Does Deleting A Shopify App Stop A Free Trial?

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Deleting a shopify app doesn’t always mean that a free trial is cancelled. In fact, there are some cases where deleting the app actually keeps the free trial running. This article explores the details of how deleting a shopify app effects a free trial and what you can do to ensure that your free trial runs as planned.

What Is Deleting A Shopify App?

One of the more common questions that arises when it comes to shopify apps is whether or not deleting a shopify app will stop a free trial. The answer to this question is, unfortunately, not entirely clear. 

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It’s important to note that there are different ways that a store can be deleted from Shopify – for example, by logging out and then deleting the store, or by removing all products and pages from the store. 

As long as the account associated with the shop has been disabled (for example, by cancelling the subscription or closing down the account), then deleting the store should effectively stop any free trials that are currently running. 

However, if there are any active subscriptions on the store (for example, if someone has signed up for a free trial after creating an account), then those subscriptions will still expire even if the store is deleted.

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Deleting A Shopify App Can Stop Your Free Trial

Shopify offers customers the ability to try out their platform for free for a certain period of time, but deleting an app can stop your trial from continuing. Deleting an app may seem like a quick and easy way to end your free trial, but it’s actually not that simple. When you delete an app, you’re removing all of the data and settings associated with that app. This means that any sales or orders that were made while the app was active won’t be saved, and any customizations you made to the app will be lost too.

Additionally, if you had a paid plan activated through the app, your subscription will go away as well. If you want to keep your free trial going after deleting an app, there are a few steps you need to take. First, make sure that all of your data is backed up and stored elsewhere. Next, create a new account with Shopify and activate your trial through that account. Finally, spend some time configuring the new account to match your old one as closely as possible so that any progress you’ve made in your free trial won’t be lost when you delete the old account.

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In short, Deleting a Shopify App does not stop your free trial. The important thing to remember here is that deleting an app removes its code from the store, but it doesn’t remove any data or information. If you have installed the app and are still within your free trial time period, then you will need to contact Shopify support in order to have your subscription cancelled.