Dropified vs Oberlo Dropshipping Platform Comparison

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You need to consider many things when you are trying to run an eCommerce business that is successful. While a dropshipping company removes the need to find a warehouse and ship the products directly to customers, there are still many things that could go wrong.

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You can simplify your eCommerce business with Shopify and dropshipping. These apps are a vital link between your eCommerce store and the suppliers that create, hold and ship your products.

There are many Shopify dropshipping apps, but two stand out: Dropified (or Oberlo) and Oberlo.

Dropified and Oberlo, two of the most popular ecommerce apps available at the moment, are Oberlo and Dropified. Both were created within 6 months of one another and are intended to streamline dropshipping so your online store can run more efficiently and profitably. Both are compatible with Shopify. They include many features that make it easy to search for products, import them into your store, and assist with order fulfillment.

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Oberlo and Dropified are both designed to simplify your life, but there are so many similarities that it can be difficult to choose the right one for your eCommerce business. We’ve made it our mission to help you make the right decision. This comprehensive, objective (pretty rare in this area) review will assist you. So you can sell with confidence Oberlo and Dropified

This review will focus on Oberlo and Dropified, and the services they offer. We will compare the differences and draw conclusions about which one is best for your business.

Oberlo vs Dropified: Overview

Let’s first look at the differences between these dropshipping apps.

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What is Oberlo?

Oberlo was among the first dropshipping apps to be successful in the ecommerce market. Oberlo was created by a group friends in 2015. It quickly rose to the top of the Shopify app stores and has remained a trusted platform. Oberlo has been used to sell over 100 million products and more than 700,000 Chrome extensions have been downloaded from the Google App store.

Oberlo is a unique intermediary between AliExpress and Shopify.

You can import directly from AliExpress using the Chrome extension. Or you can use Oberlo Marketplace to find verified suppliers and tools that will help you with product research.

Oberlo makes it easy to personalize products. You can add and modify product images, write product descriptions, change pricing and adjust the title.

Oberlo can also help with order fulfillment. It makes it easy to manage customer orders and send products in just few clicks.

Oberlo offers the cheapest plan for free, while their most expensive plan costs $79.90. Oberlo offers a free 90-day trial to allow you to test out the Pro Plan’s benefits. Oberlo can be used at any price for as long or as you want.

What is Dropified?

Dropified offers many of the same features as Oberlo, but the main difference is the Dropified app’s support for a variety of e-commerce platforms. These include:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • GrooveKart
  • CommerceHQ
  • eBay
  • AilExpress
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Dropified connects dropshippers with a wider range of suppliers so that you can import more products to your eCommerce store. Dropified can also be used with multiple shops.

Similar to Oberlo’s Dropified, Dropified allows you to quickly and easily create an eCommerce store, import products and fulfil orders with just a few clicks.

Dropified offers a Chrome extension that can be downloaded to help you import products quickly and easily. It also includes an add-on for dropshipping marketing. The CAPTCHA solver is available even on the lowest price plan.

Dropified has over 44,714 happy customers at the time of this writing. The Chrome extension was downloaded more than 40,000 times.

Dropified’s cheapest plan is $17 for Shopify users, while Dropified Black costs $297 per calendar year.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Businesses who pay annually get a discount of up to $567 on their Black plan. Dropified offers a 14-day trial for free if you’d like to “try before you buy”.

Oberlo vs Dropified: Comparisons

After we have given an overview of Oberlo’s and Dropified’s capabilities, let’s dive into the features and services they offer.

Dropified vs Oberlo: eCommerce Platforms

Dropshippers should be aware of Oberlo and Dropified’s e-commerce platforms. It’s not worth paying extra for an app that won’t work with your online store.

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Oberlo is exclusively compatible with Shopify. This makes it easy and quick to import products into your Shopify store. Oberlo can be downloaded from the Shopify app store. You can also link your account to Oberlo admin in seconds.

It is important to note that Oberlo accounts can only support one Shopify store at once; it is impossible to manage multiple shops with the same account.


Dropified offers a wider range of dropshipping platforms. Dropified is compatible with Shopify stores and can be used with WooCommerce BigCommerce, GrooveKarts, eBay, AliExpress and CommerceHQ.

Dropified vs Oberlo – Suppliers and Products

After you have your online store up and running, it is time to source products. You can greatly influence the product research of your supplier sites and make the difference between automatic order fulfillment that works and wasted time.


Oberlo, and its downloadable Chrome extension, work exclusively with AliExpress to import product. The extension allows you to import directly from AliExpress (the Chrome extension will turn green when you are on a page that contains an importable product). It takes just a few clicks.

Oberlo Marketplace also supports AliExpress. This allows you to import products as well as bundles into your store in a matter of minutes.

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Marketplaces offer the added benefit of making it easier to find bestsellers, as well as future bestsellers or high-potential products.


