Done For You (DFY) Shopify Dropshipping Store Services

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It is sometimes better to hire someone to build your Shopify dropshipping store, than to do it yourself. You will struggle to experiment with the various sections of Shopify if you don’t have any experience building Shopify stores.

How do you locate Shopify store builders?

Fiverr is the answer, and I’ll show you five of the best service providers. You will also learn why Shopify stores that are done for you (dfy) are better than making them yourself.

How to Buy a Done For You (DFY) Dropshipping Store

If you’re looking to start a dropshipping store, there are a few things you’ll need before you can get started. One of these is a store purchase, which is where done for you (dfy) stores come in.

A done for you (dfy) store is a business that’s been created by someone else and sold to you ready to go. This means that all you need to do is set up your shop, add products, and start selling!

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a done for you (dfy) store. First and foremost, make sure the store is reputable. There are many scams out there designed to take advantage of newbies, so be careful who you choose as your provider.

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Another thing to consider is price point. You don’t want to purchase a store that’s too expensive or too cheap, because this will affect your returns and sales. Find a middle ground that works for you and your budget.

Last but not least, make sure the store is set up correctly. This includes creating an accurate inventory, setting up shipping rules and settings, and more. If the store isn’t setup correctly, it will be difficult to sell anything and it will ultimately be a waste of your money.

Once you’ve decided on a store, the next step is to purchase it. There are a few ways to do this:

1) Go through an online marketplace like eBay or Amazon.

2) Contact the provider directly and ask if they’re selling their store anymore.

3) Check out online brokerages that offer done for you stores for sale.

Whichever route you choose, make sure to research the store thoroughly before making your purchase. This will ensure that you get the best deal possible and that the store is set up correctly.

George Nik

George Nik is a web developer who offers a high-converting Shopify store. George currently has 225 reviews and a perfect rating 5 stars.

George has been involved in dropshipping, particularly Shopify, for more than six years. He has built shops that earned as high as $24,000 in their first 30 day.

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These are some of the reasons you should use his services.

  • He owns his own dropshipping store
  • He creates stores that are simple to use
  • His package includes 24/7 support

George offers his services under three plans. These plans are Basic, Standard and Premium.

Basic – $395 This plan includes seven pages in your Shopify store. You can upload 15 products to the store.

You can customize the design and choose from one of the Shopify themes. You can also upload content such as your terms & conditions. This package includes seven apps of your choice, as well as the setting-up of the payment gateway for you store.

Standard Package – This package is $695 and includes all of the features in the basic package as well as extras. You will get 10 pages and 30 products. Eight apps will be installed in your store. This store will be delivered in seven days, with unlimited revisions.

Premium – This option costs $895 and includes a premium theme for your store as well as 50 products. A brand identity will be used for the store, as well as 10 pages and 10 apps.

George will select the most-sold products for you. This means that you don’t have to do all the research. To make your product pages SEO-friendly, he will edit the product titles and contents.

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Apps that increase conversions will be uploaded by him. He will also include your logo. You will have a fully functioning Shopify store by the time he hands it over to you. Only thing left is to market your shop.

George has over six years experience in dropshipping. The best thing about this seller is that he has his own Shopify dropshipping store, which means that he really knows what is best for his clients.

Teodora Jejova

The second service is from Teodora, also a Shopify expert who will build your Shopify store for at least $495.

Teodora is a four-year veteran in the construction of stores and holds a 5-star rating with 296 reviews.

Dropshipping is a failure rate of 95%, she knows. These are the mistakes she’s made in the past and four years of experience have taught her how to avoid them. She has three different packages, just like George.

Basic – at $495 you’ll get seven pages and four apps for your store. She will also upload ten products and the content to your store in this package. She will set up the payment gateway. This package will be delivered in seven days.

Standard Package – This package is $795 and includes a delivery time of nine days. This package includes a professionally designed theme and 30 products that can be uploaded to your online store. This package includes product research, logo design and support for one week from her. This package includes 10 pages and seven applications.

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Premium – This package costs $995 and is the most expensive. This package includes a premium theme, design, and other benefits. There are also 50 products in the store. These products have been carefully selected and will provide lifetime support. A logo is included in the package.

Teodora is the right choice.

  • She has more than four years experience in building Shopify stores
  • Owner – She owns several Shopify shops
  • She offers 24/7 support and lifetime support

You can expect the following from her services:

  • Profitable store – The products uploaded are carefully examined
  • Shopify Premium Theme – You will receive paid themes, not the free ones
  • Fully set-up – The store is fully functional when the handover occurs
  • Trending Products – The products that are uploaded to your store have an audience.
  • Product descriptions – The product descriptions are written in simple bullet points.
  • Logo Design – She will design a beautiful logo for you store to brand it
  • Optimization – She will optimize your store for search engines and mobile experience

Although Teodora’s price is higher than George’s, she has more reviews than George and has a perfect rating. Although she is less experienced, this shouldn’t affect your opinion of her. Her service is excellent because you can always revise any package.

