D-Nicheur Dropshipping Product Tool Review

D-Nicheur, in addition to many other sourcing tools offers a unique way of finding products. This French tool allows you to zoom in and view it from a different perspective.

Dropshipping is difficult because there are not many French tools that can help you find the right products. Seller Pulse was one of the first to hit the market, but there aren’t many after him.

This article will tell you all about D-Nicheur. I was kindly given access to it by the French team.

What’s D-Nicheur?

D-Nicheur can be described as an e-merchant toolbox that allows dropshippers to use. There are many features that can help you identify winners.

We’ll be looking right after the features which will allow you make more sales by selling the right products!

D-Nicheur allows you to extract data from AliExpress products from your competitors, and from the market you want to position your e-commerce store.

They are also present on Facebook, even though they aren’t very active. Although the interface is in English, don’t get confused: DNicheur is a French project.

Their homepage, which is primarily designed to sell their tool’s product, displays the results of their members as well as customer reviews.

Again, D-Nicheur was taken care of by the team. I had full access to the tool and I will be sharing with you the details so you have an idea.

How to Find a Winner Product with D-Nicheur

1. Winning product catalogue

D-Nicheur offers a daily update of the winning products. Each day, 3 new products are added to the manual register.

While it is very similar to Ecomhunt in its own way, D-Nicheur’s uniqueness lies in the fact they actually test the products before distributing them to their members.

They save you time and money by testing the products.

Here’s a list of the 3 most recent products as of the writing of this article.

The moment you choose a product is where the real fun begins. You have instant access to some very interesting data.

  • Link to the Facebook Ad
  • Shopify shop that sells the product
  • The recommended retail price

The Facebook Ads advertisement for the product “ 2 in 1 Shaver” is the following:

This gives you direct access to product descriptions, comments and opinions.

2. Google Footprints

Google footprints can be used to identify keywords that you enter into the search engine to obtain very specific results. They can be used to your advantage in order to locate the best products of your competitors if they are well utilized.

If you don’t have an idea for a shop yet, a basic footprint such as inurl:myshopify.com >> can show you the list of thousands of Shopify stores.

D-Nicheur extends this principle by allowing you to combine multiple Google footprints. This is a great method, but it requires some training.

Enter the keywords that you are most interested in, then select the location to search. Combine the footprints to discover the top-performing products among your indirect and direct competitors.

3. Simple LLA Maker

This tool is useful if you need to quickly find buyers for your online store. Easy LLA Maker a script that helps you to build similar audiences through Facebook Ads.

These lookalike audiences are Facebook’s Business Manager!

Facebook groups are extremely important today. They exist in every possible theme.

It is very easy to understand the principle: Easy LLA Maker generates an e-mail address list based on data from a Facebook group.

The collected email addresses can be integrated into your existing audiences, or, if you are a professional, sent to them personalized emails.

How much does D-Nicheur cost?

There are 2 options to fit all budgets. The classic offer allows you to access the tool with one new product every day. Monthly price: 19.95EUR

The second option is D-Nicheur Unlimited with 3 new products per day, all features and up-to-date updates. Monthly price 29.95 EUR

My final opinion about D-Nicheur

The French dropshipping tool can be used in a simple and effective manner thanks to the extensive list of products that have been tested by the team. Manual sourcing offers many benefits over other options.

It’s a must to find videos on Facebook. You don’t need to search through AdSpy.

Since the founder informed me via Messenger that D-Nicheur was launching itself onto the international market, the members seem satisfied.

D-Nicheur is a time-saver, whether you’re an expert or just looking for a product that works.