Chris Wane Advanced Dropshipping Academy Course Review

Do you want to read the most honest review of Chris Wane Shopify’s Advanced Dropshipping Academy course, Advanced Dropshipping Academy? You’re in the right place. We have the best reviews, according to those who know this blog.

Chris Wane has recently launched his dropshipping program, which has been receiving regular updates. He is a big promoter of social media, such as Instagram. He sells many dreams like escaping the 9-to-5 job and living a life full of freedom. Is it all hype?

This Advanced Dropshipping Academy Review will shed light on the course. It’s also worth $397. That’s the price Chris Wane set for his course. This course is designed to help anyone, from a beginner to dropshipping, to someone with some experience.

Chris Wane:

Chris, a 31-year-old English Youtuber, has been creating videos about digital marketing topics and dropshipping. His subscribers number over 5,500 and his videos seem to be getting quite a lot of views.

He uploads on average one to two videos per semaine with topics like ‘How manage cash flow’ and How to control $1,000/Day budgets’.

These videos show Chris speaking to the camera rather than the over-the-shoulder videos that we have become accustomed to from Youtubers who discuss dropshipping.

Chris Wane is an expert on Shopify dropshipping. But, like many Youtubers is he making a buck on the latest trend and making his entire income from his course?

Chris Wane Dropshipping Shop?

He did an interview to launch his course. He also shows off his store, Big Red Gadgets, which he claims is making all of his money.

This Shopify store was built using the Shopify platform. It uses a Shopify theme similar in style to Booster Theme.

Review of Advanced Dropshipping Academy

This course is hosted on the Thinkific platform, which is unusual considering most course creators prefer to use Kajabi, Teachables or Clickfunnels.

You can choose to pay one lump sum of $397, or make two payments of $199. Two payments of $199 each are available. This payment plan allows those with limited cash to take advantage of the smaller payments. You will only have access to 50% of course content until your second payment.

Advanced Dropshipping course contains 63 videos of different lessons. Some take a lot of time, while others only last a few minutes.

You can expect great video and audio quality from Youtubers. He knows his stuff and you can expect it to be high quality.

Let’s now dive into the course content and see what you actually learn.

Module 1 Introduction

The introduction to these courses is what takes up the majority of the videos. Chris shows you a video in which he claims to have made $500,000, but fails to provide any evidence that he actually is making that amount.

It doesn’t matter if revenue isn’t obvious. Shopify dashboard screenshots do not include the cost of goods sold. The product cost, as well as any variable costs like shipping, refunds and fraud, are not included in the Shopify dashboard screenshots.

An average $500k store may struggle to make $50k per annum. Keep that in mind.

This module’s final video discusses whether to open a niche, general or one-product store. Chris explains the pros and cons of each to help you make the right decision.

Module 2: Finding the Winning Product

Once you have chosen the right type of store, you will be able to learn how you can find profitable products. These are what I call winning products.

This content does not focus on researching niches. However, tools like sell The Trend can help you find the best products and import them into your online store in minutes. It’s not worth choosing a niche that isn’t profitable.

Chris Wane examines things like finding reliable suppliers, choosing high-quality products, and selecting products that are fast shipping.

The module examines free ways to find products, such as spying on Facebook and Instagram.

Then you can look at other paid ways to find products to sell. I have actually written a post about 17 of the most popular ones.

While many people think that paid tools are not worth the money or time, I find them to be great. They can help you find the most popular products and explore products that you may not have heard of.

Module 3: Building Your Store

Next, we will be building your store. This will allow you sell your products and collect payments.

The videos in this module are very basic and over-the-shoulder style videos. You’ll be following along as Chris builds a store. This module will teach you how to personalize your store and add the most recommended apps. It’s also how to make it easy and quick.

You’re likely to have already seen this section if you’ve been looking at free videos on Youtube.

Chris suggests Shopify. Oberlo is an automation plugin that allows you to fulfill orders from Aliexpress.

It also teaches you how to install a premium theme. There are many themes that can optimize your conversion rate. Although I have reviewed 7, one of the best, Chris suggests that you also check Shoptimized. It’s a great theme.

Learn how to install Shopify apps and register your own domain name (i.e. Learn how to set-up G Suite so that you have your own email address. Videos are also available on how to install Google Analytics and add customer service.

Finally, there are videos about Shopify store hacks. I also covered this article.

Module 4: Adverts

Chris’ Facebook Ads course is fine, but there are other courses that cover a wider range of traffic sources like Google, Bing, and other social media platforms.

Many dropshippers are not aware of the cost of Facebook ads. They spend hundreds, but make little money, and call dropshipping a fraud. Facebook Ads will not bring you cheaper traffic. Unfortunately, there is no additional training.