Dropified makes it possible to import from more than 75 different suppliers sites, including:

  • AliExpress
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Walmart
  • SammyDress
  • Overstock
  • Wish.com
  • There are many other options.

Dropified’s one click ordering and importing process is supported on all these sites. Dropified Chrome extensions make it even simpler.

Dropified customers have the option to source products from Dropified US’s product database. This allows them to ship faster to US customers.

Dropified vs Oberlo: Pricing

It doesn’t matter if you are a dropshipping business or a small business owner, finding the right subscription at the right price can make a huge difference in your profitability. There are many dropshipping costs to consider.

Dropified offers a 14-day trial for free. Oberlo offers a 30-day trial and an all-inclusive plan that will help you get started selling without any upfront costs.

Dropified Pricing

Dropified has three pricing options to fit a variety of business models and needs. The Builder Plan is the cheapest, starting at $47 per monthly. The Supplements on Demand Plan is the most expensive, costing $197 per month. Dropified also offers a Black monthly subscription plan for $297. This subscription plan includes many bonus features and a free Dropified Black magazine subscription.

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Dropified offers discounts on annual subscriptions, which can help you save up to $96 annually on the Builder plan. All plans are available for free 14 days.

Oberlo Pricing

Oberlo is an affordable platform that allows dropshippers to profit from their services without having to spend a penny. Oberlo’s “cheapest” plan is the free starter plan. This costs nothing and offers a surprising array of benefits and features, including the Chrome extension.

Oberlo is a dropshipping platform that encourages users to choose the starter plan. Users won’t feel pressure to upgrade unless they like it.

Oberlo’s most expensive plan is the Oberlo Pro Plan, which costs $79.90 per Month and offers more advanced features such as:

  • Variant mapping
  • Processing bulk orders
  • Tracking orders in real-time
  • Access to the Oberlo affiliate programme
  • Order fulfillment monitoring
  • CAPTCHA solver

Oberlo does not offer discounts on annual subscriptions. Oberlo Pro is available for free for 30 days. You don’t need to register your credit card or billing information unless you decide to subscribe to a paid plan.

Dropified vs Oberlo Customer Support

A great customer support team is essential for happy customers and smooth operation.


Dropified’s customer service team is available to help you with any questions during normal office hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 pm Central US time). They do however have a smaller staff available to help on weekends and evenings.

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Dropified Support can be reached via email, Facebook messenger, and live chat.

Dropified offers a wide range of training videos and blogs as well as a comprehensive FAQ section that will assist customers.

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shopify dropshipping store set up


Oberlo customer service is accessible 24/7 via email and live chat. This means that they are the best when it comes to easy access to support and help. The Help Center contains a wealth of helpful blogs, guides, advice and answers from the Oberlo staff.

Oberlo offers a wide range of online resources that will help you navigate the services and features on offer. You’ll find how to videos everywhere, including the Oberlo 101 course.

Dropified vs Oberlo – Find and Import Products

A high-quality product selection is the key to a successful store. If you don’t have enough products, it’s impossible to sell them!

Oberlo – How to create product inventories

Oberlo only works with AliExpress suppliers. This allows you to import in a matter of seconds and takes just a few clicks. Shop via Oberlo Marketplace or download the Oberlo Extension to import directly through AliExpress.

Once you have found the product you wish to sell, click on “Add to Import List” or “Add to Oberlo” if AliExpress is your extension. You can then customize the product description, images, title, and almost every other aspect of your listing to suit your store’s image and SEO.

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Dropified – How to create product inventories

Dropified’s Chrome extension is the easiest way to import. To import Dropified products, first go to your Dropified account’s main menu, then click “products”, followed by “Import product.”

You’ll find the suppliers that support Dropified’s automation services, as well as a green button which links to training how to use the system.

Scroll down to see a list other one-click-supported supplier websites. Click on the supplier you wish to import from and browse for the product you are looking for.

After you have found the one you like, click the Dropified extension in the browser’s top. All product information will be automatically filled out by the extension. You can make any changes that you wish, and then click “send to me” or “save as for later.”

Dropified vs Oberlo: Product Customization

Dropshipping is a process that requires you to edit titles and descriptions. Suppliers will often use mass keywords to increase traffic, or write in poor English that doesn’t look good on a professional website.

Oberlo and Dropified allow you to customize and edit your listings prior to posting. This will ensure that your site looks professional and neat.

Oberlo customization options

Oberlo allows you to customize and modify almost every aspect of a product right from your import list. You can modify some things from this screen:

  • The product title.
  • The description.
  • These images.
  • Weight and price of the product.
  • Types and tags
  • You can add the product to a particular collection.
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This screen allows you to bulk update multiple product prices manually or automatically.

Options for customization that have been dropped

Dropified allows you to personalize products before they are posted. This can be done in Chrome extensions or through your Dropified account. Dropified can edit some aspects of your Dropified account:

  • The product title.
  • The description.
  • Images of the product.
  • The product weight and price.
  • Type and tags
  • Vendor name.
  • You can add or remove variants.

