How do I get started?

A Photo-Canvas DropShipping Account is required. Download the Contrado Print On Demand app from Shopify to get this setup. It will allow you to create a store, and sync your products.

Is it possible to use another platform than Shopify?

Shopify is the only platform that supports photo-canvas drop shipping. We would be delighted to hear from you if you use another platform.

Is it possible to drop-ship canvas prints only?

Photo Canvas offers a full catalog of products to drop-shippers. Drop-ship any item from our extensive range of quality homeware, clothing, stationery, and other products.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up
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What is payment?

Your Shopify storefront will allow customers to place orders with you. You will be paid there. The order is sent to us, and we will set it up and get it ready for you. The next step is to request payment. We will then request payment from you. The amount we ask for will be lower than what your customer has paid.

Shopify charges the customer for retail price + shipping (optional). offers a discount on the price and shipping
All profits (difference between retail and discounted prices) are yours.

What discount am I eligible for?

Drop-shipping accounts with Photo-Canvas offer tiered discounts that are based on how many sales you make. You will make more if your customers buy more from you.

How can I connect my Photo Canvas Drop Shipping account to my Shopify shop?

Sign up at Shopify.

How to Have a Canvas Printing Business

I bought a few canvas prints from eBay a few years back to hang in my hallway of my newly renovated home. I thought that I was getting a good deal at PS30 per canvas print compared to other online prices. I was in a position to buy two more a few months later. I was curious to see how hard it would be to make them. I was amazed by the volume of canvas sales that eBay had daily and I wanted to know if I could get a piece of this lucrative market.

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Further research led to positive results. It was possible to print your canvas yourself and open your own printing business without the need to buy a printer. Continue reading to find out more.

Set up a Canvas Printing Online Store

Don’t let this discourage you! There will be a few bumps in the road. This is how I set up my shop.

The Printer Purchase

After six weeks of research online, I finally decided to buy a refurbished canvas printer (a 42-inch HP plotter) for less than PS1000. My research revealed that an A1-sized colour canvas would cost me about PS5 to mount and hang. This leaves me with around PS20 profit after eBay, PayPal and shipping costs.

This is a great result. Next? Opening a shop.

Start my eBay Shop

My new venture was set up in my spare bedroom and I started an eBay shop. I offered many different sizes and images of canvas, some of my own and some from the public realm. Many images were sent by customers of their children, wedding day, favourite places and so on.

My first complaint

Everything was going great until I received my first complaint. My customer was not satisfied with the canvas print’s quality and demanded their money back. This put me out of pocket for the wholesale. I quickly realized that I did not have the Photoshop skills or knowledge required to manipulate images in order to produce the best printed results. I was honest and admitted that I didn’t have any Photoshop or graphic-manipulation skills. I just printed the images at the resolution I had.

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Printer Problems

My printer then developed a problem that I was unable to fix without consulting an engineer. Although he arrived the next day, which was fantastic, the parts that I needed to repair my printer weren’t available for four more days. I had to accept this because I was being pushed into a corner. I was PS350 lighter and had nothing to show for it.

Outsourcing Canvas Prints

With my sales increasing and no printer available to meet the demand, I was running out options. I didn’t want all the money in my PayPal account to be refunded.

I began to research my competitors and decided to contact them to ask if they could offer me a discount if a block of prints was ordered at the same. I had over 20 sales to process and was hoping to negotiate a reasonable discount to keep my customers happy while also keeping me in the black. After receiving a lot of positive feedback, I finally decided to go with someone who would do canvas prints at PS17 per print, including packaging and delivery to the UK mainland if I ordered 10 or more prints.

I was able not only to fulfill my customers’ orders but I was also able make a profit outsourcing the printing. This was where it got interesting.

The Business Development

Soon, I decided to sell all my printing equipment and outsource 100% of the work. This was the best decision I have ever made. I can make between PS12 and PS15 profit per sale with the same principle. This has been my business for two years and I am currently making about 80 sales each week.

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I do flyer drops around my city, and not just on eBay. To print 10,000 flyers, it cost me around PS150. Then I can get a few Gumtree people to deliver them to me in the areas I choose. After these flyer drops, I typically get 6-8% of my potential customers to buy from me (based on a quick analysis based upon where the orders are being shipped and the geographic location in which the fliers were distributed).

Benefits of Outsourcing Canvas Prints

My outsourcer is responsible for the entire transaction. If my customer is unhappy with the quality, I simply go back to my outsourcer who will resolve the problem.

It’s not something I have to do, such as printing, shipping, or packing.

I use a variety of outsourcers, which is helpful when I am on vacation or cannot handle a higher workload.

All orders received in my inbox are forwarded to my outsourcer with an image attached. That’s it. PS12-PS15 profit per email sent. It’s a great time!

My outsourcers were happy to supply the goods to me as a white label item. They don’t include their contact information with the item shipped so that my customers don’t know that it has been outsourced.

Customers can send me images or I can use images from a variety online resources. There are hundreds of websites that offer images that are free and open to all. Some of the larger commercial suppliers of images will allow you to pay per photo. However, some may require you to purchase a different license in order to print their images.

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This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to earn extra money without much effort.

Top Tips for Being Successful at Your Canvas Printing Business

To get the best value and opportunity, contact as many potential outsourcing partners as you can.

You can negotiate a sliding discount scale for them, based on monthly sales.

You should agree to a solid returns policy with your outsourcing company, and also set out terms and conditions for dealing in cases of unhappy customers.

You should have at least two to three outsourcers.

You can agree that they will supply the items “white-label” to your customers or even provide your flyers to promote your business (include a discount code to repeat customers).

As many photos and images as possible should be kept in your stockpile.

To get an idea of the pricing and type of images you should sell, look at what your competition is selling on eBay.

You can also try to create unique products so that you can develop a niche market.

Dropping fliers at local businesses can increase awareness and boost sales.

To remain competitive, you should review your pricing on an ongoing basis.

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