The basics of Facebook ads will be covered. This includes creating a business account, installing the Facebook pixel in your store, and how to track sales. Next, you will learn about campaign objectives and structure.

Chris continues to demonstrate how to use Facebook Audience Insights to research, create video ads, and launch your first campaign.

Videos are available on Satellite pages as well as the overall Facebook Ad strategy. Two videos are available on targeting techniques with broad and interests methods. Two videos are also available on campaign management and page moderation.

If you ask me, the Facebook Ads section is quite small. I have seen courses that had 50+ videos on this platform so it’s not a complete guide. Although this is a great place to start, it’s not the best information for scaling your store.

Module 5: Order Fulfilment

This module contains videos that show you how to fulfill orders using Oberlo and Dsers, which are two Shopify plugins. Dropified is also available, which offers automated fulfilment and is a paid option. Another platform is Ninja Seller.

This video teaches you how to track orders after they are placed with the supplier. A plugin like Aftership is recommended to ensure your customers get their order updates and reduce customer service complaints.

Module 6: Retargeting customers

Retargeting visitors who have visited your site, added items to their carts but did not checkout is one of the best ways you can increase sales. Although it can be costly, retargeting ads can be an extremely valuable addition to your marketing campaign.

Chris first looks at messenger retargeting and email retargeting that require the use apps within Shopify.

SMS retargeting is the next option. This can be very effective but also expensive, especially when you send international SMS. This can be perceived as intrusive, which may not suit your business style. Chris demonstrates how to use it.

Next, we will discuss dynamic retargeting via Facebook Ads as well as how to create custom audiences.

Advanced Dropshipping Academy also includes a product retargeting case report.

Module 7: Scaling a Product that Wins

As I mentioned, the Facebook Ads section is quite brief. However, this module by Chris Wane covers more details about scaling your winning products.

This video shows you how to test efficiently and narrow down your audience. A video is provided on how to build lookalike audiences using both horizontal and vertical scaling. Chris explains how he increases his average order value by upselling and cross-selling.

Chris ran a case study about the $100k carousel and a video on manual bidding.

Module 8+9 – Outsourcing, Automation and Branding

The course’s last four modules are very short, so I combined them.

A Virtual Assistant can help you outsource customer support. Once your store grows, this person can help you with order fulfillment.

You can find VAs at many places, including Upwork.

Module 9 contains one video about print on demand and how to do it. Although Chris does not do this for his business, it is included in case you are interested in POD.

A video is also available on how to create your own products using private labeling.

Module 10+11 – Selling Your Store + Conclusion

Advanced Dropshipping Academy, like all courses, includes a video about using Shopify Exchange to sell your shop.

You should ensure that you have sales for 6-12 months. Dropshipping stores are easy to spot. They have little value without winning ads or a solid pixel.

Module 11 has a concluding video. There is not much to be said here.

Module 12+13: Bonuses

These modules contain bonuses and other future content. More information will be forthcoming soon. The future content might be different by the time I post this review so I won’t. I have a question: Why isn’t this in the course?

Some topics I have raised include Google Ads, Google Shopping and SEO, Returns, etc.

Four documents are included in the bonuses:

  • Shopify’s best apps
  • Sign up/themes links
  • Customer service templates
  • Shopify page content
  • Calculator for breaking even

Facebook Mastermind Group

Advanced Dropshipping Academy is a private Facebook group that Chris offers to members. This allows you to discuss and interact with other members.

Chris claims to be a regular member of the group and will answer any questions you may have.

Final Verdict

Chris Wane’s course can be a great place to start, but it could also be a huge help. It’s a mystery to me why he created a Facebook ads + dropshipping course. You’re rare to find a course which doesn’t offer Instagram Influencers or SEO, Pinterest, or Google Shopping. These are two huge ways to make money.

This course is not recommended for those with a limited budget. Facebook Ads can be very expensive especially if they’re just starting out. Although Chris gives you some insight into Facebook ads, it’s not a comprehensive one.

If you spend $397 on the course, then you will need $250-$500 more to get started with Facebook ads. A premium theme and plugins are also required to increase your conversions, which can also make you money. You won’t be able to discover about other sources of traffic.

People have commented on his course to ask when Instagram and Google will be added. It was 3 months ago, and it’s still not mentioned in the course.

Chris is a real guy. I know you will learn a lot about him. If you are determined to buy into his brand, great!

Advanced Dropshipping Academy may not be the right course for you if you are looking for the best dropshipping course on the market. eCom Elites’ $297 plan costs $100 less and offers 200+ videos about dropshipping. It also covers all the topics I missed in this course.

You will receive extensive product research, Facebook Ads and Instagram Influencers, Google Ads. You can also join a Facebook group to meet thousands of students! You can view my review to compare your experience.