Additionally, you can attach a button to “compare at cost” and there is an advanced image editing tool that will make your photos even more Instagram-worthy.

Dropified vs Oberlo: Import Product Reviews

You might consider asking the supplier for product reviews to give your customers an idea about what to expect from your products.

Dropified and Oberlo both offer the ability for product reviews to be imported directly from AliExpress.

Dropified: How do I import reviews

Dropified currently allows you to import reviews from WooCommerce or Shopify stores. AliExpress is the only way to import reviews.

This feature requires that you install the AliExpress Review Importer Addon. To import WooCommerce reviews, you can also download the Product Review App from Shopify.

Oberlo – How do I import reviews?

Oberlo, like Dropified also allows you to import product reviews from AliExpress into your Shopify store. You can do this by clicking the “import review” button. After selecting your criteria, Oberlo will transfer your selected reviews from AliExpress into Shopify. You don’t need to download any additional files!

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Dropified vs Oberlo: Order Fulfillment

Oberlo and Dropified are designed to make it easy to import products from your supplier to your online shop. They also make it simple to complete customer orders.

Oberlo Orders

Oberlo’s auto place order feature makes it easy to respond to your customers’ requests.

Oberlo receives customer orders when they are placed. Oberlo will then automatically complete your order and ship it to you.

You can place unlimited orders per month with any Oberlo price plan, including the free option. The AliExpress checkout page’s “sync to this page” and the “sync to all orders” buttons automatically update Oberlo and Shopify, marking the order as “fulfilled”

Oberlo Premier Plan allows you to manage bulk orders and bundle products. You’ll also receive real-time order tracking for every item.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Dropified Orders

Dropified can also assist dropshippers with order fulfillment. We take the order form from your website and pass the information to the supplier.

Oberlo is able to create product bundles but Dropified cannot automatically place bundled orders. This is one of the major differences between Oberlo & Dropified.

Dropified can place bundled products automatically, so you don’t need to manage multiple platforms or vendors while placing an order.

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Dropified customers can also enjoy unlimited auto-placed orders per calendar month. This feature is available regardless of plan or app.

However, this automatic order completion is only possible if the supplier is AliExpress/EBay. If you are importing from a one-click supplier site, you will need to follow manual order fulfillment process.

Dropified vs Oberlo: Resources

Oberlo and Dropified offer many tools and features that will help you streamline your business. They also have the ability to help dropshippers grow and progress while remaining true to your mission and values.

Both platforms offer a wealth of resources that will help you not only learn about the software but also share tips and tricks to make you a better dropshipper.


Oberlo is known for being a great resource for dropshippers of any size. The Help Centre has a wealth of helpful advice from the support team. While the Blog includes many articles written by real dropshippers and business owners that will help you succeed.

Oberlo also offers a variety of video resources as well as a range of free business tools for you to explore.

Oberlo’s subscription includes two digital classes with Level Up on the lowest dropshipping plan, unlimited courses and one-on-one coaching for the paid plans.


Dropified’s Dropified Academy contains the majority of its learning resources. The YouTube channel is also a useful resource. It teaches you “How to MASTER Dropified” as well as top-tips about eCommerce management and order processing.

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Oberlo or Dropified: Which one is better?

We’ve now looked at the basic features of Oberlo and Dropified. It’s time for us to consider which one is best for our dropshipping business.


Both platforms have many similar features but they are superior in certain areas. Oberlo, for example, has more resources and tools that can help you grow your business. Dropified wins the battle for fulfilling orders because it can automatically place bulk orders with AliExpress or eBay. This saves a lot of time.

Dropified can also be used with a wider range of suppliers and platforms than Oberlo, but Oberlo is limited to Shopify and AliExpress. This may prove restrictive for some users.

Oberlo’s starter plan, which is free, is clearly the best for affordability. Oberlo is far more affordable than Dropified because you can use it indefinitely for no cost. The premium plan’s free 30-day trial period lasts 30 days. Dropified requires payment after two weeks.

We think both platforms are great. But, maybe the question should not be which is better, but what do my business needs?

Dropshipping is a business opportunity

A small business that is just starting out probably doesn’t have to worry about large orders from multiple suppliers. Dropified’s ability to automatically place bundled orders would not be as important as Dropified’s affordability. Oberlo has a forever-free subscription that makes Oberlo far more affordable.

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Dropified’s extensive range of additional features would be a huge benefit to larger companies. We haven’t reviewed some of the most beneficial features in Dropified, such as TubeHunt and CallFlex marketing tools that make business management easier.


The bestOberlo for beginners

Best for a larger dropshipping business: Dropified

Oberlo, in conclusion, is the best option for dropshippers and small businesses because of its abundance of resources, user-friendly interface and intuitive Chrome extension.

Dropified is the best dropshipper platform for larger scale businesses due to its emphasis on business management and all of the add-ons. A discount for paying annually is another great perk for larger companies.

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