Commerce Inspector Chrome Extension Review

Commerce Inspector can be an invaluable tool for eCommerce newcomers or those seeking a competitive advantage over competitors, helping you monitor product trends of competitors while uncovering any secrets without violating privacy laws.

Commerce Inspector is available as both a Chrome extension and web-based app, offering various pricing plans including one free plan aimed at beginners. Packed full of useful features that make this an excellent solution for dropshippers, it also includes many pricing plans suitable for newcomers to dropshipping businesses.

Product Trends

Commerce Inspector is an excellent way to gain an edge over competitors, and is free for use. Acting like an extension for Shopify store owners, Commerce Inspector provides valuable insight into products, apps, ads and targeting suggestions which help maximize marketing campaigns’ potential.

This extension also monitors top-selling items in your competitor stores. It can identify patterns or sudden increases in sales that provide insights on what items to stock in your own store to boost sales. Furthermore, this helps identify low-performing products so you can concentrate on those which generate more revenue and avoid low performers altogether.

Commerce Inspector is an exhaustive analysis tool with an e-commerce focus, making it the ideal solution for anyone in online selling business. It can be used to track competitors’ prices, monitor product trends and analyze traffic among many other things. Plus its user-friendly interface and affordable price make this an excellent value proposition!

This tool is similar to EcomHunt in terms of features and functionality, yet has an entirely different focus. Ideal for businesses of all sizes that sell online products or services, this tool helps identify new products, analyze competition and increase sales. What’s best about this tool is that it is completely free and can be installed on any Chrome browser for installation – though some features such as detailed sales analysis and SKU level data are reserved exclusively for paying users and can only be accessed with their subscription package or Chrome extension.

Competitor Analysis

eCommerce and dropshipping require extensive research, which necessitates spying tools. These extensions provide detailed insights that assist users in making more informed decisions and considerations. Furthermore, these extensions are compatible with various platforms and regularly updated to meet user needs. It is essential to take note of what each tool offers before selecting one for your business.

Commerce Inspector is an invaluable tool that allows you to keep an eye on competitors and gain an edge on their strategies. By giving you detailed information about their product and ad campaigns, the Commerce Inspector gives you the edge in anticipating market trends and optimizing your own marketing efforts. Furthermore, it helps track store performance by revealing key metrics as well as helping identify any potential trouble spots.

This extension can be downloaded for free from Google Chrome web store and easily installed. It works by automatically extracting data from any Shopify website it recognizes and displaying a list of extracted information such as product prices, revenue, best sellers and laggards as well as breaking down ad campaigns so you can track their individual performance.

The Commerce Inspector app is an ideal way to make the most out of your ecommerce website. Offering detailed Product Insights about specific stores, it allows for identification of what products will perform best in your market and provides useful filters such as profit margins, supplier costs, Facebook ad likes/reactions as well as profit margins to generate the most accurate results possible.


Commerce Inspector is an easy and powerful way to keep an eye on competitors’ products, app usage, sales, traffic and social media activity. This tool helps identify top performing products so your ads can target them accordingly – this feature can especially beneficial for dropshippers looking to expand their business. While Commerce Inspector provides many benefits, newcomers in the industry may find it challenging to use.

This tool offers both a free version and premium plans with additional features. Upgrade to premium for even greater tracking capability of competitor stores including Facebook ads reports and Google Analytics details that can help improve marketing strategy and increase profits.

Commerce Inspector provides you with this crucial data in an effective competitive analysis by crawling each store’s website and identifying all of their apps – this allows you to determine which will benefit and harm your own business.

Additionally, this tool also provides you with a list of top-selling products from each store – an invaluable time and money saver! Additionally, this can also help you discover new products for your own shop!

Commerce Inspector is legal to use! This groundbreaking software can transform e-commerce retailers, giving you a distinct competitive edge over rivals and offering them more customers than before. Think of it like having a secret agent in an enemy camp but with far fewer creepy implications!

Traffic Analysis

Commerce Inspector is a tool that assists businesses of all sizes in tracking competitors and developing insights into their marketing strategy. It offers invaluable data such as product trends, competitor analysis, and other details necessary for growth. Furthermore, its free Chrome extension enables users to spy on competitors without violating privacy or data security; additionally helping them come up with a more effective ecommerce growth strategy.

Commerce Inspector Chrome extension is an invaluable asset to anyone launching or improving an eCommerce business. This tool scans competitors’ websites and uncovers information on their products and apps as well as traffic – such as number of sales, units sold and average order value – which will allow for efficient targeting and business expansion.

Commerce Inspector Chrome extension’s unique advantage lies in helping you discover a niche that matches your interests, while simultaneously showing top selling products within each niche. This data is particularly helpful to new ecommerce store owners since it helps them understand which items perform best within their niche market.

Commerce Inspector Chrome extension offers basic functionalities, including tracking competitor prices and product research. Additionally, it identifies which apps your competitors are using that you might find beneficial to use for your own store. Premium paid versions provide more comprehensive sales/traffic analyses as well as in-depth evaluation of competitor apps.

Pexgle extension provides users with a similar tool for monitoring competitors’ websites, available for both Chrome and other browsers. Installation is free but users must create an account before accessing any data extracted by Pexgle.

Social Media Ads

Commerce Inspector is an effective way to monitor the performance of your competitors. With it comes insights on best-selling and trending products, ads, social media activity, traffic volume and shop profiles – as well as an easy Chrome extension or web app interface depending on your needs. Identify potential buyers by finding their contact information; boost sales while simultaneously increasing profits while simultaneously optimizing website performance!

Commerce Inspector is an easily available tool that enables legal surveillance on competitors without violating privacy laws. Available both as a Chrome extension and paid web app, Commerce Inspector provides easy, quick, and effective analysis of competitors without breaking the law – giving you a distinct edge against your competition by giving detailed insights into their marketing strategies.

E-Commerce store owners who are expanding their business and reach can take advantage of this tool to come up with better growth strategies by segmenting markets, targeting specific audiences, engaging them effectively and productizing product offerings. Furthermore, it can predict future sales revenue and profit.

Commerce Inspector allows you to view key metrics of any Shopify site, such as product trends and traffics. Furthermore, this app can give you insight into apps used by competitors or gain inspiration for creating your own advertising strategies by uncovering Facebook Ad Campaigns of their websites.

Pexgle, another similar ecommerce spy tool, provides users with a comprehensive view of a competitor website. Users can use Pexgle to track new trends within a niche market or monitor brand performance as well as analyse SEO strategy – this tool makes an invaluable asset for online merchants. Additionally, listings in multiple formats can also be extracted, making Pexgle an indispensable asset in marketing an ecommerce store.