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Riko Easy

Riko is my third choice. Riko has a perfect 5-star Fiverr rating with 165 reviews. Riko is going to build your Shopify store for as little as $275. Riko has been dropshipping for 10 years and has built hundreds of Shopify shops. He has been able to open 7-figure shops.

Riko has only one package, unlike the other two. This is the “one-product store”. He believes that it is easier to market one-product stores than multiple product shops.

His service costs $275 and includes the following:

  • Product – You can either tell him the product you want to sell or ask him to do it for you. Keep in mind, this is only one product.
  • Pages – He will create seven pages for your Shopify shop. These pages include terms and conditions, privacy policies, and shipping policies.

The package includes seven apps. He will also set up the payment gateway.

Shopify Whizzz

This fourth provider is highly affordable. With this developer, you would get your Shopify store in as short as five days, and only pay $165.

These are the contents of the package.

  • Pages – You will receive ten pages for your Shopify store.
  • Products – The service provider would upload 50 items to your store
  • Payments – The payment gateway has been set up and your store is ready to accept payments
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You can also choose 10 apps from the package. This provider currently has a 5-star Fiverr rating with 65 ratings.

These services are not all you get.

  • Premium theme – The store you receive does not use any of the Shopify themes.
  • Integration – He will integrate your social media accounts
  • Parallax: He can create parallax banners that will make your store look great, even if the customer scrolls down
  • Support – He will continue to support you even after the store is handed over.
  • Automated fulfillment – If you’re interested, he can setup an automatic fulfillment system for your dropshipping company.
  • Logo – The package you purchase already includes a log.

This provider only has one package. As you can see, his service is rally affordable because it includes 50 products already.

Dele 9707

Dele is the last one on our list. Dele has 99 positive reviews and a perfect rating. This guy can build you a Shopify store for as little as $100. You will not get an ordinary Shopify store, he promises. He uses psychological triggers to increase sales.

Let’s take a look at the packages he offers:

  • Basic – $100. This will give you a high-converting shop with one product. Within seven days, you will receive the store.
  • Standard – $200, but includes many other products. The store uses psychological triggers to get customers to buy.
  • Premium – This one is $300, but it has the best value. You will receive his A-Z marketing guide and your store in seven days.
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What do you get besides the store? Here’s a list of other items:

  • Branding – Your store will feature your brand name
  • Product research – The service provider will conduct the product research for your company.
  • Automation – Since you’re building a dropshipping shop, you don’t even have to fulfill the order.
  • He will discuss marketing techniques and share some of the secrets he’s learned over the years to market your Shopify store.

Finally, the seller will provide a list with influencers that you can work together. These influencers have a large following and can advertise your products in return for a fee or a product.

Benefits of a Done for You Store

Why spend money when you can make it yourself? Continue reading to learn about the advantages of having someone else build your store.

Don’t waste your time building your store. It will be a waste of time to try and figure it out. Ask someone who is familiar so you can open a store in seven days. It can take months to build a functional store if you do it yourself.

Market research is important. Don’t spend too much time researching which products are in demand. These builders have the knowledge and tools to help you do your research. You don’t have to pay more for the services or software programs they use to do your marketing analysis.

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Web design – while it is easy to build a website because of the drag-and-drop features, it is difficult to make a website that is professional-looking. Professional web design requires years of experience and the right educational background.

Finally, when you hire someone to build your store you don’t have to worry about any technical issues. This is what it means. This means that you don’t have to worry about which apps you want to integrate. Even better, you don’t even have to integrate apps.

Shopify is not all friendly. Sometimes, they require API codes. You will be frustrated if you don’t know where to look for these codes. You must also ensure that your store’s SEO friendly. It is important to identify which pages of your site must be SEO-optimized. This includes your product titles.


You can see that there are situations when it’s better to have someone build your store. You only need a small amount of money. If you’re a busy person with a budget, you can simply commission the store to an expert.

You can have a functional store in as little as seven days.

Consider this: If you built your Shopify store for a month, you would have spent approximately $3,000 of your time. However, if you only use the services of one person, it will cost you $100.

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You must learn how it works. You can do it all. You can also build your first store yourself if you wish. After you have mastered Shopify’s workings, you can hire someone to build your second or third store. You can then focus your marketing efforts and customer satisfaction on the first store, rather than the hard work of building it.