Custom Calendar Dropshipping Suppliers from Aliexpress

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Other information about the calendar, including price, quality and helpful tips can be found here. Once you have found the calendar that interests you, click on the item detail page. Scroll down to see the reviews. You’ll find lots of helpful and useful information about calendars, as well as tips and tricks to make your shopping experience unforgettable.

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Are Calendars A Good Dropshipping Niche?

According to ResearchReportsWorld, the global wall calendar market size is anticipated to grow from $180.4M in 2020 to $220.4M in 2027, registering a CAGR of 3.4%. Jerome Hoxton, president of Tru Art Advertising Calendars, stated that traditional calendars are still popular despite the advent of digital calendars. calendars can be dropship and have potential.

JuniorDavis also found that has not experienced a significant change in calendar usage over the past few years.

Google shows that calendar-related keywords have high search volumes, which is a sign of the demand for dropshipping. In the US, for example, the search volume for “wall calendars”, which has 12,100 monthly searches, is higher than that of “desk calendars”, which receives the same number.

8 Best Calendar Dropshipping Suppliers

Here are 8 top dropshipping companies for calendars to get low-cost products.


The Alibaba Dropshipping Center has been launched. This means that Alibaba is no longer just for wholesale. You can now start an Alibaba dropshipping company with no MOQ as easy as with AliExpress.

Alibaba is different from AliExpress in that all Chinese suppliers have been through strict business verification and authentication processes. This makes it very reliable and safe to dropship from.

It currently has 5,9K+ product category offerings from 150K+ sellers across 40+ industries.


Banggood is another option to AliExpress when it comes to calendar dropshipping. The company, which has been in existence for over 10 years, has developed a reliable supply chain system that includes 37+ warehouses overseas and suppliers in more than 100+ Chinese regions.

Banggood is able to deliver products quickly to over 200 countries and regions, while keeping costs low.

Dropshipping calendars by Banggood offer a significant advantage: 5% to 20% discount on most items, and blind dropshipping with all orders.


Let’s now talk about Syncee. You can access dropshipping catalogs from some of the largest wholesale suppliers like Amazon, BigBuy and Wish, Sernes. Matterhorn, VidaXL, and many more. You can also find reliable sellers in the US and EU as well as other local retailers.

It’s amazing that many products can be purchased in single units. This means you can purchase them wholesale at B2B wholesale rates without needing to order stock.

Here are thousands of calendar dropshipping products starting at $1

Syncee has one drawback. You can only use 25 imported products for free. You will need to subscribe for $29/month in order to add additional items.


Modalyst looks similar to Syncee. It is one of the most comprehensive dropshipping directory sites on the Internet, with over 1,000 dropshipping suppliers in all shapes and sizes as well as 10M+ products from any category.

You can access calendars starting at $2 by using this platform

Modalyst comes with a 25 product limit and is completely free of charge. Paying for a plan starts at $35 per month


Printify is the next tool to help you dropship calendars. Printify is a leading supplier of print-on-demand printing services that allows you to make and sell custom calendars.

Printify Premium allows you to print them for $28 and $21.56, respectively.

Printify offers more than 300 high-quality products, including calendars.


Gelato, another dropshipping provider that prints on-demand calendars can be customized (starting at $10.10) and shipped to more than 22 countries.

Gelato’s uniqueness is that they can help you navigate customs, cross-border billing, tax and vat issues.

Gelato, a dropshipping app that is completely free of charge, has pricing information.


Gooten is the final supplier for dropshipping calendars. You will need to design wall calendars. Gooten will print them and ship them worldwide.

There are also categories for fashion & apparel and home & lifestyle.

Four of the Best Dropshipping Products Ideas for Calendars

These are the top 4 calendar dropshipping product ideas.

Mini Calendars

Mini calendars can be small and cute. Research shows that we are naturally drawn and obsessed with tiny things. You might be surprised at the unexpectedly high profits you can get from selling them.

Mini calendars can be purchased for as low as $1-$5. These calendars can be easily resold for as low as $14.99 to $19.99.

Desk Decor Calendars

Desk decor calendars can be used for daykeeping, but they also serve as ornaments to decorate your home or office desks.

Desk calendars are available from most Chinese suppliers for between $3-10. Dropshipping is possible for $19.99.

Birthday Reminder Calendars

Birthday reminder calendars are the next great dropshipping product idea for this niche. These calendars are great for reminding people of the special occasions of their family and friends. They can also be used as decorations.

These calendars can be found on Chinese marketplaces at $5-10, and dropshipped for $19.99.

Calendars for Creative Thinking

Creative calendars are those that have unique and unusual shapes. Dropshipping them has the advantage of stopping people scrolling endlessly on social media. This is the first step in any person’s shopping journey.

You will also find little or no competition if your product is unique.

You can buy creative calendars for as low as $10 to $20, or you can sell them for between $29.99 and $39.99.


Even though digital technology has advanced, many customers and businesses still have a strong interest in traditional calendars. They’re worth considering as a dropshipping niche.

Dropshipping calendars have the advantage of not having to compete. It’s not easy to sell them with a substantial profit margin, as most customers have an idea of the price they should be.