Quick Tips To Change Text Color On Squarespace Banner

Squarespace provides many different templates with various levels of flexibility; however, some pages need something special to stand out.

Squarespace allows you to make announcement bars look different than the other text on a page by changing its font color in announcement bars.

Background Color

Squarespace websites’ backgrounds are determined by the template you select when creating them, but you have several ways of changing this color through CSS code. With Squarespace 7.1’s release comes some quality of life changes that make changing this background color simpler for people without much coding knowledge to do themselves.

Example: now it is easier than ever to select a color scheme from a menu that will apply across your site – pages and sections alike! This feature has made the process significantly less frustrating, eliminating tedious repetition with font and color customization systems and overall adding significant value to an already robust system.

Altering the background color is great, but now you can add clickable links to an announcement bar using an image block – making this feature useful for real estate agents or interior designers looking to promote listings or events on their websites easily. Plus, linking announcement bars directly back to contact pages, RSVP forms or download files makes things even simpler!

Text Color

Change the text color on a Squarespace banner used to require extensive coding knowledge, but this week Squarespace implemented various quality-of-life changes that make the process simpler than ever.

Just a few steps separate you from changing the color of any text in your site–even banner text! To get started, hover your cursor over the page or item where you wish to change its text color and select Edit Text from its drop-down menu. From there you will find basic styling options like underlining, italics and bold as well as the possibility to link.

Choose a font pack. These packages include fonts designed specifically to create headings, body text and other text on your site. Font packs make it simple to create an uniform look throughout your site by giving you one set of fonts with various styles preinstalled for headings, bodies and text on each font pack.

Finally, using the text size tweak, you can set individual text blocks’ text sizes for easier readability on all screen sizes – from mobile phones to desktop computers.

If you’re creating an image banner, adding an announcement bar at the top of your site is an effective way to communicate important messages to visitors. This video outlines exactly how this feature can help – simply follow these easy steps!


An announcement bar on your Squarespace website allows you to write sales and promotions. It’s a highly effective way of driving conversions on your website; whether you are real estate agent, interior designer, or any type of professional using Squarespace to book clients, an announcement bar can help turn visitors into clients more quickly and effectively.

Site Styles allows you to change the text color and transparency of an announcement bar in Site Styles, select a font pack for all text blocks in an announcement bar, specify their base size for all of their blocks, as well as use this tweak to make fonts larger or smaller on various screen sizes.

At first, changing the background color of a single block on your website required custom CSS code; but Squarespace recently implemented several quality-of-life enhancements that make this easy without using custom CSS. You need only know its ID – using either Google Chrome’s free Squarespace Block Identifier extension or right-clicking and selecting Inspect on that block will help. Often this number starts with #block or ID=block followed by text you would like changed and an optional hex code of color of interest if applicable.

Font Color

As with any text on your site, there are numerous font styling options available to you. In particular, you can modify font weight, style, line height and spacing as well as apply transforms for creating custom looks.

Change the color of a banner text block to light green or even white to make your announcement bar stand out and draw more visitor interest. It also serves as an effective way of emphasizing important information or encouraging action by people visiting your site.

Squarespace provides many tools for customizing your website, with one of the key aspects being color palette customization. Not only can you choose individual page colors but you can also select a “Theme Color,” which will impact all pages within your site – great if you want consistency across all pages of your site!

But with Squarespace 7.1’s release, no longer can individual colors for different elements on your website be set individually; rather you must choose a color theme, which acts like an umbrella color palette to apply across your entire site. While this might seem less flexible at first glance, this method actually saves you time by eliminating unnecessary confusion over setting different hues for every individual page level.