Custom Metal Print On Demand Dropshipping Program

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Gooten Metal POD Dropship

Metal Prints

This eco-friendly metal print is 100% made with post-consumer recycled aluminium. This durable print features vibrant colors and luminescent images. It is also weatherproof, scratch-resistant and waterproof.

Our solutions can help you scale your business quickly.

We are your true partner and invested in your success. That’s why we’re so different. Our unique approach to smart supply chains creates one that is tailored to your business’ needs.

We integrate with all the most popular eCommerce platforms

You can use the Gooten API to connect to any of our partners, whether you are offering Print on Demand or robust on-demand manufacturing experiences for shoppers. You can launch your website in seconds with a simple click.

Gooten is a platform that’s constantly evolving. This is evident in our ethos. Every order is someone’s, every partner is a company, and each item is made by a human. We aim for success and seek out the “why” behind a problem. Our team is the value chain. We are aware of that and adhere to The Gooten Standard.

Pixfulfillment Metal POD Dropship


Beautiful Metal Prints in High Definition with PIX Fulfillment

Our fine art studio in Paris is eco-friendly and prints your creativity.

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Sell! We dropship !


We are a leader in sublimation printing and can make wall art from your photo or image. This new art medium allows you to preserve photos by infusing dyes directly onto specially coated aluminium metal prints. The results are stunningly clear, vibrant, and provide exceptional detail.

Fine Art Printing at 100 %

Our metal posters have been discovered by hundreds of professional photographers and artists. They are the perfect solution for professional photography printing and fine arts. Pix Fulfillment is the ideal choice for a gallery, exhibition or resale.


Install the Pix fulfillment app and choose products. You can also upload designs.
Once payment has been made, the order will be transferred to Pix Fulfillment.


The order is processed automatically by our print department. Your order will be printed the next day and shipped out on the same day.
We inspect the product, pack it and add a shipping label, if necessary.
You receive a notification and tracking numbers.


Your brand is included in the package that your customer receives.

Your order will be shipped internationally to you.

Dropshipping stores have their negatives

Dropshipping is a popular business model but it comes with its challenges.

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Margins of low profit

  1. There is a lot of competition –since it’s so simple to get started, there are many people who will take less profit than you and cut your costs. This will be discussed later.
  2. You are only buying one product at once. Your product will not be as affordable as traditional retailers who buy truckloads of products at once. You’ll be able to keep your product competitively priced by having smaller profit margins than them.

Inventory control is less important

We have already said that inventory management is not something you need to do. This can lead to a lot of frustration. It can be difficult to track your stock of products if you work with multiple suppliers.

Each supplier will have their own internal tools. Your store must communicate with each supplier to ensure that you only sell stock products. This is not a difficult problem, and there are solutions. These vary depending on the ecommerce platform that you use.

Shipping can get confusing

Shipping costs can be complicated when you have multiple suppliers, possibly around the globe. Each of these factors must be considered:

  • Multiple suppliers can fulfill one order
  • Different delivery providers
  • Fees for crossing borders
  • Potentially many intermediaries

It doesn’t matter if you can quickly estimate how much shipping costs. How much should a customer pay for postage if their order includes items from five suppliers? If they have ordered everything from you, it doesn’t make sense to charge them five times for delivery.

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Policy on returns and damaged goods

These costs can vary from one supplier to another and could impact your profits.

  • Is it the customer who pays for damaged products during transit? Are you responsible for the cost or do you and the supplier share?
  • Who pays for returns? It will depend on whether the product is defective.
  • What is the turnaround time for suppliers to process returns? Some suppliers can take a while to process returns. Most countries have a law that requires you to promptly handle customer returns. This means that you might have to pay these costs until the supplier reimburses you.

Less personalisation

Dropshipping is a fast way to get started, but you are limited in the products you can sell. Traditional retailers may offer a variety of branded goods.

Dropshipping businesses won’t be allowed to use this feature. If you are ordering one item at a given time, there are not many suppliers who will allow personalisation.

You can print-on-demand for some products. You have a wide range of branding and personalisation options. Print-on-demand services can be expensive and could reduce your profit margins.

Dropship dreams are a myth

It’s true that you can quickly set up an online shop. However, you will not be able to set up an online store that is wildly successful in a matter of hours. Dropshipping is not a quick way to make money. It takes a lot of effort and time before you can start making good cash.