Does Shopify Have an Option to Save Cart?

Are you tired of losing all the items in your online shopping cart when you step away from your computer or phone? Well, have no fear because Shopify has a solution! Shopify offers an option to save your cart and pick up where you left off at any time.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into how to use this handy feature and explore the many benefits of saving your cart on Shopify. So let’s get started and never lose those carefully curated carts again!

Does Shopify have an option to save cart?

Yes, Shopify does have the option to save cart. This feature allows customers to save items in their shopping carts and return to them later without losing anything they’ve already added. With this feature, you can leave your cart at any time, close your browser or app, and come back later to complete the purchase.

To use the save cart option on Shopify is easy. Once you’ve added items to your cart and are ready to leave without completing the purchase, click on “Save Cart” instead of checking out. Your items will then be saved for a future visit.

It’s important to note that saving your cart doesn’t guarantee that those products will still be available when you come back. However, it provides a convenient way for customers who need more time before making a final decision.

Having this feature keeps shoppers from feeling rushed into buying something they aren’t quite sure about yet while keeping everything organized for them upon their return!

How to use Shopify’s save cart feature

Using Shopify’s save cart feature is a simple and straightforward process. When a customer adds items to their shopping cart, they can choose to either continue shopping or proceed to the checkout page. If they select “continue shopping,” their cart will be saved for later use.

To access saved carts, customers can simply log in to their account and navigate to the “Saved Carts” section. From there, they can view all of their previously saved carts and easily add items back into their current shopping cart.

Customers also have the option to name each saved cart for easy reference later on. This feature is especially useful for those who frequently shop on Shopify and want to easily access past orders or save potential purchases for later consideration.

Using Shopify’s save cart feature provides a convenient way for customers to keep track of their online purchases and streamline their overall shopping experience.

Benefits of Saving Cart

Saving your cart can provide a lot of benefits for both customers and store owners. For customers, it allows them to easily pick up where they left off during their shopping experience without having to search for the items they previously added. This is especially helpful for those who have a long list of items or need more time to decide on what they want.

For store owners, saving carts can increase the chances of conversion as it provides an opportunity for customers to come back and complete their purchase at a later time. It also gives you insights into customer behavior such as which products are often saved in carts and how long they usually stay there before being purchased.

Furthermore, saved carts can be used as part of retargeting campaigns by sending reminders or offering discounts on the items that were not yet purchased. This can help bring customers back to your site and ultimately increase sales and revenue.

Enabling the save cart option in your Shopify store can create a convenient shopping experience for customers while providing valuable data and opportunities for store owners.


Shopify does indeed have an option to save cart and it’s a useful feature that can make life easier for both store owners and customers. By allowing shoppers to save their carts, they don’t have to worry about losing items if they need more time to think or aren’t ready to check out yet.

As a store owner, you’ll benefit from the increase in sales as more customers will be able to come back and complete their purchases at a later time. Plus, with the ability to view abandoned carts in your Shopify admin panel, you can even send targeted follow-up emails or offers.

Saving carts is just one of many features that makes Shopify a great platform for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for ways to enhance your existing store’s functionality, this simple but effective tool is definitely worth considering.